Motivation at this time of year can be a tough reality to track down with long nights and miserable weather.  Couple this with limited racing if your an open water triathlete makes it hard to find the impetus to get out there and complete the base training needed for race season hard training.  Without the determination to improve can lead to missed sessions or poor quality sessions.  To nail the year ahead with your A race penned on the calendar is a mental game all about goals.  So what motivates triathletes?

Motivation basics

Motivation is the ability to get your kit on, get out there and keep going!  Smashing out a PB means working through fatigue, pain and boredom to pull out the focus to develop technically and physically.  Put down the pizza and put on the lycra.  Highly motivated athletes are high performing meaning if two athletes of equal ability compete the difference between them will be down to their motivation and this should not be limited to just race day.  Results are directly mapped back to training.

Our top tips for staying motivated:

Have a training partner

Training can be social as well as a fitness activity where you find a training partner who you can share the pain with.  A double turbo trainer session can pass a lot more quickly that grinding it out on your own.  If you can find a partner who is slightly better than you even better as you strive to hunt them down in every training session.

Join a triathlon club and attend regular training sessions with club members

Our previous blog article included a list of all UK triathlon clubs with their web links so that you can track down a local club and get involved.  Most clubs offer technical swim and run training sessions with weekend club rides that will help you improve far more than doing the same old sessions week in week out.

Set yourself goals

You can either aim to go fast or go long, doing both at the same time isn’t realistic.  Whichever of these is your focus set yourself goals that are stretching but they can be achieved in order to give you something to consider in your training sessions.

Book yourself into some races

Training without any end point can feel a futile affair so make sure you book in races for the coming season that you can visualise in your training sessions.

Find a motivational mantra that works for you

“no pain, no gain” might be a bit too corny for you but there will be one out there that works for you, find it and repeat it in your head.  Better yet get it printed out and on your bike for you to read while on those long training sessions.

Pain is temporary

Pain is temporary

Develop a training plan that you keep up to date

Weekly targets and focused sessions planned in each week will help break up the monotony of training and keep things fun.  This should be a hobby remember and none of us are being paid for the pleasure!

Reward yourself with some training tech to keep you interested

We all love new kit.  Sneak in the odd purchase during your training so you can spark your interest with shiny new things.

Consider racing for a charity that you believe in to keep front of mind in every training session

Charity requests can grow tiresome if you do them every single race you do but if you decide to do it for something big and make it stand out it can really make a difference.  Make it for something close to your heart so if you ever struggle to get out of bed think about what you are doing it and make it about more than just you.

Continue to challenge yourself with daily questions

“Can I go faster”, “Can I break my personal records”, “Can I make the top 10, 100, 100”.  Whatever works for you find the challenging questions and use them throughout your training.

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Billy Ferguson

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