Find out what Trivelo Associates thought during their Velosock indoor bike cover review while they tested the product over a four week muddy period.

Mark Shepherd | Test Associate

Mark Shepherd – Experienced duathlon competitor and Bronze medal winner at AgeGroup Champs in 2011, 2017 and 2018.

“The real benefit for someone like me however is that it keeps the inside of my car or van cleaner”

I’ve been using the Velosock for about 2 weeks now and it’s been quite interesting. Quite simply, you put your bike into it and it makes it easy to move it around as it holds the bike in one position. You can get caught out though if you have a history of rolling through doors but it’s only changing a habit or two and then it’s smooth.

Fitting the bicycle cover to your bike

Putting the bike in the Velosock, now they give you instructions on the environmentally friendly packing (just a small box with the bicycle cover inside). These instructions show you how to put the bike in with the wheels on the ground. Maybe I was having a bad few weeks but this didn’t work for me.

Fitting the Velosock

However, tipping the bike upside down and putting it on over the rear wheel and mech, around the seat stay, then stretching it over the bike worked just fine for me.

Transporting different bike types

My testing has seen me transport my MTB, my cross bike and my road bike and the good news is that all of these bikes can be used with the same Velosock.

This brings us to ‘what is the real point’? Well, it’s far more than just for moving a bike between hotel rooms. If you are short of space at home then having the bike cover on the bike keep the edges covered up. You just lift and shift it around the room while protecting your pride and joy from being chipped or scratched. The real benefit for someone like me however is that it keeps the inside of my car or van cleaner. Yes I am guilty of not washing my bike after a race and the Velosock really does collect the mud and stop you getting oil on the ceiling of your vehicle.

Verdict on the Velosock bike cover

  • Easy to move the bike
  • Keeps your van/car cleaner
  • Protects your bike from your clumsy actions !
  • Cost, it is quite expensive
  • Be careful with the chain rings and if you have any frayed cables as these will catch on the bike cover. It does take the snagging quite well but I would be concerned if I was overly clumsy that it may tear.

Steve Bowman | Test Associate

Steve Bowman – Experienced MTB and Cyclocross competitor based in the North West.

“The thick lycra material slips back over the inevitably dirty bike helping to contain all the dirt and keep it away from your vehicle interior”

My first impressions of the Velosock

I received a limited-edition Pro version of the Velosock in the post. It came packaged in a small, A5 sized piece of paper and fully recyclable folding cardboard box with a small chain-link shaped plastic window that gives you a little sneaky peek of what is on the inside.

On opening the box and unpacking the bicycle cover the excellent quality was evident straight away. Constructed from a heavy weight stretchy, soft to the touch lycra type material with an elasticated band and four press-stud poppers for securing the cover round your bike.

Velosock bike cover design

My cover came with a rather fetching deep red to purple fade on the large Velosock logo and the star pattern that cover both sides of it. It’s certainly something that people will notice and no doubt ask you about when they see you unloading your bike from your car or van. I do know that there is a huge range of colours and designs to choose from plus can be personalised with your own design. This could, be quite cool if you wanted one in your team/club colours.

So, it’s a 10 / 10 from me on the first impressions.

Using the Velosock

The bike(s) that I tend to transport around the most are my cyclocross race bikes. I’ve got two, as is quite typical for this particular discipline. An all singing all dancing carbon framed bike with a very fetching gloss orange paint job and my back up / pit bike which is an older alloy framed model. So, as you can well imagine, it’s the carbon one that was calling out for an additional level of protection when I load the bikes into my van on race day. Not to mention the addition of the bikes that my children, large water carrier, jet wash, tool box and enough kit that you’d think we were off on a week long adventure. Not an hour long thrash round three km long course in a park somewhere in the North West!

Fitting the Velosock bike cover to your bike

I found the easiest way to fit the Velosock to my cyclocross bike was to turn the bike upside down. Place over the rear wheel, making sure it’s over the rear mech and disc brake and then stretch the cover over the front wheel and the pedals & cranks. Then turning the bike the right way up and securing the four press-studs, one above each wheel and the other two in the middle of the front triangle. With these done up the bike cover is very secure and won’t be falling off the bike at all. It can be a little fiddly to get right the first few times, but it soon just becomes part of the bike loading ritual and barely takes any time at all.

Innovative Velosock bike cover

Having knobbly cyclocross tyres means that the Velosock won’t slide across them. So, you have to place it over the wheel to negate it turning and unshipping it, but those are minor points that are worth the little bit of extra hassle in the long run. With the bikes stacked against each other in the back of my van, it’s then easy to lash them down using bungee cords. The Velosock stretches allowing the chords to press down against the frame so they’re nice and secure, essential not just for safety but to stop the bikes form banging against each other on the journey.

Benefits of the bicycle cover

Another bonus of the cover is, there is no need to try and drape old sheets or towels over the bike to protect it from other bikes rubbing against it as the cover takes all of this in its stride. Once at your venue its even easier to remove the bike cover, just undo the press-studs and with the bike the right way up just roll it forwards and it pops off the front wheel, followed by the rear and you’re ready to race.​

Using the Velosock bike cover

Once you’ve raced and it’s time to pack away, it’s just a case of re-fitting the Velosock and loading your bike away. The thick lycra like material slips back over the inevitably dirty bike helping to contain all the dirt and keep it away from your vehicle interior. So, there’s no need to worry about getting the interior carpets or the backs of you car seats dirty, or in my case the tailored carpeted mat that I have in the back of my van.

Summary of the Velosock interior bike cover

After a good few weeks of testing that has seen wet and muddy races, the back of my van is clean. More importantly the carbon race bike is unscathed from being loaded into the back of my van will all the other bikes and equipment.

The bike cover is easy to clean, I just let it dry out and then shake the mud off in the garden. If it needs it, put it in the washing machine on a quick sports wash cycle and then it dries really quickly just hung over a door.

Would I recommend it to people who are looking for an easy way to keep their bikes protected and the interior of their vehicles clean? Yes, I would. In fact I already have to a couple of my cycling friends. One of which is looking to keep her camper van seats clean when the bike is stowed in the front overnight as she sleeps in the back.

Thanks to Mark & Steve for their thoughts following their test of the Velosock. It does feel like a luxury item but if it helps reduce the chance of that feeling you get when chipping your carbon frame then sign me up!

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