For our race day tip this week we have something for the final phase of triathlon with a time saving tip for T2. It won’t make you run any faster but it might save you from a wasted minute or two in transition.  Try this triathlon race day gear tip #2 and trim further minutes from your times.

Transition 2 tip

Coming off the bike and switching shoes doesn’t need to be a stressful event.   We all have fears that all around you will be zooming off into the horizon.  To save time in transition we recommend elastic laces are fitted replacing the stock factory fitted lace options. There are a number of options on the market.  Many of which work with an elastic lace combined with a locking clasp.  Some like the Xtenex versions work with a series of knotted sections along their length that lock in the shoe eyelet.

Experiment in your triathlon training

Elastic laces T2 tip

Elastic laces T2 tip

Don’t wait until race day to tinker with this technology but switch during your training.  Get used to the feel of the elastic lacing and setting them to the right tension. Mine stay permanently fixed in my running trainers and are never adjusted.  This means switching from bike to run becomes pretty effortless. For the fashion conscious this gives another opportunity for you to stake your individuality.  You can  pick from a range of colours to match any wardrobe and random tri-suit. Lime green is my current flavour but take your pick and give this a go if you haven’t already.

We hope this helps and means you won’t be struggling with laces now in T2 and benefit from our triathlon race day gear tip #2.

About the author – Billy is a triathlon shops dream as he struggles to resist any gander or gizmo marketed with the promise of making him faster.

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