This week we have a review of the mens medical grade compression tights from Zone3. This review comes from another great runner in the Trivelo Squad. We bring you the Zone3 RX3 mens compression tights review.

Introduction to the reviewer

My name is Steve Feldwick. I’m a veteran athlete from Hampshire. My passions are for cycling and off road/trail running. In recent years I’ve competed in various cycling events including La Marmotte, The Dragon Ride and Ride London 100 several times. Most recently with a sub 5-hour finish time.  I’ve also competed in the Brompton World Champs in London. Finishing inside the top 20 Vets category as well as cycling from Hampshire to Paris on my Brompton folding bike for a local cancer charity. 

Running Experience

I’ve run since I was a child and over the years, participated in numerous organized events. These include half marathons, 10k’s and on and off-road duathlons. Having concentrated on cycling in recent years, running has taken over as my main sport as I’m blessed with fantastic trails and countryside where I live. I regularly cover 25-30 miles per week recreationally. The terrain is mixed and sometimes challenging, with most of my running during the week being in the dark using a head torch to light my way.  I’m training towards half marathon trail runs in Spring and Summer 2020. I intend to turn my focus back to duathlon in 2020 to combine my passions of cycling and running.   

First Impressions of the Zone3 RX3

There’s no doubting, this is a quality product. The detail and finish are superb, with intricate detailing and nice touches like reflective neon decals. Also included is a useful zipped pocket with taped seams and alternate Lycra panels providing optimal compression where it’s needed most. The main impression was that the Zone 3 tights are a heavy-duty garment. They are ideal for colder months, a lot more purposeful than the tights I regularly use such as Skins and 2XU. 


First Run in the compression tights

I was really looking forward to my first outing, especially given it was a cold, grey and wet day. I wasn’t disappointed, the fit was excellent with no rubbing or chaffing, which is a big grumble of mine with certain competitor brands. They felt supportive and certainly kept me supported and warm on the trail. Previously I’ve been disappointed by heavier duty tights but was really pleased with the performance of my Zone 3 tights. Probably the best endorsement being I didn’t notice them, they just did their job perfectly.

Affects of Training in the RX3 tights

I’ve been really pleased with the running experience wearing the Zone 3 tights. I’ve worn them a few times now and they’ve not lost any of their compression and they’ve remained really comfortable to wear. The only slight negative being I’ve found the waistband has slipped down on a few occasions. Not to the point they’d slip down, but I’ve had to stop and readjust a couple of times. To be fair, this isn’t a big deal and might not be an issue with a smaller athlete. They are a heavyweight garment, I wouldn’t use the tights indoors or in the gym, for me they are 100% for cooler outdoor use.      


Post Running Impacts

I’m convinced that the Zone 3 tights helped reduce post run muscle soreness, to the extent I’ve not experienced with compression clothing previously. Even when I was feeling fatigued, the tights worked fantastically to alleviate the symptoms and allowed me to continue training without discomfort.   

Summary of Zone3 RX3 Mens Compression Tights Review

Overall, they are a great pair of tights that I would definitely buy myself. As a garment for colder weather training I think you’d struggle to beat them. They are hard work getting on and off, but that’s only to be expected given their heavy-duty nature. I found the fit was in general excellent, the only slight issue I had was with the waistband. 

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Buy the Zone3 RX3 Mens Compression Tights direct from Tredz for £75.

Alternative to the Zone3 RX3 tights:

2XU MCS compression tights for £95

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