For our  blog this week we have the second of our bike reviews by bike owners giving their own view  of what it really is like living with their bike.  We love these reviews and  would love to get yours, interested?  Let us know.  This week we have for you the Merida Reacto Bike Review by a real cyclist.

Real Owner Review of the Merida Reacto

So the story goes that this is my first brand new bike ever in my life (age 42), before this it was a case of hand me downs and not so well put together bespoke “crap heaps”.

Merida Road Bike

Merida Road Bike

Anyway, I’m a very amateur triathlete, having spoke with my coach about the virtues of a tri-bike and them being useless unless you can average 20mph, he suggested an aero bike. I did some research and found an interesting article about said bikes and the Reacto was featured. It looked fast, it was described as fast and it was loud and brash. Great!

First Impressions of the Merida Reacto Bike

I then did some more research for where to buy, Merida seems to be a niche brand but found somewhere local to buy from and went to view. When I first saw it I couldn’t believe how good looking it was (what!), the pictures just didn’t do it any justice at all. I got fitted on it by the shop and went home with it in the car. The day after was going to be a big riding day.
So got it ready the night before so as soon as it was light enough I was ready to go.

First Ride on the Merida Reacto

When I rode it the first thing that stood out was how comfortable it was compared to my previous “ill fitting machines”, I had been told that carbon framed bikes were uncomfortable. It was just another level, the bike is fitted with ultegra drive train, FSA gossamer pro chainset and fulcrum Quattro racing wheels. So shifting is slick and so is the rolling of the wheels. My usual route takes me up some pretty good hills and again what I noticed was when I stood up just how assured the bike felt, I finally could stand on the pedals and give it some beans with some real confidence. Of course, what goes up must come down and this bike is the master of the descent in my eyes.

Ride Quality of the Merida Reacto

Joe's review of the Merida Reacto

Joe’s review of the Merida Reacto

It is so agile in the corners but once again, the frame and overall setup gives you confidence to attack in the corners, push through them and fly out of them. It feels like I’m riding something with 4 wheel drive, it is that assured.

The bike is definitely quick and the 20mph threshold has certainly been breached.

About the Owner


About the  author – Joe is one of the many triathletes we are lucky enough to have connected with at Trivelo and the proud owner of this beautiful Merida machine.  Thanks to Joe for the Merida Reacto bike review by a real cyclist.

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