Our main site offers a unique secure service for people to buy and sell bikes securely.  Part of this service includes the ability for sellers to create enriched profiles with their Strava profile included.  We don’t share your address for security purposes but we include your profile image and county location information only.  One issue we get raised repeatedly though by users of the site is what information do I need to share and where do I find this?  Strava isn’t always as simple to navigate as you might hope so here we have clear sign posting on where to look.  So we bring you tips on how to share your Strava profile in this weeks blog.

Strava profile number

Strava profile number

Route One

Click on your profile tab and look at the URL address.  It will begin with https://www.strava.com/athletes/xxxxxxx where the final section of the web address is your unique number.  In our site when creating your user profile include this number under your strava profile and we will do the rest importing your details so when someone is looking for a bike they will be able to get a sense of you as a cyclist and know the genuine nature of your bike for sale.

Route Two
Vanity URL in Strava

Vanity URL in Strava

Click on the Settings tab under your profile and you will see a line labelled vanity URL.  For those not in the IT game this is as meaningful as a recipe in a foreign language.  As a default the field here is blank left for you own creativity.  You are free to be as creative as your mind allows and set your “vanity URL” to whatever you want.  This is then the unique name you can use to share your profile in the same way as you can use your number.

Proud of your profile

So when uploading your bike to www.trivelo.bike don’t be shy and include that amazing strava profile you should be proud of.  Our site analysis  continues to show bikes with profiles sell faster and get more views.  Plus it makes your advert look much cooler!


About the author – Billy is the founder of Trivelo and if given the chance will bore you for hours on the value of the site and why you should never use eBay again.

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Billy Ferguson

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