Our latest round of cool products to help you spend smarter sees us dig deep into an exciting new niche in cycling. We have long been a fan of belt drive bikes. Check out our article on the advantages and disadvantages of belt drive bikes if you are new to the concept. They are especially suitable for electric bikes with low maintenance and incredible low loss of power through the drive train. The latest set of amazing bikes to utilise this combination are folding eBikes. Read on to be an pioneer with the Best Belt Drive Folding Electric Bikes 2023 round-up.

MiRider One GB3 folding eBike


The MiRider One GB3 breaks with conventional folding bike frame design including an elevated chain stay to allow the single piece belt drive to be fitted. To bring down the weight, MiRider keep pushing the innovation boundaries with a magnesium alloy frame. The integrated battery within the frame is removable but creates smooth lines on the bike unlike a Brompton P line with the battery “bag”. Read more on this in our round-up of the 9 best folding eBikes. The MiRider following more of the path of a Cowboy 4 with the battery core to the design.

Having ridden the MiRider One the MiRider One GB3 makes a number of key improvements. The principal changes being the switch to a belt drive with a geared drive system. The Original MiRider One I reviewed previously was not as quiet or smooth as alternatives. MiRider seek to address this with the MiRider One GB3. At a premium it is worth noting but it makes for a better folding eBike.

The MiRider One GB3 has a 3 speed Efneo GTRO system housed within the chainwheel. This is controlled from a twist grip allowing the rear hub to house the MiRider developed motor. This combination should give any commuter plenty of options for their daily ride. The motor assisted gearing a nice extra for a folding bike.

The rear hub motor is a proprietary 250W motor that has been improved over the MiRider One model. This pushes the Torque up to 40Nm. An increase of 25 percent. With a 252Wh battery the MiRider One GB3 can cover a range of 45 miles / 72km. Tracking your range and speed is displayed on its massive full colour LCD screen. The ride is smooth thanks to a rear shock to provide effective suspension in a folding eBike. Truly the Swiss army knife of bikes.

MiRider One GB3

Why you should buy this bike

It has a brilliant, unique frame design and top to toe home grown parts that make this a powerful commuting adversary.

Specification of the MiRider GB3

Belt Drive 3 Speed C Drive Belt 111 Tooth
Battery252Wh 36v 7Ah
Range45 miles
Folding Time20 seconds
Folded Dimensions77cm x 43cm x 68cm

Best Price for the MiRider GB3

Buy the MiRider One GB3 direct from MiRider for £2495

For more information on the growth of eBike sales check out our post on the way eBike sales have skyrocketed including quotes from Industry leaders including the UK Sales Director of MiRider.

Carbo Model X


Carbo Model X is a carbon fibre frame eBike that is incredibly light at only 13.3kg. The frame is the heart of the bike with Japanese Torray Mesh carbon fibre. The Carbo Model X is rare for a folding eBike uniquely using carbon fibre for its frame. The folding frame uses a fast magnetic folding mechanism that allows it to fold in 3 steps. First, push the seat post down. Second, Fold the handlebar stem. Finally release the button to fold the carbon frame.

The seat post brilliantly holds the battery inside. A masterpiece in design. This allows the battery to be concealed in the bike but removable with the seat post. The design enables the bike to have a balanced weight distribution with even a light battery impacting the weight of any bike.

Using belt drive provides more weight saving ahead of a traditional chain. The perfect eBike power harness for clean and silent cycling. A small mono LCD screen allows control of the 5 levels of power assistance on the handlebars.

Using a single speed electric belt drive system and the reliable Bafang rear hub motor the Carbo Model X eBike can provide 45Nm of torque. If the 250w motor isn’t punchy enough you can upgrade the motor to a 350w motor.

Carbo Model X folding eBike

Why you should buy this bike

The lightest carbon fibre folding eBike you can buy.

Specification of the Carbo Model X

Belt Drive Single Speed Belt drive 26t
Battery252Wh 36v 7Ah
MotorBafang 250W high torque hub motor
Range35 miles
Folding Time10 seconds
Folded Dimensions80cm x 60cm x 33cm

Best Price for the Carbo Model X

Buy the Carbo Model X from Velorution for £2799

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