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Essential Items to Pack for a Triathlon

What to pack? What do I need? How do I make sure I don't forget something? These are all questions we have all faced when preparing for a triathlon. Check out our list of things to pack when getting ready for a triathlon.

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Top 10 Tips for Staying Safe while Competing in a Triathlon

With so many new people discovering triathlon every year we have compiled a Top 10 list of tips to stay safe while competing in a triathlon.

Triathlon Training Tips

Triathlon Distances Explained

Triathlon Distances explained with details on each discipline, training effort and likely finish times. Everything from Super Sprint triathlon up to Ironman triathlons. Get the information you need.


Best Triathlon Heart Rate Monitors

Round-up of 6 of the best triathlon heart rate monitors with best current prices and features compared. Find the right triathlon HRM for you to increase the science in your training.


Best Alternatives to the Garmin Forerunner 945 Multi-Sport GPS watch

Round-up of 3 of the best alternatives to the Garmin Forerunner 945 with specifications compared and current best prices for all the GPS triathlon watches.

Bicycle Kicks core workout

Core Strength Training for Triathletes

A curated list of 15 of the best exercises for triathletes broken down to focus on upper, lower core and oblique exercises. Includes a free 10 minute workout that you can tailor to your fitness levels.


Precision Hydration Product Review

In-Depth review by three of the Trivelo test team conducting testing of the Precision Hydration range of personalised hydration products


2019 Reading Triathlon Race Review

Full race review of the 2019 Reading Triathlon race with insight into the facilities and courses for anyone looking at enter this race in future years.


Croyde Ocean Triathlon Race Review

Team Trivelo raced the Croyde Ocean triathlon and share their views on this particularly tough Olympic Plus event. Read through the course notes including a tough 1 mile sand beach section midway through the run.

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Top 50 Triathlon Training Tips and Hacks Part One

The second instalment in our series of Triathlon tips and hacks from our mammoth set of 50 tips helping your train and race faster.


Top 50 Triathlon Training Tips and Hacks Part Two

The second instalment in our series of Triathlon tips and hacks from our mammoth set of 50 tips helping your train and race faster.

Triathlon training tips

Top 50 Triathlon Training Tips and Hacks Part Three

The Third part in our series of Triathlon tips and hacks from our mammoth set of 50 tips helping your train and race faster.

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Triathlon Training Tips and Hacks Part Four

Part 4 in our epic piece covering triathlon training tips and hacks for triathletes from all experience levels. Read this final piece of our 50 top tips.


Boost Your Performance with Winter Training Tips for Ironman Triathlons

Read the secrets to boost your performance through Winter Training Tips for Ironman Triathlons from an experienced Ironman sharing his thoughts on motivation through winter.


Triathlon Versus Tough Mudder

How do the two races compare and which is "tougher" to complete? We share details on how the events are structured and our views on which is harder to achieve.

ASTC Gunsan long distance triathlon

ASTC Gunsan Long Distance Triathlon Asian Championships Race Review

This post comes from our overseas guest blogger TC who has been racing again and putting us all to shame with another first class performance in the ASTC Gunsan Long Distance Triathlon Asian Championships 2018.

Round up of the best Triathlon Cycling Shoe

15 of the Best Triathlon Cycling Shoes

Buyers guide to triathlon cycling shoes with a comparison of all the best products on the market. We have tried to find shoes for all budgets and personal tastes!


Challenge Melbourne Triathlon Race Review

Fantastic real race review of the Challenge Melbourne Triathlon with insights into this spectacular event


Top 5 UK Triathlons for 2018

Helping you build out your race schedule with a round-up of the best triathlon races around the UK

Reading Triathlon Race Review 2017

Expert race insight with the Reading Triathlon Race Review. Read about the longest standing UK triathlon.

Triathlon Training

Combining Triathlon Training with Family Holidays

Tips and advice on how to build triathlon training into your family holidays without impacting your quality time during this.

Blenheim Palace Triathlon

Triathlon: Hobby or Obsession

Triathlon is a very demanding sport with multiple disciplines many of which are extremely technical. We discuss the approaches people take and how much of this is hobby or obsession.

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Homemade Triathlon Flapjack Recipe

Triathlon nutrition can be expensive so we provide a tasty home recipe that we have used for triathlon energy flapjacks that are perfect for the bike


List of the UK Triathlon Clubs

If you are looking for a triathlon club near you we have a round-up of all the current UK triathlon clubs with contact details to help you connect.


Do you need a TT bike to do a triathlon?

We discuss the merits of triathlon specific bikes or TT bikes and the relevance of these bikes for anyone considering entering a triathlon


Do you need to give up drinking to do a triathlon

The challenge of triathlon can be a daunting one with three disciplines to master and the fourth of transition. To succeed with this how much focus does this take? Do you need to give up alcohol to tackle this?


Triathlon Race Day Tip Two

Top Tips to save time and get that PB in your next race. Tip number 2 in our free tips to race faster.


Triathlon Race Day Tip One

Top Tips to save time and get that PB in your next race. Tip number 1 in our free tips to race faster.


What you need to complete your first triathlon

Helping you prepare for your first triathlon with essential FAQs on those entering their first triathlon.

Suunto 5 Watch Review

Suunto 5 triathlon watch review

In-Depth review of the Suunto 5 GPS multi-sport triathlon watch used over a 6 week test with all disciplines across triathlons from swimming to running.


How to Set up your Garmin watch up for Ironman Distance Races

Here we share a series of tips on how to setup your Garmin watch to ensure that it lasts the full distance for an Ironman triathlon race


15 Biggest Mistakes Mistakes Beginner Triathletes Make

We share 15 of the biggest mistakes that beginner triathletes make in their first triathlon.


Does Compression Clothing Work

Is it worth using compression clothing for your training and racing or is it all a marketing myth? Here we cover FAQs around compression clothing for triathletes.


Alistair Brownlee wins in Ironman Debut

Alistair Brownlee wins in his first full Ironman storming the Ironman Ireland event on his debut.


Ironman 70.3 Busselton Race Review

TC from the Trivelo team of associates shares a full race review on the Ironman 70.3 Race in Busselton


Ironman 70.3 Jeju 2019 Race Review

TC from the Trivelo team of associates shares a full race review on the Ironman 70.3 Race in Jeju 2019


Balancing business travel and training for Ironman 70.3 Triathlons

We all lead busy lives and here we share how you can still train for something as intense as an Ironman 70.3 race while travelling Internationally on business


Triathletes guide to recovering from illness

Recovering from illness is a frustrating time for triathletes as they are impatient to return to training and activity. We provide some guidance on how to return to training.

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Triathletes Bucket List

We share the bucket list activities for triathletes that we would love to complete. What are yours?


Why you need to include Brick Training

Why do you need to include brick training in your triathlon training plans. FAQs around brick training.

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What Motivates Triathletes?

How do you stay motivated training all-year round for triathlons with three disciplines to perform in?


Top Christmas Gifts for Triathletes

Looking for inspiration on what to get for the triathletes in your life? Check our gift guide with 11 top Christmas gifts for triathletes.

Garmin Triathlon Watch for Ironman

Garmin Forerunner 920XT triathlon watch review

We provide a detailed review of the epic Garmin Forerunner 920XT triathlon watch. A watch you will still find on many wrists of triathletes even now.