Running and cycling to work as part of your daily commute is truly a gift.  You get to travel for free with complete control over your timings and include mileage for any training targets that easily fits into the daily grind. The one drawback on this charmed existence however comes from how to shift your belongings back & forth. While your happy shopper carrier bag for life is very handy for getting milk from the corner shop it sucks as a commuter friendly option.  So we bring you the Deuter Giga Bike Review in this weeks blog to help give you options.  The Deuter Giga Bike Rucksack is a class piece of kit and warrants a chunky review.

Perfect for commuting

Perfect for commuting

This is where our product review comes in this week following some hugely useful insight from all our Twitter community who suggested the Deuter range of bags.  Considering the needs of most on Team Trivelo we went for the Giga bike model that includes amongst other things a section for a 15 inch laptop and enough clever pockets and zips to accommodate a huge host of rubbish you might wish to cart off to work. The Deuter range are not cheap by anyone’s definition but they are incredibly well made & very well thought through.

Performance during testing
Comfy even for running

Comfy even for running

So how did the bag perform?  We had a number of different shaped members of the team try the bag for not just cycling but also running to work. The bag includes a waist strap as well as a chest strap to secure your belongings effectively onto your back. The back cushioning includes a central cavity for airflow that initially feels odd but over the miles is soon forgotten. The adjustments through all the straps allow for a comfortable fit to be achieved by all it would seem even while lugging more than 5kg of kit.

Multi-functional layout

There is the laptop bag pocket as discussed and two further main sections for your clothing and valuables.  On either side is an open pocket for drinks bottles or equivalent. The front includes a number of clever zipped sections to keep this apart as needed. The real genius is actually on the outside of the bag that includes a waterproof cover in a particularly fetching luminous yellow perfect for keeping you visible to motorists wishing to squeeze by you. In addition is a helmet net to secure your helmet on the rear of your bag when you reach your destination. All of this adds up to a very well thought through piece of equipment that we would thoroughly recommend to anyone seeking that travel companion for their commute. It doesn’t help transport a suit I’m afraid but if your working attire doesn’t need that option this really could be the bag for you.

Have your say

Have experience of the Deuter Giga bike or other commuter bags and want to share your experiences?  Let us know and help others from your findings.


About the author – Billy is the founder of Trivelo Bikes and still madly committed to making this website work.  He is also lucky to be able to run or cycle once or twice a week as part of the commute to the offices so loving being able to use the Deuter bag.

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Having founded Trivelo in 2015 after many years competing in triathlon Billy continues to enjoy training and triathlon. Founder Billy is strongest in the water but continues to try and convince his body that he is an ultra runner.

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