TRUSTED reviews from REAL athletes on a wide range of fitness products


Tenways CGO600 belt drive electric city bike

The Tenways CGO600 is a new eBike using a belt drive to minimise maintenance and handle the power from a electric bike motor. We test the bike and compare to other belt drive eBikes.


Hammerhead Karoo2 bike computer review

We test the very accomplished Hammerhead Karoo2 bike computer and share our views on the comparison with this to the Garmin market leaders.

thousand bike lights rear light

Thousand Bike Lights Review

We have been living with the thousand bike lights over the past few winter weeks to test them against alternative bike lights. Read our review of these stylish lights and how they perform.

Asics Gel Nimbus 24 Review

Asics Nimbus 24 running shoes review

Asics Nimbus 24 running shoe review. We have been a big fan of the Asics nimbus so been keen to get our hands on the latest version of these premium neutral control running shoes. Read our review of these running shoes to find out more and how they have evolved from the nimbus 23.

Cycplus M1 Bike Computer Review

Cycplus M1 Bike Computer In-Depth Review

Cycplus M1 Bike Computer in-depth review as we put this head to head with the epic Garmin 820. Can you get a bike computer for under £100 that delivers? Read more to discover if this is the best alternative to the Garmin 820 Bike Computer.


N-Lock bike lock review

We install and test the integrated bike lock that leaves your bike impossible to ride with a convenient integrated bike lock from N-Lock.


Sherlock GPS bike tracker review

Bike theft continues to be a real problem as prices have increased and the supply chain has been disrupted. To help protect your bike we test the Sherlock GPS anti-theft tracker.


BiSaddle Stealth EXT adjustable bike saddle review

The BiSaddle bike saddle is a configurable saddle that allows you to adjust your seating position to match your body type and needs. Read about how effective this is as a single saddle for all your bikes.


Rockay Running & Cycling Socks Review

A truly environmentally conscious product from Rockay who have a fantastic range of running and cycling products made from purely recycled materials. But do they work? Read our review to find out.


Change Bike Folding Mountain Bike Review

Always on the look out for innovative new products we test the Change Bike folding mountain bike to see if it can really compete with conventional hardtail MTBs.


Sungait Polarized Cycling Glasses Review

Looking for a lower cost alternative to the Oakley Jawbreaker? We have been using the Sungait Cycling glasses for 6 weeks of testing to see what you get for you money and help you Go Faster and Spend Smarter.


Kymira Sport IR50 Running Leggings Expert Review

Jason gets his hands on these technology infused running leggings packed with science to help you run faster and recover quicker. Read more on how Infra Red (IR) technology is a game changer.


Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next% Running Shoe Review

We test the sub 2 hour marathon shoe and find out how much they really impact your running times as an average runner. Can you make you quicker and are they worth the money?


Salomon Wildcross Womens Trail Shoe Review

Heather has been putting the Salomon Wildcross through its paces including a gruelling ultra marathon trail race. See how the Salomon performed and her testing summary.


TYR Hurricane 5 Mens Full Sleeve Triathlon Wetsuit Review

This is wetsuit that can genuinely result in you going faster. Read the review from Shayne who has been comparing this swimming wetsuit performance with alternatives and answering question if this is the perfect wetsuit.


Salomon Wildcross Mens Trail Shoes Complete Review

Mark has been using the Salomon Wildcross mens trail shoes for a few months to test them on a range of surfaces and discover if they are the perfect trail running shoe.


Bike Box Alan Triathlon bike box review

Sophie spends a few months getting to know the Bike Box Alan that has been designed to make transporting triathlon bikes simpler and stress free


Limar Airspeed bike helmet review

Reviewing the triathlon specific bike helmet that includes the innovative magnetic chin strap to aid speedy transitions through T1 and T2.


Giant Envie Advanced Pro 1 Bike Review

Review of the gorgeous women's specific Giant Envie Advanced Pro 1 bike that has been tested by one of our associates who share just how good an all-rounder this bike it.


Assault AirRunner Treadmill Review

We review the innovative Assault Air Runner treadmill that needs no power and is driven purely from the energy that you put into it.


Wattbike Atom Indoor Cycling Trainer Review

With a shortage in the supply chain for indoor bike turbo trainers we have been testing the Wattbike Atom and compatability with a range of training apps.


Stages Dura Ace Power Meter In-Depth Review

More essential reading for anyone looking at bike power meters we bring you a long term review of the excellent Stages Dura Ace power meter.


Garmin Vector 3s Pedal Bike Power Meter In-Depth Review

As we continue to help you understand the power meter options we bring you another trusted review of the Garmin Vector 3s power meters. Great comparison with the Powertap P1's


Powertap P1 Pedal Bike Power Meter In-Depth Review

Power Meters are a huge investment so it is essential you make an informed decision on any purchase. Here we provide a long term review of the Powertap P1 pedal power meters to help you spend smart.


Proviz REFLECT360 cycling jacket long term review

We have been testing the Proviz high visibility cycling jacket over the winter and share with you the results of this long term review.


AfterShokz Xtrainerz Bone Conduction Swim Headphones

AfterShokz the number three running headphones worldwide have now reached the pool and developed their technology so you can listen to music while swimming.


Get Nourished Personalised Supplements Product Review

We've been testing the Get Nourished personalised nutrition supplements over a one month trial. Hear how Sophie, Alan and Jason found these innovative supplements affected their training effectiveness and general well-being.


