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2023 Buyers Guide to Electric Belt Drive Folding Bikes 

Buyers Guide to folding belt drive eBikes.  We think belt drive and electric bikes are perfect partners.  Combining this technology with folding eBikes is a real gem.  Check out the Buyers Guide for commuters everywhere.  

Tenways CGO600s Belt Drive eBike Review

We loved reviewing the belt driven Tenways CGO600 eBike. Hear from us with our review and video of this electric city bike that helps you leave the car at home.  Help reduce your carbon footprint with this innovative belt drive electric bike.  

11 Best Belt electric Drive Bikes

Buyers Guide to electric belt drive bikes to help you find the right eBike for you.  Brilliant and innovative electric belt drive eBikes. 

Cowboy 3 Belt Drive eBike Review

Cowboy provided us with their Gates carbon belt drive belt drive bike for a few weeks to conduct a full test of their city eBike.  Read our review of the Cowboy 3 and real life range of the bike and how practical it is as a daily commuter to replace your car.  

9 of the Best Electric Folding Bikes 2022 Buyers Guide 

Buyers Guide to Folding Electric Bikes.  As battery technology has advanced the opportunity for folding eBikes has grown substantially.  We compare 9 of the best folding eBikes to help ease your commute and protect the planet with your commuting decisions.  

Best Alternatives to a Brompton folding bike

Brompton have long been the defacto standard in folding bikes for city commuters.  But what else should you consider?  Are there better alternatives and can you spend less to get just a reliable a green way of travelling to the office?