I’ve long been a believer in the benefits of exercise being important not just for your physical but mental well-being directly translating into boosting your effectiveness in your job.  This has lead to the discover of why training at lunchtime increases productivity at work.  If you study the way humans release energy levels throughout the day you will see that the morning is the peak where your metabolism & body temperature are higher than any other time.  This translates into smashing it in your job and being at your peak able to deliver at your best and deal with the biggest challenges through the morning.  So how can you re-energise your day and avoid having a trough of performance in the afternoon and be faced with a 4pm board meeting that you yawn your way through?

Exercise in your lunch hour
Energy levels through a day

Energy levels through a day

So why training at lunchtime increases productivity at work?  Simple.  Exercise.  Smash in some extra hours in your training week without having to negotiation any extra time at home by building in training into your lunchtime routine.  Employers should 100% encourage all employees to take a break for exercise to improve their mood, workload and performance.  Employees return from workouts refreshed and better focused on their jobs.

Benefits to employers?

Time that is lost at lunch putting in some exercise is made back and more in terms of improved productivity.  Exercise delivers re-energised staff who can deliver improved concentration and problem-solving. The land of the rising sun has long since been an advocate of lunchtime exercise with a number of companies mandating exercise a number of times a week.  Maybe companies making it compulsory would land badly in the UK but if you were considering a future new role with an employer who openly supported lunchtime exercise this could be the difference between a yes and a no.

How does it work?

So how and why does it work?  What is about exercise in your lunch hour that gives you zen like calm and allows your brain to shift into top gear?  The energy release that makes you so productive from 9am to midday is delivered following exercise where you release all the endorphins through your body and it reignites your performance.  You trick your body into having a double morning with exercise giving you a peak you would not otherwise experience.  It also gives you a release from stress that will have built up from the morning that you have experienced that otherwise would normally need you to head home and sleep.  Healthy body and healthy mind.  So take in your running shoes for an active lunch break and super charge your working day to achieve that next promotion sooner.

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Billy Ferguson

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