If you’re looking for a reasonably priced, hassle free commuter bike or something different to mix up your training rides, then here are some of the best single speed bikes available to buy in 2020.

10 of the best Single Speed and Fixed Gear bikes

10 of the best single speed bikes available in 2020

  • Ribble Urban 725s Commuter
  • Vitus Six Single Speed Road Bike
  • Octane One Kode Commuter Road Bike
  • Cinelli Tipo Pista Track Bike
  • Fuji Feather City Bike
  • Aventon Mataro Fixie and Single Speed
  • FIXIE Inc. Floater Race white
  • Genesis Flyer 2019 – Road Bike
  • Cannondale Trail Sl 29er Single Speed Mountain Bike
  • Creme Vinyl Solo Men black

Best town Single speed bike

Ribble Urban 725s

From: £599

Ribble Urban 725s

This Single Speed bike is available in both fixed wheel and single speed freewheel options. The Urban 725s is built to last and designed to keep essential maintenance to a minimum making this bike a comfortable and reliable commuter option.

Buy it now: Ribble Urban 725s £599 at time of writing

A great commuter option

The Covid pandemic means we’re all going to need to think differently about how we get around so why not make cycling the ‘new normal’ when it comes to getting to work or those local trips around town.

At Trivelo we’re all about ‘triathlon’ so we were intrigued by the benefits of a cheaper, low maintenance bike for commuting. So would a single speed bike make me work harder on the ride to and from work and become a valuable part of my training regime?

Vitus Six Single Speed Bike

From £699

Vitus Six Single Speed Bike

The Vitus Six Single Speed Bike is a fixed gear single speed bike ideal for velodrome racing and urban fixed gear events. It’s Built in aluminium and equipped with superb components to get you up to speed fast.

Buy it now: Vitus Six Single Speed Bike £699 at time writing

Why consider a single speed bike?

I’m a triathlete, so on my commute to work I’ll naturally reach for my roadie. If you’re anything like me you’d never given the single speed a thought, but single speed bikes are one of the most common types of bikes today and all kinds of cyclists are being drawn to them but I didn’t understand why…..until now!!

For anyone living in a town or city, a single speed bike could be the ideal solution for getting around fast. The lack of maintenance required and low starting cost making them an attractive everyday commuter bike.

Riding a single-speed is about going back to basics, back to when you had your first single geared bike growing up. With fewer components requiring attention it makes them reliable and ideal for everyday day use.

If you are considering an electric single speed bike read our Top 5 Single Speed eBikes with something for every budget. If you have previously been a sceptic about eBikes take a look. I personally have always dismissed them but riding these made me a convert. Lots of benefits worth considering. For riders from all backgrounds.

Best Gravel Single Speed Bike

Octane One Kode Commuter Bike

From £699

Octane One Kode Commuter: Road Bike

This pure single speed bike is built with cromoly frame & fork made from custom butted Tange steel tubes. It’s tough and light. With disc brakes, fender and rack mounts the Kode is very versatile.

Buy it now: Octane One Kode Commuter Road Bike £699 at time of writing

Best single speed bike for Velodrome riding

Cinelli Tipo Pista Track Bike

From £849

Cinelli Tipo Pista Track Bike

The Tipo Pista is perfect for any rider looking to make the switch to fixed gear riding. With track geometry and alloy tubing, the frame offers rigidity for getting up to speed fast on the track. The carbon fibre fork makes for stiff, reliable steering for maximum control.

Buy it now: Cinelli Tipo Pista Track Bike £849 at time of writing

Single Speed Bike comparison table

BikePriceWeight (kgs)FrameSprocket Teeth
Ribble Urban 725s£5999.5Steel Triple-ButtedLevel 16T
Vitus Six Single Speed Bike£699Not SpecifiedT6 Double Butted14T Freewheel
Octane One Kode Commuter Road Bike£6999.5Tange cromo steel, custom formed and buttedtubes14T
Cinelli Tipo Pista Track Bike£8497.8Columbus Alloy CustomSingle Speed 18T – Fixed 17T
Fuji Feather City Bike (2020)£52910.2Chromoly Steel16T fixed cog; 16T freewheel
Aventon Mataro Fixie & Single Speed£749Not SpecifiedDouble-Butted 6061 Aluminum Alloy15T
Freewheel: 16T
FIXIE Inc. Floater Race white (2020)£43910AluminiumShimano A8K-17 
Genesis Flyer 2019 – Road Bike£74910.4Double-Butted Cromly17T Freewheel
Cannondale Trail Sl 29er Singlespeed Mountain Bike£599Not SpecifiedOptimized 6061 AlloyFormula 20T
Creme Vinyl Solo Men black£58810.5Steel Frame and forks 17T
10 Best Single Speed bikes available under £1000

Best Classic Single Speed Bike

Fuji Feather City Bike

From £529

Fuji Feather City Bike

A city bike which combines track geometry, a lightweight steel frame p for urban riding. Looks great too!

