Triathlon: For those who don’t realise one sport is tough enough!

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triathlon energy gels

Tips to Stay Safe in a Triathlon

Stay Safe when racing in 2023 with these top tips for triathlons for anyone discovering the sport.

Garmin watch

Setting up a Garmin Watch for an Iron Distance Race

13 essential tips for setting up a Garmin watch to make sure it lasts for a full ironman distance all the way up to 17 hours.


Triathlon Heart Rate Monitors Buyers Guide 2021

Round up of the best Triathlon heart rate monitors with models compared and frequently asked questions on triathlon HRMs


9 of the Best Triathlon Bikes 2020

Round up of the finest triathlon bikes that money can buy with details of who rode what in Kona 2019 and their bike splits.

Zone3 Vanquish Wetsuit

15 of the best triathlon wetsuits: 2021 Buyers Guide

Following a series of in-depth reviews we bring you a summary of the best wetsuits to buy for any budget to complete the swim strong.


9 of the Best Triathlon Bags

Round-Up of 9 of the Best Triathlon Bags Complete Buyers Guide to help you get more organised in transition

triathlon transition

Essential Items to Pack for a Triathlon

We share our Top Tips for what to pack for a triathlon race helping you avoid the anxiety of forgetting something on race day.

Brick Training

Triathlon Distances explained - How much training you really need to commit to

We have provided a complete guide of triathlon distances from Super Sprint triathlon all the way to the monstrous Ironman distance triathlon. Finish times, training efforts, splits, we provide you with the information you need.


Alternatives to the Garmin 945 Watch

Round up of 3 of the best alternatives to the Garmin Forerunner 945 . Find cheaper alternatives to the Garmin 945 watch

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