The first discipline in triathlon and the one that tends to cause many new to triathlon sleepless nights.   

With our pages on swimming we help you discover the products that you need to swim faster and enjoy swimming all year round.  Find new swimming products, training tips and key events for your swim calendar.

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Do Buoyancy Shorts Work?

Do Buoyancy Shorts Work? And why we recommend them

Everything you need to know about training in neoprene buoyancy shorts and which ones you need to be using. Essential reading for every swimmer.


Shokz OpenSwim swimming headphones review

Find out how you can transform your swim sessions with the Shokz OpenSwim bone conduction headphones


15 of the best triathlon wetsuits: Find the right wetsuit for you

Complete Buyers Guide for 2024 with 15 of the best triathlon wetsuits from £100 to £1000

Garmin SWOLF Score explained

The Garmin SWOLF score explained: How to use it to train smarter

If you swim with a Garmin watch and track your swimming we help explain how the SWOLF score is calculated and what to aim for.

Roka Buoyancy Shorts

15 of the best buoyancy shorts: Ultimate Buying Guide

Hear about 15 of the best buoyancy shorts currently available on the market and how they compare. Find out which ones we recommend you buy.

Orca Equip Wetsuit Review

Orca Equip Swimming Wetsuit Owner Review

The super popular Orca Equip wetsuit gets a full review from an owner who has lived with the suit and knows its real strengths & weaknesses.

Huub Buoyancy Swim Shorts

HUUB Sphere Buoyancy Shorts In-Depth Review

Find out why the HUUB Sphere buoyancy shorts are one of the our favourites and how they can save you seconds without changing your swim.

Swim Parachutes

Swim Parachutes Explained: How to use them in your swimming

Discover something new to help keep your swimming fresh and enjoyable with everything to help you understand exactly what a swim parachute is.


HUUB Altair Swim Goggles: The ultimate goggle to buy

Read our review of the HUUB Altair goggles and discover what makes them unique in the market right now and perfect for swimming indoors and out.

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