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This week we have another wonderful review from Nicola who is a long term member of the Trivelo Squad . Read on to discover the stylish Thousand Bike Lights Review.

Pros & cons of the Thousand Bike Lights

Pros – Small, easy to attach to the bike, magnetic mounting, bright and looks great. They don’t take up too much room on the handlebars either. When they’re on the bike they’re easy to adjust so you are not blinding other road users.

Cons – To turn the lights on you need to twist the light, if you twist in the wrong direction the light comes away from the mounting and the small plastic bobbles that secure the light into place wear down easily. I have included a photograph of the wear so you can see what I am talking about.

thousand bike lights front light thousand bike lights rear light

Summary of the bike lights review  

These are a smart design travel light, that is easy to fix to the bike with no additional tools required. They’re nice and bright with 3 light settings, all having a surprisingly long battery life; especially if you use the eco flash setting. The magnetic mounting is a great feature ensuring you don’t drop them. The light they omit is nice and bright and they have a good battery life. The only issue being the small plastic knob that help secure the light to the mounting has worn down quickly making it difficult to navigate through the light modes so it’s not seamless as purported to be. 

Over time I wonder if they would be durable enough to last, there’s a possibility that the rubber strap could over stretch, if however, replacement mounts can be bought then that would be an option.

Would I buy these – It would depend on the price but most probably yes because of the ease of use.

First impressions of the Thousand Bike Lights

The lights come in a compact box that’s sufficient to house the lights and delivers them safely. A smart design bike light that’s quick and easy to put on my bike, there’s no need for extra tools. Although both the front and back lights are small round and compact the light omitted is unmissable making the user visible to other road users.

What’s in the box

The lights come in a compact box with a USB charger and instruction booklet. There’s not much else needed and there’s minimal packaging which is great.

thousand bike lights what is in the box

Design of the Bike Lights

A compact circular light that you twist to turn on and off. The lights attached to your handlebars and seat post using a stretchy rubber strap. 

Specifications of the Thousand Bike Lights

Front light250 LM, magnetic mounting, USB charging, lightweight, 3 light settings, 2hr charge time, waterproof & a 1 year warranty. There is 2 hour charge time.

Rear light – 80 LM, magnetic mounting, USB charging, lightweight, 3 light settings, 2hr charge time, waterproof & a 1 year warranty.  There is 2 hour charge time.

Build Quality

They’re a compact build made of plastic, having only had them for a couple of months the plastic inside the mount has worn losing the thread. 



The lights are marketed as a traveller light which gives me the impression they are better suited to shorter journeys. 

Battery life

Front light – Depending on what setting you use, the solid light lasts 8 hours, the daylight flash 6 hours and the eco flash 36 hours.

Rear light – – Depending on what setting you use, the solid light lasts 4.5 hours, the daylight flash 3.75 hours and the eco flash 22 hours.

Best Price for the Thousand Bike Lights

Buy the Thousand Bike Lights from thousand direct for £45 per light from UK $35 from USA

Video review of Thousand Bike Lights

Check out Nicola’s Thousand Bike Lights review from our YouTube channel.

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Nicola Wilding

Nicola was introduced into the world of triathlon in 2012 where she started on her Uncles heavy Carrera commuter bike. As her desire to compete grew, so did her need for a bike that was better suited to her, and safer. As a below elbow amputee with little to no right shoulder strength/use, she needs a sturdy bike that she could adapt without dropped bars.