Fast and fun, you’ll look great about town. It comes with a set of quality alloy rims, wrapped in Vittoria tyres for a smooth riding experience. The alloy track style drop bars, gives you track performance to beat the commuter rush.

Buy it now: Fuji Feather City Bike £529 at time of writing.

Most Lightweight Single Speed Bike

Aventon Mataro Fixie and Single Speed

From £749

Aventon Mataro Fixie and Single Speed

This attractive Fixie & Single Speed bike looks sporty with the new carbon aero seat post

The frame is made from a lightweight high grade alloy A tapered headtube & fork means more stiffness and confidence when cornering at speed. We think at the price it offers great value.

Buy it now: Aventon Mataro Fixie and Single Speed £749 at time of writing

Best Value Single Speed Bike

FIXIE Inc. Floater Race white

From £439

FIXIE Inc. Floater Race white (2020)

The Floater Race has a classic racing handlebar perfect for riders who prefer a true road cycling position even on a single speed bike. Built with an aluminium frame it’s also very lightweight. Looks, price and lightweight frame make this one of our favourites.

Buy it now: FIXIE Inc. Floater Race white £439 at time of writing

Best Winter Single speed Bike

Genesis Flyer – Road Bike

From £749

Genesis Flyer 2019 – Road Bike

A real classic looking model. This attractive bikes comes as fixed/freewheel options. Extra long Chromoplastic mudguards provide protection in all weathers. A lightweight, low-maintenance bike all year round.

Buy it now: Genesis Flyer 2019 – Road Bike £749 at time of writing

Toughest Single Speed Bike

Cannondale Trail Sl 29er Singlespeed Mountain Bike

From £599

Cannondale Trail Sl 29er Singlespeed 2015 Mountain Bike

Mixing a single speed and a Mountain bike gives you a Lightweight and reliable bike for everyday use at a great price.

If you’re you more of a fast trail rider looking for the flat out speed from 29”-wheeled Hardtail then this single speed bike from Cannondale could be a good option for you.

Buy it now: Cannondale Trail Sl 29er Singlespeed Mountain Bike £599 at time of writing

Best Looking Single Speed Bike

Creme Vinyl Solo Men black

From £588

Creme Vinyl Solo Men black

The Creme Vinyl is a classic fixed-gear track bike. Built using steel frames and forks you can run them in fixed-gear mode or if you prefer, you can use a freewheel .

Buy it now: Creme Vinyl Solo Men black £588 at time of writing

Single Speed bike FAQs

How does a single speed bike differ from a normal bike with gears?

A single speed bicycle has a single gear ratio. They do not have derailleur gears, hub gearing or other methods for varying the gear ratio of the bicycle. In other words, you can’t change the gears on single speed bike making them simple to maintain but a challenge on those hills!

What is the difference between a single speed and a fixie?

Single Speed bikes are often confused with a fixed gear bicycle or ‘fixie’. Mechanically, the difference is not that obvious. On a fixie the single cog on the rear hub is connected to the rest of the drive-train. meaning when the bike is in motion you will pedal non stop.

Single speeds have a freewheel cog that rotates freely one way but locks up the other. This means that the cog will turn the rear wheel when you pump those pedals, but then freewheel when the rear wheel starts turning faster than the cog like you would get on a standard geared bike.

Having ridden both I’d say that single speed bike is far easier and safer to ride than a fixie. You can enjoy your ride without the constant worry of your foot slipping from the pedal and smashing your shin into the permantly moving pedals of the fixie!

How do single speed bikes handle hills?

This is a very common question. A lot of people, me included, are programmed to shift into a low gear (easier gear) when approaching a hill but this causes them to lose momentum and forces them to climb the hill at a slow speed. When riding a single speed bicycle you need to gain momentum when approaching a hill so you can keep your speed up and help make your pedal stroke much easier. Yes, the first couple hills might be a challenge, but you will get the hang of it. But, I wouldn’t recommend a single speed for a mountain stage of the tour!

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