thousand bike lights rear light

Thousand Bike Lights review

Full test of the Thousand Bike Lights that we have been reviewing as a stylish new entrant to the bike light market.

Belt drive folding eBikes

Best Belt Drive Folding Ebikes 2023

Buyers Guide to Belt Drive Folding Electric Bikes helping you find the perfect commuter bike for 2023


Tenways CGO600 eBike review

We have loved reviewing the belt driven Tenways CGO600 eBike. Hear from us with our review and video of this electric city bike.


Hammerhead Karoo2 bike computer review

A very advanced GPS bike computer that offers a very real alternative to the ever popular Garmin head units.

Cycplus M1 Bike Computer Review

Cycplus M1 Bike Computer review

We review this lower cost GPS bike computer putting it through its paces against the more expensive and class leading Garmin 820 Bike Computer. Find out if this is the best alternative to the Garmin 820.


Cowboy3 Belt Drive eBike review

We review this innovative Gates carbon belt drive eBike that provides a very stylish answer to all those seeking a city commuter bike.


Christmas 2020 Gift Guide for Cyclists

Massive round up of 21 of the best Christmas 2020 gifts for cyclists. Something for every type of cyclist and for every budget. Guide includes exclusive discount codes for top gifts.


Giant Envie Advanced Pro 1 Bikes Review

Review of the women's specific Giant Envie Advanced Pro 1 Bike that has been on a long term test by one of the Trivelo team of associates


Stages Dura-Ace Power Meter Review

Stages Dura Ace Bike Power Meter review from one of the cycling specialists within the Trivelo Squad of test associates


Messy Weekend Cycling Sunglasses Review

We test the Messy Weekend cycling sunglasses as an alternative to the ever popular Oakleys


D2D Winter Cycling Big Tights Review

Brilliant review of the womens D2D Clothing winter cycling bib tights used across the colder month and tested in anger


Essentials for winter cycling

Helping you stay on your bike through the winter months we have compiled a must have set of cycling clothing essentials for winter


How Often Should you replace cycling shorts?

With guidance on replacing all things from running shoes to tyres we have been working with a number of our supplier network to build out our guide on how often you should replace cycling shorts


15 of the best triathlon cycling shoes

Triathlon cycling shoes are specialist kit beyond standard cycling shoes so we have produced a buyers guide to these to help you race faster and spend smarter


Cycling Nutrition Guide

Fuelling your ride is as important as bike maintenance so here we explore the essential nutrition tips for cyclists

Top 10 single speed and fixed gear bikes

Round up of all the best single speed and fixed gear fixies currently available with our recommendations on what to buy

Cycling to work through work

Winter Cycling Training Alternatives

Ways to keep training with your bike through winter and they aren't all just a case of putting on more layers.


Faster Cycling Cornering Techniques

Race speed is not all about more power and technique can play a major part in where you place so here we explore faster cornering techniques while on your bike


Wattbike Atom Indoor Cycling Trainer Review

In-depth review of the Wattbike Atom Bike and what apps work best for indoor cycling training


Top 15 Mountain Bikes for Under £1000

We provide you with a buyers guide to mountain bikes for under £1000. Helping you spend smarter and find the right mountain bike for you with specification comparisons, best deals and our recommendations


2020 Bike Power Meters Buyers Guide

Helping you navigate the complex world of bike power meters we have a round up of all the best power meters to buy and where you should be buying them from


Garmin Vector 3 pedal power meter review

Detailed review of the Garmin Vector 3 pedal power meter with what they are like to live with


Are Bike Power Meters Worth it?

Everything you need to know about bike power meters with a full set of FAQs with all the answers you need


Proviz Reflect 360 cycling jacket review

Nic has been testing the Proviz Reflect 360 cycling jacket through the darker evenings and sharing her views including a powerful video that shows how effective the jacket is


5 of the best turbo trainers for 2020

Indoor turbo trainers have seen an unprecedented level of demand in 2020 and we provide our recommendations on which ones to look out for


15 of the Best Gravel Bikes

Introducing you to a new genre we round up 15 of our favourite gravel bikes with something for all budgets


Review of the D2D Cryoshield SoftShell Cycling Jacket

More essential reading for winter cycling with our review of the D2D Cryoshield softshell cycling jacket


Guide to cycling to work in winter

Staying safe while commuter cycling through winter means preparation and adding some essentials extras to your cycling kit


Best Road Bikes for under £1500

In the highly competitive market of road bikes between £1000 and £1500 we have a buyers guide with all the best bikes available and our recommendations

Felt AR2 Bike Review

Felt AR2 Aero Road Bike Review

More from our team of real athletes with trusted reviews comes our review of the gorgeous Felt AR2 aero road bike


Raleigh Strada Speed 1 Bike Review

Trivelo Test Associate Nic shares her views on the Raleigh Strada Speed 1 bike including how it has been adapted for her needs. Amazing read.


