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Following our 2024 list of the best belt drive bikes I my choice of the best electric belt drive bike and 4 alternatives. This follows loads of interest in belt drive eBikes. The original post was published in 2021 but I have updated it for the best deals and bikes in 2024. I have been riding belt drive eBikes since 2020 and writing reviews on them as the sector has grown and developed over this time.

If you are looking for your next low maintenance bike with some serious electric range then in my view an electric belt drive bike is a perfect combination. I have worked to identify the best prices and find bikes with strong availability to help you find the perfect belt drive eBike for your needs.

Full list of 5 Best Electric Belt Drive Bikes 2024

  1. Priority Current eBike
  2. Lekker Amsterdam GT eBike
  3. Tenways CGO600 Pro
  4. Ampler Curt
  5. Cowboy 4 eBike

Best Belt Drive eBike USA

Priority Current eBike

$3499 | £2950

Trivelo Rating – 4.5/5

I have been a big fan of the Priority Bikes range of belt drive bikes for some time. So, it was welcomed when they extended their line up with the Priority Current eBike. They pitch it at the higher end of the market at over $3000. You do get a lot of bike for the money though so read on to find out what it buys you.

The bike is a relaxed dutch cruiser type frame that will appeal to a number of people looking for an eBike. With such a broad range of customers an eBike that has relaxed frame geometry and easy step through frame is perfect for older riders. The bike is only currently available in the US meaning it meets class 3 eBike terms and can be powered up to a maximum speed of 28mph. Please consider if looking to import to the UK or Europe. I have imported Priority Bikes to the UK but not an eBike. If you want help or questions I am happy to try and help in this area.

The Priority Current has a huge amount of power on tap with a monstrous 500W mid-drive motor. This is one of the best mid drive electric bikes in my line up. Able to create up to 140Nm of torque able to propel you up the most challenging of hills even fully loaded. All this power is enabled by a 500Wh 48v battery. The Gates CDX carbon belt drive system is perfect for harnessing the power with maximum efficiency transferring power through to the rear wheel.

Priority offer a wide range of projected distances you can cover with the eBike depending on the class 1 or class 3 set up. They are claiming up to 50 miles range but in class 3 mode with a heavy rider and challenging route this could be more like 20 miles.

Priority Current E-Bike

Why you should buy this bike

Priority bikes make a range of belt drive bikes and have been refining their line up for years. While they have a modest range they are truly specialists in belt drive eBikes. They don’t ship outside of America so this isn’t an overall recommendation as you cannot buy this eBike due to it also being a Class 3 eBike.

Specification of the Priority Current eBike

Frame6061 aluminum
Fork6061 aluminium
BrakesDual piston Hydraulic Disc
Motor500w mid-drive torque sensing motor 140Nm of max torque
Battery500wh 48v battery
TyresPuncture resistant Goodyear Transit Tour 650b tyres
PedalsPriority pedals
BeltGates CDX Carbon Drive
SaddlePriority saddle
Seat PostPriority
HandlebarPriority cockpit
StemHeight adjustable stem
Front LightAutomatic front LED
Rear lightAutomatic rear LED

If you are looking for a folding electric bike we have created a huge round up of the best on the market. Read our updated list of the 11 Best Electric folding bikes. With belt drive bikes so good for commuters you may have one eye on a folding eBike. Take a look with all the key information to help you with any buying decision you may be considering. If your heart is set on a belt drive we also a list of the best belt drive folding eBikes that are a great option to also consider.

Best Commuter Belt Drive eBike

Lekker Amsterdam GT Belt Drive eBike


Trivelo Rating – 4/5

The Amsterdam GT builds on the expertise that Lekker have amassed in belt drive bikes. The Lekker Amsterdam GT has a single speed style about it. With an integrated battery within the frame it can easily pass for a standard bike and will appeal to many on this basis. This is a mid engine electric bike with rear hub gears. Mid Engine with the motor where the pedals are housed with rear hub gears inside the rear wheel.

The Amsterdam GT is very well specced using the Gates CDX belt drive system and the lightweight Samsung 410Wh cell battery giving a range of up to 100km on a single charge. If you are looking for more power to give assurance on range and infrequency of charging there is also a 500Wh battery that can reach up to 140km range.

