Cycling: The second discipline in triathlon and the one which has the potential to cost you the most money.   

With our pages on cycling we help you discover the products that you need to ride faster and enjoy cycling all year round.  Find new cycling products, training tips and key events for your cycling calendar.

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Belt Drive Bikes: Everything you ever need to know about them

Looking for your next bike and something a little different. Read all about belt drive bikes and how they could be your essential next n+1 bike.


15 of the Best Triathlon Cycling Shoes: Ulitmate Guide

Fast transition times are essential for saving time in triathlon. We bring you a round up of the best cycling shoes for triathlon.

Planet X road bike for £1000

Round up of the best road bikes for under £1000

The sub £1000 road bike category is fiercely competitive with manufacturers seeking to grab a slice of this huge market. Read our round up of the best.

Cycplus M1 Bike Computer Review

CycPlus M1 GPS Bike Computer

Looking for a cheaper alternative to the Garmin 820 Bike Computer then read our in-depth review of the CycPlus M1 GPS Bike Computer. We test them head to head for a 6 week thorough test.


15 of the best gravel bikes:Ultimate buying guide

Learn about the latest trend in cycling and what makes a good gravle bike. We include a complete buyers guide with the Top 5 gravel bikes whatever your budget.


2024 Bike Power Meters Buying Guide

Read our 2020 Bike Power Meters Buying Guide with the latest deals and our recommendations on which to buy

thousand bike lights rear light

Thousand Bike Lights review

Nicola has been testing the innovative and stylish Thousand bike lights over the winter and shares her review of these new bike lights


3 Best Alternatives to Ribble R872 Road Bike

We love the Ribble bikes and they have been a Best buy in a number of our buyers guides. But what are the best alternatives to the R872?


9 Best Electric Folding Bikes

Commuter Buyers Guide to folding electric bikes. We have been working with our partners to find the best, lightest, most effective folding eBikes for you.

With so many to choose from we could easily have listed our top 20 but these are the most popular cycling articles right now.

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Trivelo – Helping you Go Faster

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