Helping you go faster this week we have the Salomon Supercross Review from test associate Melanie. Delivering a trusted review for you Melanie brings you her 8 week test results. Read her experience week to week of trail running in the Salomon Supercross 4.

First Impressions of the Salomon Supercross 4

I was excited to try out the Salomon Supercross Trail shoes as I had not worn Salomon shoes before.  Having quite wide feet and opted for a size up to my normal footwear. I am normally a neutral runner but have been prone to blisters, due to the level of marathons I have done and unsuccessful in finding the correct shoe and sock combination.

When the shoes arrived, I was impressed with their aesthetical appearance and they looked slick and felt very light.

Week 1 – Testing the Salomon Supercross 4 trail shoes

Week 1 consisted of getting to know how the shoes felt and how they would cope on a couple of shorter runs.  The shoes fitted perfectly and had a wide enough toe box for my feet to feel comfortable. I suffer blisters mainly on the large metatarsal bone near the base of my big toes and a lot of shoes appear to aggravate the area.  The shoes immediately felt fantastic because it did not compress the metatarsal bone. The quick lacing was very easy to use. I did find I had to tuck the end of the lace into the laced area to stop it from moving as I ran.


Week 1 I covered three short 4 mile runs on dry trails.  The tread of the shoe ensured I did not slip on a mixed terrain of dry trail, tree roots, grass and sandy areas.  The easy lacing remained tight and I had no foot slippage within the shoe. I felt very comfortable throughout the runs.

Week 2  – Salomon Supercross trail shoes review

Week 2 comprised of two short 5 km runs and one marathon.  The marathon was wet and involved navigating through thick mud and puddles.  During the event the shoe tread had amazing grip and my foot and knee felt stable during the run.  The shoe and combination of drymax socks ensured my feet remained dry. This is important factor for me because it ensured my “hot blister” points were protected and not aggravated. Normally, my feet move within a shoe and I have to tighten the laces. This was not necessary with the Supercross shoes. 

Week 3 of trail running

Comprised two marathons and one 5 km run.

I wore the shoes to my local parkrun and the terrain was icy and muddy, over a mix terrain of pavement, grass and mud.  Over the icy sections everyone else was slipping. The tread on the Salomon did reduce slipping and I felt safe. The stability of the shoe over the grass and muddy areas was excellent and comfortable.

Week 4 of the Salomon trail shoe review

Comprised one marathon and two shorter 10k runs.


The running involved a lot of bumpy tracks with some loose flint, sand and many tree roots.  Normally on this track I can feel everything which can aggravate my knee pain and my blister points.  I was comfortable throughout the runs with no foot slippage within the shoe. The tread ensured fabulous shoe stability. At the end of the 4th week of the trial I had no exacerbation of blisters or knee pain.  

Week 5 

We were away so no trail running for 10 days.

Week 7  Back into testing the Salomon shoes

Another marathon and two shorter 10 km runs.

I had washed the shoes after each marathon event and the shoes were easy to clean and regained their aesthetic appearance.  I hand washed the shoes to ensure any cushioning was not comprised or lost. By now the shoes had covered just over 180 miles but the cushioning was still there and my runs remained comfortable.  The shoes still fitted well and the easy lacing remained very effective.

Week 8 – Final week of testing

Comprised two marathons and two shorter 5 km runs. 

Very wet muddy runs as we had a lot of rain in Norfolk.  The shoes really coped with the wet and my feet actually remained fairly dry throughout the runs.  At over 200 miles completed for this trial the shoes were a perfect running companion for me. The shoes were a  snug fit even for my wider feet. My blister points actually improved without the shoes aggravating them. The shoes provided sufficient stability over many variable terrains and my feet did not slip at all during any of the runs. The quick lacing was very secure and there was no need to retighten the laces during any run, which meant quicker running times. 

Overall I was very impressed with the Supercross trail shoes and would recommend them to other trail runners. 

Mel – Trivelo Test Associate

Check out the video from Mel on the Salomon AlphaCross and how she is a convert to them for trail running.

Buy the Salomon Supercross for £70 to £84 depending on colour.

Buy the Salomon Supercross 4 from Salomon US for $72


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Melanie Floyd

Mel is an endurance runner who enjoys of off-road trail running. She is normally a neutral shoe runner completing a number of gruelling marathon events and more.


Melanie · 22/07/2020 at 10:07 am

Hi Harvey,

I have done around 400 miles in the shoes now without any issues with durability. I live near a forest so terrain is mix of everything and during our wet period over winter the shoes coped very well with the water. No impact yet on material near toe box. I still find them comfortable.

Harvey · 20/07/2020 at 8:32 am

Hello, thanks for the review, have you continued to use these for a few more hundred miles? What is the durability like? I have a pair that I have done around 60 miles on so far and would agree with everything you have said in your review. Very happy with mine, just hoping they have the durability in the upper that sometimes is lacking in shoes. Are the flex points in the toe box showing any signs of wear, or on the end of the shoe where the rubber and the ripstop material meet? It sounds the at the point of the review being 200 miles in there was no issues with wear which is good news, just curious now to know how much more use you got from them and at how many miles did the upper begin to wear out?

    admin · 22/07/2020 at 9:44 am

    Hi Harvey. Melanie did over 200 miles during her testing of these and has been using them since. No issues with durability on them and highly recommended. I also own an older pair that I use for trail running in winter and also mountain biking when the weather turns nasty. I’ve had these for 2 winters and no issues on durability. Very tough even with the chunky grips that have not broken off that I worried about myself when starting with them. Hope this helps. Billy

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