This weeks review comes from our lead Asian test Associate TC Tanakorn. With a huge amount of focus on training indoors he has been checking out the latest in treadmill technology. Find out how this non-motorised treadmill works and feels to run on in our Assault AirRunner Treadmill review.

Why use a Treadmill ? 

In the current pandemic situation where outdoor running has become an unsafe choice to exercise. Runners and triathletes are having to rely on treadmills to train using different kinds of running sessions. 


Also, in big cities around the world, there is a problem about air quality. This can lead to indoor training sessions being a better choice.

Nowadays, the treadmill has become a fundamental training tool for runners and triathlete. To be able to maintain your fitness and progress and the ability to train whenever at home mean more triathletes are using them. The recent Virtual Ironman series making use of such modern technology.  

What is the Assault AirRunner ?

The Assault AirRunner is a new kind of treadmill which transforms the world of treadmill, created by Assault Fitness. The unique character of this treadmill is its curved track with no motor which means in order to go fast or slow relies on the runner’s legs. All the unnatural feelings of a treadmill are gone. It is also ideal for every kind of speed session. High tempo, fartlek or interval training is perfect for this technology. You can run fast or slow by yourself without adjusting a speed button.


Why use the Assault AirRunner Treadmill? 

Almost every running session such as  long run, easy run , tempo , fartlek, speed or interval  can be trained on AirRunner. It also comes with a console which contains all of the information that you need.

The ability to accelerate or decelerate purely through a runner’s legs makes this a good choice as a home trainer. It provides a natural running feeling as close to running outdoors as I have experienced.  

All in all, it is definitely for athletes who looking to have a better running form and develop their speed and fitness. 


Weak points of Assault AirRunner

  • Unable to adjust incline which means you cannot do hill repeats training session on it. 
  • No holders for water bottles or electronic devices 

This treadmill is designed without any holders which makes a session more than an hour tough. Without any entertainment or water holder it can be quite difficult for some athletes. 

Summary of the Assault AirRunner Treadmill Review

In summary, If you are looking for treadmill that can be used for training to compete or keeping up your fitness this is the perfect choice. It feels almost like outdoor running. The Assault Fitness AirRunner could and should be your choice to buy. 

See the video updates from TC in his YouTube channel:

Buy the Assault AirRunner Treadmill for £2999.

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