This weeks blog article comes from a returning guest writer.  He previously wrote the wonderful article for us on 5 books to get you back in the saddle. Inspired by our 100 word book review on Born to Run I am thrilled that we have a further article from Barrie this week. With a cycling inspired review we are thrilled to bring you a 100 word book review of “The Rider” by Tim Krabbe.

Book review in under 100 words

Book review

Book review

If you read one book about cycling, make it ‘The Rider’ by Tim Krabbé. Every pedal stroke of the fictional Tour de Mont Aigoual, every kilometre of the semi-autobiographical ‘experience’ is set out in the detail that only a dedicated cyclist can recount. As he says, “the greater the suffering, the greater the pleasure” and for each of the 148 pages you live in the saddle with the riders, experiencing the insane paradox of pleasure and pain. This is a race seen from perspectives only a rider’s eyes can see.

Further 100 word book reviews

Huge thanks to Barrie for his 100 word book review of the Rider which we hope is a useful bite sized format to digest.  We are always keen to hear from you on books we might not have heard of.  Swimming, Cycling, Running or pure triathlon we are keen to share your favourites.  Contact us if you would like to provide a review of your own.


About the author – Barrie agreed to join us writing superb articles as one of our guest Blog panel members. Fuelled by strong coffee & a life-long love of writing only recently given free rein, he blogs as Bookends & Binends on anything that strikes a chord including travel, food (and coffee, of course), music, men’s style & fitness (including cycling

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