Power is delivered by a Max Mid-drive motor from Bafang creating a maximum power output of 80N.m. Not going to be threatening any Ferrari’s at the lights but mighty on a bike. The GT comes with gearing using the Enviolo city stepless shifting technology. This delivers a continuous variable transmission perfect for stress free commuters with enough to think about traffic dodging. Enviolo have been developing their integrated hub to allow shifting while standing still making stop-start journeys simpler.


Why you should buy this bike

Huge range with that mid mounted electric motor the Lekker Amsterdam GT is one of the most powerful in our list. Lekker have achieved this with styling that masks much of that capability.

Specification of the Lekker Amsterdam GT

FrameAluminium 6061 with integrated battery case, Belt drive compatible
ForkAluminium 6061 Tapered disc only
HeadsetNeco Semi integrated sealed bearing
BrakesTektro TD-285 hydraulic Disc Brakes
MotorBafang Max Mid Drive, integrated cranks, 36v, 250 Wh Capacity
Motor Weight2.9 kg
Rear HubEnviolo CT N310 Stepless Shifting – Ratio 310%
ScreenBafang Intelligent DPC11 LCD Rated IP65, offers complete protection from dust, oil, and other non-corrosive material.
BatteryStandard: 36v 11.5 Ah, 418 Wh capacity Range: 50km-100km
Upgrade: 36v 14.5Ah, 500 Wh capacity Range: 70km-140km
Removable for easy access to charging
ChargerEU Standard
Front HubSealed bearing 32h
Rims700 Alloy 19mm internal width
TyresWTB Riddler 700 x 45c
PedalsAlloy platform
BeltGate CDX Carbon Drive Belt System ratio: 55/24
GripsVinyl Lock on
SaddleLekker slimline commuter saddle
Seat PostLekker Alloy 27.2mm
HandlebarLekker alloy commuter 31.8mm
StemLekker alloy 31.8mm
KickstandOptional: Alloy Side, E-bike specific
Front LightSpanninga AXENDO 40 Battery Connected (STVZO Approved)
Rear lightLightskin LED integrated Seat Post light Battery Connected (STVZO Approved)
FendersAluminium Powder Coated LEKKER design Fender Set

Best Price for the Lekker Amsterdam GT belt drive eBike

Electric bikes are hot property for bike thieves at the moment. With many of these eBikes costing thousands of pounds bike security is important not to be overlooked. We are always looking for the best new innovations in bike tech and have reviewed the Sherlock GPS tracker. Read our review to find how this invisible GPS tracker works, can be installed by anyone and the best prices for buying it. Please read it and keep any eBike you decide to buy safe.


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If belt drive bikes are something unfamiliar to you then read through our advantages and disadvantages of belt drive bikes. They are a perfect fit for many bikes. Check out this guide and find out if it is suitable for your eBike.

Cheapest Belt Drive eBike

Tenways CGO600 Pro

$1599 | £1799

Trivelo Rating – 4.5/5

Tenways is the newboy in the block here. Which given this is a real niche market filled with recent manufacturers that is saying something. Tenways are a European brand but have focused in on the belt drive eBike market launching a range of eBikes. This one, the Tenways CGO600 Pro is recommended in this round up as the cheapest quality belt drive eBike I have ridden. The Tenways CGO600 Pro is an electric single speed bike. Meaning the electric assistance comes through progressively but with no gears to adjust torque applied to the rear wheels. This keeps it simple for the rider but limits if you wanted to take off road. Not an issue for a bike that targets inner city riding. The single speed doesn’t limit it on the hills. I found it did well even on hills up to 7%.


Tenways have delivered a very attractive bike which many mistake for a normal city bike. It is light too weighing in at only 18kg making it one of the lightest bike in this line up. This reduced weight means it can offer decent range of over 50 miles when I tested in our in-depth review over a 6 week period.

I like this bike with simple functionality and light weight. It is super easy to use so I would highly recommend for anyone nervous about moving to an electric bike.

Read my epic long term review of the Tenways CGO600 Pro belt drive eBike.

Why you should buy this bike

Priced to be competitive against belt drive non electric bikes this is a bargain. And a quality product as well. Personally I love the styling that masks the eBike credentials and the smooth ride. Everyone I have shared this eBike with to try it has loved it.

