At Trivelo we are all about Going faster and spending smarter so always excited about lower cost quality alternatives.  Cycling kit can be hugely expensive so keen to help more people discover cycling.  This week we have the Sungait Polarized Cycling Sunglasses Review.  A genuine challenger to the Oakley Jawbreaker cycling sunglasses.  Read our in-depth test of these cycling glasses.  

First Impressions of the Sungait Polarized Cycling Sunglasses

First impressions are good in terms of how the product is packaged as it arrives through the letterbox.  There is  a wealth of bits and pieces that come with it.  Some of which I was not clear on their  purpose but all well packaged.   The zip lock branded case for example. That said, I liked the matt finish to all the materials although the outer box could be stronger to protect the glasses with more prominent branding.

Sungait Polarized Cycling Glasses

The glasses came with a lens cleaner, protective bag and a neat little screwdriver to adjust the arms with.  I was a bit confused by the “Test” card and there was also a problem/solution card which again I thought was an odd thing to add to the pack.  Does this mean they have a lot of issues with people not clear the function of polarized lenses?

Design of the Sungait Polarized Sunglasses

The glasses themselves are super lightweight.  The wrap around design fitted and gripped my average sized head well. I liked the matt finish and black lenses but then I’m a sucker for that kind of thing!  The lenses rattled slightly when held, but when they are on they felt fine and no issues with the lenses during use.  Whilst being light they do feel a bit delicate and I wondered how robust they might be if not looked after.  If they fell off a table or you sat on them then I’m not sure how well they would survive.

Testing the Sunglasses

I tested these on a number of long bike rides and the occasional run too. The super light weight nature means you hardly know that you have them on.  There were times where I simply forgot I was wearing them at all.

The polarized lenses coped really well with the contrast of light and shade that you get at this time of the year (Editor note – written January 2021). They worked well as you transitioned from light to shade.  With the sun being so low in the sky (its currently winter) particularly here in Scotland the lenses were really good at blocking out the glare.  At the same time they provide the visibility you need when cycling through the shadier parts of any route.

Cleaning the Sungait Cycling Sunglasses

With them being so lightweight I was concerned that you might need  to be careful when cleaning the lenses.  Despite their weight they were very easy to clean. The lenses themselves have remained unscratched throughout testing over the last month.  

Fit of the Sungait Cycling Sunglasses

The fit remained strong despite being jiggled about on my run with the arms maintaining their tension and grip without digging into the side of my head. They were more than flexible enough to fit the contours of my head.


The soft silicone nose pads have holes in.  I assume are there to dissipate heat or sweat.  In any event they work well in that regard and resulted in very little movement down the nose.  This was even when I was working hard on the bike or out for a run.

Summary of Sungait Polarized Cycling Sunglasses Review

So, would I recommend or buy them?  According to Amazon they retail at between £18 – £20 and if that’s the case then I’d say they represent remarkably good value for money.  The fashion recently for cycling glasses in particular seems to be for larger lenses.   These are a slim lens design so may fall short for cyclists seeking an over-sized lens design. But, the only real downsides I could see were the lightweight nature of them and the loose lens fitting when carried.

Once on you quickly forget about any negatives that.  I would say that they’re a good all-rounder for cycling, running and walking.  If you’re looking for a cheap pair of sunglasses for an active holiday then these would work as well on the bike as they would on the sun lounger. Equally if you’re new to cycling and are looking to get an affordable pair of glasses to protect your eyes while cycling then these more than do the job.

Video Summary Review of Sungait Cycling Glasses

Specification of the Sungait Polarized Cycling Sunglasses

Buy the Sungait Cycling Sunglasses

Buy the Sungait Polarized Cycling Sunglasses for $21 if buying in USA

Buy the Sungait Polarized Cycling Sunglasses for £19.99 if buying from United Kingdom

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