Salomon Supercross Womens Trail Running Shoes Review

Hear from Melanie and her review of the Salomon Supercross Trail shoe as she put them through their paces with over 200 miles of running across various terrains


Ultimate Performance Race Vest Review

Ultimate Performance have been refining their range of ultra running back pack vests with this their latest version. Find out how it performed when we tested this over a 6 week trial.


ORCA Buoyancy Shorts Review

Read our pre-launch review of the Orca buoyancy shorts. Get essential tips on sizing and the impacts swimming in these shorts could have on your swim times.

I think you will see a difference in your swimming if you buy the Orca Buoyancy shorts

ZONE3 RX3 Mens Compression Tights Review

Full review of the Zone3 RX3 winter running tights. Read more on these compression tights and why you need to consider the weather conditions you use them in.


SEE SENSE ICON2 Intelligent Bike Lights Review

Dual review by two of Trivelo test associates of the smart bike lights from SEE SENSE. Find out how they are innovating the bike lights industry.


RALEIGH Strada Speed 1 Bike Review

Fantastic article with the review of the Raleigh Strada Speed 1 bike including details on how to adapt the bike to compete as a Para-Triathlete

Trail running in the Salomon Alpha Cross

SALOMON Alpha Cross Trail Running Shoes Rview

Discover more on the Salomon Alpha Cross Trail Shoe and how we tested these through the winter months looking for the pefect cross country trail shoe

Specialized Epic Expert MTB

SPECIALIZED Epic Expert World Cup Mountain Bike Review

Top end mountain bike review with the Specialized Epic Expert world cup. A very special top end MTB in-depth review including recommended upgrades to take.

In-Depth triathlon product reviews with everything from wetsuits to watches

First Impressions of the Suunto 5

SUUNTO 5 GPS Triathlon Watch Review

The Suunto 5 GPS triathlon watch is a perfect companion for training and races. Read our review including essential insight into compatibility considerations with peripherals.

I would recommend the Suunto 5 watch to any of my team mates or competitors (well maybe not competitors actually)

VELOSOCK Indoor Bike Sock Review

The Velosock is the perfect companion for protecting your bike while in transit and protecting your vehicle from the trauma of ferrying you and your bike around.


AFTERSHOKZ Aeropex headphones Review

Aftershokz Aeropex bone conduction headphones for the safe listening to music while running and cycling. Forget about being unable to hear the car approaching behind you and transform your training.


SWIMEARS swimming ear plugs Review

The revolutionary Swimears ear plugs that keep the water out but permit sound to come in. Perfect companion for those looking for ear plugs to help them attend coaching sessions.


HUUB Alpha triathlon wetsuit Review

HUUB have entered the budget swimming wetsuit market with their entry-level Alpha wetsuit. Read how the technology of their top end wetsuits have been used in this latest wetsuit and if it is indeed value for money.


SUNGOD PaceBreakers Sunglasses Review

Looking for an alternative to the Oakley JawBreaker? We test the Sungod PaceBeraker sunglasses which offer high performance eyewear for triathletes.

Learn more from the Trivelo test squad of REAL athletes


CANNONDALE Slice TT Bike Review

Cannondale bring their decades of experience to the TT bike with the ever popular Slice. Find out how buying a TT bike does not need to be a costly affair with this custom build.


D2D Cycling Winter Bib Tights : Ideal for riding through the colder months

We've been testing the womens specifically designed winter bib tights from D2D Cycling. This innovative British manufacturer are taking on the big boys with these low cost high quality clothing.


Cannondale CAAD8 bike review

Long term review of the Cannondale CAAD8 Sora with detailed specification and upgrade experience from owning the bike over the past 6 years. We also look at the latest range of Cannondale Optimo entry level road bikes.


MessyWeekend Euroman Glasses review

Looking for an alternative to the Oakley sunglasses we give you our in-depth review of the MessyWeekend Euroman Glasses that are well worth a look

Messy Weekend are very well made, fit well and perform their function of being cycling glasses pretty much faultlessly.
Open water swimming in a wetsuit

7 of the best triathlon wetsuits to help you swim faster and smoother

We have been testing 7 of the best triathlon swimming wetsuits available with a summary of our recommendations and detailed reviews on each.


15 of the best buoyancy shorts available : Ultimate guide

Buoyancy shorts are an essential for all swimmers with heavy legs. We have been reviewing and comparing the best available in the market. Read our ultimate guide and buy with confidence.


Deuter Giga Bike Backpack review

Our essential review of the Deuter Giga Bike rucksack that is a serious piece of kit for running and cycling able to transport enough kit for the daily grind


Review of Crotch Guard : Discover the product cyclists are loving

We review Crotch guard a product that may be new to you but essential for triathletes in remaining comfortable through the bike leg of races

Garmin Triathlon Watch for Ironman

Garmin 920XT Forerunner watch review

One of the kings of triathlon watches we test the Garmin 920XT built especially for triathletes and a favourite around triathlon club nights

Merida road bike for £1000

Merida Reacto Road Bike Review

We bring you a real owners review of his own bike with the Merida Reacto. Find out what it is really like to live and race one of these bikes with a TRUSTED review


HUUB Altair swim goggles product review

We test the premium HUUB Altair swim goggles that bring genuine innovation to the swimming pool with their unique interchangeable lens system


Giant Defy Road Bike Review

Read our review of the entry level Giant Defy road bike that is a hugely popular choice for people looking to buy their first real road bike.

Check out our latest triathlon exclusive discount codes and promotions that we have secured to help you spend smarter.