See Sense Icon 2 bike lights review

The innovative See Sense Icon 2 intelligent bike lights have been reviewed by a group of our testers and they share their views


19 of the Best Road Bikes for under £1000

Our mammoth buyers guide of road bikes for under £1000 with 19 of the best from a range of manufacturers with all the essential information you need to ensure you spend smart


11 of the best belt drive bikes you can buy

Looking for something different? Wanting something simple to maintain? Take a look at our list of the best and most innovative belt drive bikes you can buy


Specialized Cruz Elite Carbon 105 bike review

Mark from the Trivelo team shares his views on the very versatile Specialized Crux Elite Carbon 105 bike


Kinesis Bikes Racelight 4S review

Continuing to bring you reviews from a wide range of manufacturers we share an in-depth owners review of the Kinesis 4S Racelight bike


Velosock indoor bike cover review

We provided a number of testers with a Velosock indoor bike cover and asked them to use them for a couple of months and share their experiences in this detailed review


SunGod PaceBreakers Cycling Glasses Review

SunGod top of the range PaceBreaker Cycling sunglasses reviewed and tested with expert opinion and comparison with alternatives


Gates Carbon Belt Drive Explained

Detailed overview of the Gates Carbon Belt Drive the defacto standard in belt drive systems for bikes worldwide


Advantages & Disadvantages of carbon belt drives

What are the pros and cons for having a bike with a carbon belt drive over a conventional chain? Here we explore the FAQ's around carbon belt drives on bikes


Do Turbo Trainers work?

Can you train for a race purely on a turbo trainer and is it valid and quality training? Here we answer your questions on the value of using a turbo trainer and why you should not discount them.

Best electric road bikes for 2019

Best Electric Road Bikes

Buyers guide to electric road bikes and which ones to buy. Discover how this technology is moving fast and helping you move faster


Bike Health checks you can do yourself

10 simple steps to bike maintenance you can complete at home and important to consider before you rely on your bike in a race


Lezyne Strip Drive Pro 300 Rear Bike Light Review

Staying visible in daylight and at night is critical for a cyclist and here we review the Lezyne Strip Drive Pro 300 Rear Bike light


Thoughts of a Cyclist

Am I getting slower? Why do I seem to be cycling into the wind in every direction? What does a cyclist think about while spending hours in the saddle?


Lezyne 800XL front bike light review

Read our review of the Lezyne 800XL front bike light that we tested through the dark winter months


Beginners Guide to Bike Types

We help you know the difference between you road and your TT bikes for anyone new to cycling and bike ownership


Techniques for defeating the hills on a road bike

If you see hills and weep we have some techniques to help you master hill climbing on a road bike


Supporting the Wokingham Bikeathon Charity Ride

The Wokingham Bikeathon is a locally run charity that we attended to support and participate in. Well worth your time and support in the future.


Cannondale CAAD 8 Road Bike Review

Review of the very popular Cannondale CAAD8 road bike that is the perfect first real road bike and available through the bike to work scheme being under £1000


Tubular Tyres Versus Clincher Tyres

What are the different tyre types and which is better?


Preparing bikes for race seaon

A series of essential checks to be completed by every bike owner before embarking on race season. Well worth doing before every race.

100 word book review of The Rider

Looking for some inspiration then check out this 100 word book review of the classic book The Rider


Deuter Giga Bike Rucksack Review

Finding the right back for commuting is hard especially if you are cycling having to find something that copes with the elements with enough functionality to work for a variety of needs. We may have the answer.

Cycling on the 2019 Reading Olympic Triathlon

Crotch Guard Skin care review

Comfort while cycling a real challenge and here we review the innovative Crotch Guard skin care oil that acts as an alternative to conventional products


Cycle to Work Scheme Explained

Buying a bike can be a significant investment for anyone. We help you understand how the government backed cycle to work scheme can help make this substantially more affordable to you

Bolivia Ride & River Story

Bolivia Ride & River Story

An epic article on this once in a lifetime journey through Bolivia across land and sea