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We seek out the latest how to guides & tips for triathletes

triathlon transition

Essential Items for a Triathlon

We outline the Top items to pack for a triathlon to avoid anxiety of forgetting essential race items for Triathlons.

triathlon energy gels

Top Tips for Staying Safe in a triathlon 2023

Triathlon racing can be daunting so we bring you our list of top tips for staying safe while competing in a triathlon


Alternatives to a Brompton

Guide to 3 of the best alternatives to class leading Brompton folding bike for everyone returning to commuter life


15 of the Best Triathlon Wetsuits 2021

Complete round up of the best triathlon wetsuits from the Cheapest through to the best high end wetsuits


Alternatives to Garmin 945 watch

Guide to 3 of the best alternatives to the Garmin Forerunner 945 triathlon GPS watch


KitBrix triathlon bundle bag

Review of the KitBrix triathlon bundle to help triathletes to perform and make setting up in transition a much simpler affair.

Running with the Zone3 RX3 tights

2020 Christmas Gift Guide for Runners

Find the perfect gift for the runner in your life. 21 unique Christmas gifts for runners with something from every budget.

Best electric belt drive bikes 2021

Best Electric Belt Drive Bikes 2021

Round up of the best electric belt drive bikes for 2021 using a range of innovative bike components.


Best Womens Road Bikes 2020

Looking at women specific bikes and what makes a women's road bike we provide a round-up of the best for 2020


9 of the best triathlon bikes - Ultimate bikes

Ultimate triathlon bikes with specs for comparison and details on who rode what at Ironman Kona with bike split times

10 of the best Single Speed & Fixed Gear Bikes

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced, hassle free commuter bike or something different to mix up your training rides, then here are some of the best single speed bikes available to buy in 2020.


2020 Guide to the Top 15 Mountain Bikes Under £1000

For those who compete in off-road series of triathlons or simply for those with a bike for all occasions we have our buyers guide to mountain bikes.


2020 Power Meters Buying Guide

Read our 2020 bike power meter guide with the best deals available and our recommendations on what to buy


Are Power Meters - Are they worth it?

Read our complete guide to Power Meters to help everyone looking at buying one and how they work


9 Top Tips for running with your dog

Cadi & Brewdog share their top tips on how to run safely with your four legged friend


Coronavirus : How to keep training while in lockdown

With so many countries now affected by the Coronavirus we bring a collection of over 25 tips for training indoors


5 of the best Turbo Trainers 2020

Buying guide to 5 of the best Turbo Trainers 2020 with feature comparison and best price guides currently available.


15 of the best Gravel Bikes 2020

Complete buying guide for Gravel bikes with bikes for all budgets with sub £1000 and top end bikes included

Garmin Triathlon Watch for Ironman

How To Set up your Garmin Watch for an Iron Distance Triathlon

Essential tips for setting up your Garmin GPS watch for a full distance Ironman triathlon

Recovery from shin splints

How to recover from shin splints

Every runners nightmare. Shin splints. They can prevent your training and grind you down. Read how to recover from them fast.

Blue Triad bike

How to give your bike a health check in 10 steps

Essential bike maintenance with 10 simple steps for home maintenance of your bike


Tips on how to share your Strava profile

Read how to share your Strava profile and find your profile identity


Winter Training Tips for Ironman Training

Training for an Ironman is a massive commitment and we share tips on how to stay motivated through the winter months


Essentials for winter cycling

Cycling through winter needs the right equipment to stay safe and be able to enjoy the ride


Cycling Techniques

Ride around corners faster and lose less momentum with these cycling technique tips

Swimming improvements

Improve your swimming

Top 10 Tips on how to improve your swimming for triathletes

Brick Training

Lunchtime training

Read how you need to be getting time off at lunch to train to improve your work productivity


Cycling Shorts

If you haven't replaced your cycling shorts in more than 6 months you need to read this guide


15 Mistakes Beginner Triathletes Make

If you are planning your first triathlon read this article and learn from the mistakes we have made in our debuts


SWOLF score explained

The SWOLF score explained with how it is calculated and what it means for your swimming training


Triathlon Training Tips Part 1

Part 1 in the series of 50 triathlon training tips. Essential tips for triathletes of all experience levels.


Triathlon Training Tips Part 2

Part 2 in the series of 50 triathlon training tips. Essential tips for triathletes of all experience levels.

Brick Training

Triathlon Training Tips Part 3

Part 3 in the series of 50 triathlon training tips. Essential tips for triathletes of all experience levels.

Triathlon Training

Triathlon Training Tips Part 4

Part 4 in the series of 50 triathlon training tips. Essential tips for triathletes of all experience levels.

Cube Attain Race Disc 2019

Disc Brake Road Bikes

Should you buy a road bike fitted with disc brakes? What are the benefits & weaknesses.

Canyon road bike for £1000

Bike Tyres Explained

What is the difference between clinchers and tubular tyres and what to consider when buying wheels


Can I be an Ironman?

Ironman. The ultimate distance for triathletes. We help you decide if you should go long.

Open water swimming in a wetsuit

Open Water Swimming

Read our guide to mastering open water swimming and embracing the outdoors


Tips for Preparing you road bike for winter

Road bikes are delicate machines and winter conditions can be damaging to your pride and joy. Read how to prepare you bike for the winter.


Triathlon Race Day Gear Tips

Kit for triathlons is a complicated business. We give some essential tips on kit you should invest in for a smoother race.


Swim Parachutes: Do they improve your swimming

Looking to increase the effectiveness of your time in the pool? We test swim parachutes and help you decide if worth using.


Does Compression Clothing Work & Are there real benefits

We test a wide range of products that targets triathletes. We share how compression clothing can help you train


Do Turbo Trainers Work?

Do turbo trainers work for indoor cycling training? What are the drawbacks of using them and benefits to consider


Do Buoyancy Shorts Work

We explain everything you need to know about buoyancy shorts. How they work. Which ones to buy. Why you need them.


Top 5 Folding Bikes

Folding Bikes have become increasingly popular and we round up 5 of the best

Mavic Triathlon Bike Shoes

Triathlon Cycling Shoes

Complete round-up of 15 of the best triathlon cycling shoes with something for all budgets

Bike selection for the Croyde Ocean Triathlon

Electric Road Bikes

E-Bikes reach the world of the road bike with this selection of electric road bikes

Sportive cycling

Bike Health Check

How to give your bike a health check in 10 simple steps and stay safe while cycling

Bike selection for the Croyde Ocean Triathlon

Do you need a TT bike to do a Triathlon?

Is it essential to have a time trial bike for competing in a triathlon or can you perform on a normal road bike?

ASTC Gunsan long distance triathlon

Triathlon Distances Explained

Triathlon Distances explained and training amounts you need to consider if taking on one of the events


Bike to Work Scheme Explained

The UK Bike to Work Scheme is a government initiative to help people buy bikes tax free. Learn how.

Triathlon Blog for triathletes at all levels

What Equipment is Essental for your 1st Triathlon

New to triathlon? Put off by the complexity of equipment needed for racing in triathlon. We explain what you really need.