Triathlon: For those who don’t realise one sport is tough enough!

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Get Nourished Personalised Supplements Review

Get Nourished specialise in personalised 3D printed supplements. See how three of our triathlete testers found they helped in a one month intensive trial.

Garmin watch

Setting up a Garmin Watch for an Iron Distance Race

13 essential tips for setting up a Garmin watch to make sure it lasts for a full ironman distance all the way up to 17 hours.


Triathlon versus Tough Mudder: Which race is actually tougher?

Triathlon is an epic challenge for any athlete. Tough Mudder has a huge brand presence but is it all bark and no bite? We compare both events.


9 of the Best Triathlon Bikes 2020

Round up of the finest triathlon bikes that money can buy with details of who rode what in Kona 2019 and their bike splits.

Zone3 Vanquish Wetsuit

7 of the best triathlon wetsuits: Ultimate round-up of the best to buy

Following a series of in-depth reviews we bring you a summary of the best wetsuits to buy for any budget to complete the swim strong.


Triathletes Guide To Recovering from the flu: Come back strong

Training is an all year activity and we talk about how to avoid becoming ill and how to get back to training after illness.

Beginner Triathletes

15 Biggest Mistakes Beginner Triathletes Makes: How to Avoid them

We help step you through the pitfalls of doing your first race with 15 crucial tips to help you go faster in your debut race.

Brick Training

Brick Training: Why this is essential for triathlon training

Triathlon is a complex sport and we explain exactly what brick training is and how to build it into your training plan.

Triathlon Training

Ultimate triathlon training guide - Final Part in our series of tips

Helping you go faster we have compiled 50 of the best training tips for triathletes of all levels. Read this and train smarter.

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