Scott and I wanted to build a platform where athletes could find new cool products from trusted reviews from real athletes like them. From the start that formed the basis of the business. How we rate products therefore is something we wanted to make sure had some consistency and science. Well at least some logic that everyone can understand.


How is the Review Score Calculated?

All products are rated from 0 to 5. We do allow reviewers to use half scores if they must but where possible the scores are whole numbers in this range. Our review guidelines outline the how we rate products to help our test associates complete their testing.

  • Zero – Garbage. Don’t buy it. Avoid.
  • 1 – Bad. A generally flawed product with few redeeming features. Only buy if you are a total fanboy.
  • 2 – Poor. There are better products available but if worth a look.
  • 3 – Average. Middle of the road. Does the job and won’t let you down.
  • 4 – Good. Buy with confidence. Delivers everything you could need and worth the money.
  • 5 – Excellent. The G.O.A.T. Stop looking & buy it right now. Does everything and then some more.

Real Life Testing

If you look at our reviews they are based on real life testing over weeks and often months of use. When we get products we try and get them to conduct in-depth testing. By using a product over a long period we can get a real life view of the way it works. Any initial enthusiasm for something shiny becomes more balanced based on day to day use. It also means that the product is used in a variety of conditions to fully evaluate it fairly.


In the review we try and provide real images and videos that are not polished but a raw view of the product. The ambition is to give you as good an understanding of the product as possible. So, rather than use stock images you get real ones. Apologies if sometimes they are bit poor quality. At least you know they are real!

Comparisons with other options

For each review I try and pick the best reviewer suited to a product. At Trivelo we have over 100 test associates so loads of build up experience. This means when they review something they can give a good comparison. This saves you buying them to compare. We do this for you!