What are buoyancy swim shorts and do buoyancy shorts work?

Buoyancy shorts are thick neoprene swim shorts normally with a thickness greater than 3mm and designed to create more core elevation allowing you the freedom to swim, dive, jump into the water and much of the benefits that triathletes are accustomed to from wearing wetsuits in open water.  In this weeks blog we address the challenge of “Do buoyancy Shorts Work”?

Why you should train with buoyancy shorts

Huub Buoyancy Swim Shorts

Huub Buoyancy shorts

Buoyancy shorts will make you swim your laps faster in the pool, but so will putting fins or paddles on.

Buoyancy at the hip area is fantastic for elevating body position and allowing the swimmer to get a flat swim posture. Traditionally swimmers have used pull buoys for this which was the closest thing to simulating wetsuit swimming when training in the pool. Buoyancy shorts improve this permitting a more natural roll in the water aligned to your natural stroke.

The waist band sits in a natural position activating the core essential to an efficient technique all important for those training for endurance swim events or ironman triathlons where preservation of your reserves through the swim is essential.  With an elevated body position combined with rotation you are  able to get on top of the catch phase of your swim stroke immediately and achieve a more efficient stroke with the result a greater distance per stroke.

To measure for yourself use the Garmin SWOLF score results to see how your swimming is affected by a pair of buoyancy shorts.  If you are not familiar with SWOLF check out our article on the Garmin SWOLF score explained for more information.

Buoyancy Shorts Function before Fashion

Putting the Core shorts on and removing them is not as simple an exercise as conventional swim jammers but that said this isn’t going to be taking you terribly long.  Plenty of swim shorts are now flexible stretch throughout especially in the side panels having been designed just for this.

Buoyancy swim shorts

Buoyancy swim shorts

While they look a bit strange as you are essentially strutting about in rubber shorts its nothing significantly different to lycra style shorts that only a close inspection would reveal.  Given you are wearing something rubber consider size carefully and ideally buy where you can try them on and possibly be cautious in sizing rather than ambitious on what size you might be…..we can’t all be a medium!  That said in the same way as a wetsuit feels more snug on dry land so do buoyancy shorts that benefit from being saturated in the wet stuff.

So if you are a “lazy” swimmer who drags their legs like an anchor battling with low legs then buoyancy could well be the answer.  The only issue is that if you are planning any triathlons overseas with the chance of a non-wetsuit swim you might be best to strengthen your core and sort out your stroke rather than rely on buoyancy to correct your drag.

Why are the buoyancy shorts better?

Summarising the benefits for any of you still sitting on the fence buoyancy shorts are better than relying on a pull buoy due to the following:

  1. You can maintain your standard stroke with roll unrestricted
  2. Your body is flatter in the water still without any risk of cramp from clutching a pull buoy
  3. You can kick!  Legs need not fall asleep and be a mere passenger

Are buoyancy shorts legal?

While buoyancy shorts may be a super addition to your training regime it is worth noting that they may not be worn in non-wetsuit legal swims.  While shorts are permitted avoiding you having to hit the water in your budgie smugglers they may not be worn instead of a wetsuit, with the rules mandating that wetsuits not exceed the permitted thickness.

Best buoyancy swim shorts to buy

dhb buoyancy shorts – best value

Blue seventy core buoyancy short – premium quality

Huub alpha buoyancy short – best looking

Zone3 the original buoyancy short 5:3 – maximum elevation

Our Favourite and recommended buoyancy shorts to buy

Huub Sphere Neoprene Buoyancy Shorts – check out our in-depth review of these shorts.

Do Buoyancy Shorts Work [Infographic]

Do Buoyancy Shorts Work [Infographic]

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