Specification of the Tenways CGO600 Pro

Frame6061 aluminum
Fork6061 aluminium
BrakesHydraulic Disc
MotorMivice M070 250W Rear Hub
Battery 36V 7AH Lithium-ion 
TyresCST Puncture Proof 700C
Pedalslight weight aluminum
BeltGates Carbon Belt Drive
SaddleTenways lightweight saddle
Seat PostTenways
Front LightTenways integrated LED
Rear lightUSB rechargeable LED

Best price for the Tenways CGO600

Lightest Belt Drive eBike

Ampler Curt eBike

3190 | £3090

Trivelo Rating – 3.5/5

The Ampler Curt is shares much of its look with the Cowboy eBike but has elected to integrate the battery in the lower frame tube. Ampler have invested in their own tech developing an in-house motor creating 45Nm of torque coupled with a 336Wh battery. The Ampler can reach around 50 miles on a full charge thanks to incredible lightweight package.

Ampler have delivered a polished product with integrated display included in the top tube and a gorgeously slick mobile app. Unlike a number of others here the bike comes with three frame sizes and any colour you like as long as it is matt black!

Lightweight high-tech comes with a price tag. At £3090 this is one of the most expensive bikes in this collection of the best electric belt drive eBikes 2023.

Much like the Cowboy and Tenways the Ampler is an electric single speed bike with belt drive.


Why you should buy this bike

If you are seeking to remain modest about your eBike then this is for you. With a lower frame tube housing the battery and rear hub motor this could readily be mistaken for a stylish city bike. Cruise past your non-eBike commuters without breaking a sweat. Or letting them know.

Specification of the Ampler Curt

Frame6061 aluminum
Fork6061 aluminium
BrakesHydraulic Disc
MotorAmpler rear motor with new hub shell, 250 W nominal output
BatteryAmpler integrated battery, 48V 336WhH Lithium-ion 
TyresPanaracer GravelKing Semi Slick Plus 40-622
Pedalslight weight aluminum
BeltGates CDX 122T Carbon Belt Drive
SaddleAmpler lightweight saddle
Seat PostAmpler
HandlebarAmpler Straight handlebar
Front LightAmpler integrated LED
Rear lightAmpler integrated LED

Best Price for the Ampler Curt

USA Readers – Ampler are currently not shipping to the USA but please contact them for more information

Most Stylish Belt Drive eBike

Cowboy 4

£2,990 | $2990

Trivelo Rating – 4/5

The Cowboy 4 is the newboy on the block. With the Cowboy 3 no longer being sold Cowboy are focusing all efforts now on the latest model. I flipping love the Cowboy 3 and it is great to see Cowboy continue to push their bike design with the Cowboy 4. The Cowboy 4 is now £1000 more than the earlier Cowboy 3. So what do you get for the extra money? The frame has a common look between 4 and 3 with the fixie style city bike including a detachable battery.

The cockpit on the Cowboy 4 has been completely redesigned with a Quadlock phone stem that includes wireless charging allowing the mobile app to double up as your bike computer. Responding to market demands the Cowboy 4 now also comes with alternative colours to black offering cream of green. It also offers a Step Through frame that should appeal to a wide range of cyclists.


Under the skin the Cowboy 4 has seen one of the biggest changes with a new motor delivering 45Nm torque compared to the Cowboy 3 that produced up to 30Nm of torque. This increase is valuable for any inner city riding with some steep inclines. The new Cowboy 4 is also tougher able to carry up to 140kg including the bike. An increase in 30 kg over the predecessor. An important factor if you consider the bike weighs nearly 20kg and I am over 80kg myself so any heavy rucksack could blow the limit on the older model.

The Cowboy 4 is a single speed electric bike keeping gearing simple. Power is applied progressively as you pedal without any gearing changes to consider.

Read my full review of the Cowboy3 following a 3 month test. I have ridden the Cowboy 4 and am looking to do a full review later this year. First ride did not disappoint.

Why you should buy this bike

Stylish city eBike at a great price with a fantastic support service through the mobile app ensuring you are never far away from help should you need it.

Specification of the Cowboy 4

FrameAluminium 6061
ForkAluminium 6061
BrakesCustom Cowboy
MotorCustom Cowboy 45Nm / 250W motor
BatteryCowboy 10Ah, 360Wh
TyresCowboy 47mm puncture resistant tyres
PedalsCowboy custom urban pedal
BeltGates Carbon Belt Drive
SaddleSelle Royal
Seat PostCowboy
HandlebarCustom Cowboy Cockpit
Front LightIntegrated LED
Rear lightIntegrated LED

Best Price for the Cowboy 4

Best Electric Belt Drive Bikes 2024 Infographic

Compare vital stats of the electric belt drive eBikes to help you find the best eBike for you.

Belt Drive eBikes Infographic 2023

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