This week Steve from the Trivelo test squad brings you his thoughts on the MessyWeekend Cycling Sunglasses Review.


Hi, I’m Steve Bowman and I’m a cyclist, by that I mean I just don’t ride one type of bike although I race both mountain bikes and cyclocross, I also ride on the road and commute from time to time. I’ve raced across Europe and the UK at regional and international level including the WEMBO European and World 24hour Mountain Bike Solo Championships.

First Impressions of the MessyWeekend Euroman X MW Glasses

For my latest test assignment from the guys at Trivelo I was sent a pair of MessyWeekend Euroman X MW glasses to trial over a few weeks. The glasses arrived packaged in a nice sturdy zipped case with two pairs of slightly vented lenses, one yellow for those low light conditions and a dark tinted pair for when / if it gets sunny! Also, in the case was a little cleaning cloth to keep the lenses smear and mark free. 

messy-weekend-euroman-sunglasses messy-weekend-glasses-case

On removing the glasses from the case the first impressions were excellent, they immediately felt like a pair of quality glasses that would no doubt stand up to the rigours of the life of a cyclist and cross-over into daily use too. The frame is finished in a really nice matte dark green with a stylish and understated dark chromed MessyWeekend logo on the arms, ear socks are firm and have the right level of tack to stay in place and the adjustable contrasting yellow nose piece was much the same, soft enough, mouldable to your nose and very comfortable.

First Ride in the MessyWeekend Euromax Glasses

My first ride in the glasses was with a local mountain bike group in the deep darkness of a cold January evening, so I changed the lenses from the fitted dark tint to the yellow ones. This is a really simple process where you take a firm grip on each lens and pull it away from the bridge of the glasses, they then slip out of the retention by the arm joint. You fit the new lens in the reverse order, making sure they click into place by the bridge and you’re then good to go, once you’ve packed the other lenses away in the protective case to keep the out of harm’s way.

spare -lens-with-messy-weekend-glasses messy-weekend-cycling-glasses

First ride impression were very good, the glasses fitted well with the usual adjustments to the nose band, the arms sat nicely over my helmet straps and didn’t interfere with the helmet cradle / straps and stayed in place despite the roughish rooty and often muddy terrain. The one thing I didn’t realise until after the ride and despite the typical stop start nature of a group ride was that the glasses didn’t mist up when stationary, given that it was a cold night this was very welcome indeed. The glasses provided great coverage and kept the usual array of mud and low flying branches clear of my eye, so all good.

Glasses Specifications

For the next few rides I was out in daylight, which makes a refreshing change at this time of year! Even better was the fact the sun was out so I fitted the dark tint lenses which were just about perfect for this time of year when the sun isn’t too bright or intense. I think for summer days when the sun is more intense a pair of iridium style reflective lenses would be useful and I noticed these are available to buy at an extra cost, but maybe the overall price of the glasses could be increased a little and these included in the original sale.

Effectiveness of the MessyWeekend Cycling Sunglasses

The dark tint lenses provide the right level of sun / daylight protection while also not struggling to offer more than enough definition of trail features when whipping along tree lined forest single track, I never noticed any  trail features “jumping out in front of me” so can only conclude that through the lenses the trail appeared as it would without glasses, which is great.

Summary of the MessyWeekend Cycling Sunglasses Review

In summary the glasses fit really well and provide more than enough protection for your eyes from both flying bits of mud and debris so often encountered while riding and racing off-road and also from the inevitable wind inducing streaming eyes while riding at higher speeds on the road and more gravel orientated types of riding, which thankfully I didn’t suffer from while wearing the MessyWeekend Euroman X MW glasses at all, despite some rather cold winter winds whipping up on recent rides.


The best thing you can say about a  product in my mind is that it just works, what I mean by that is you fit it or put it on and it does it’s intended job without you really noticing it’s there and the MessyWeekend Euroman X MW glasses certainly do that, not to say they are utilitarian, but that they are very well made, fit well and perform their function of being cycling glasses pretty much faultlessly.

I’d like to thank the guys at TriVelo for giving me the opportunity to test these glasses and they will certainly become the pair of choice for my cycling for the majority of the year, and with the addition of the iridium style lenses mentioned above they’ll be perfect for all year-round use.

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