10 Triathlon Achievements to do before you die

People are now making a series of specific bucket lists, each under different categories. So Trivelo Bikes have decided to join in and here are some suggestions of what you could put on your specific triathlete bucket list: 10 triathlon achievements to do before you die.  Something to keep you motivated, healthy and excited. Some of these are for the sense of accomplishment, others just to keep you feeling alive.

1. Do an overseas event

Smashing it at your local tri year after year is all well and good but stepping it up in an overseas event is something else. There is lots more to think about including how you get your bike to the start line in one piece but that is part of the fun and challenge of doing something abroad.  You don’t need to limit this to iron distance events with a number of epic shorter distance races all over the world well worth your commitment.  We have coveted a race that takes place in the shadow of Monte Baldo in Italy around Lake Garda.

2. Race as a team

We tend to lean on nobody but ourselves come race day unlike many other sports where you have a team to rely on and hide behind.  This is in such stark contrast to all our training where club rides and team coaching takes place.  Enter as a team and feel the buzz of racing where your performance is only one element of the result so you have to invest as a team and pull together.

3. Leave your bike at home and try a swim-run event

Triathlon outcomes tend to be heavily influenced by how strong you are on the bike hence why we tend to focus half our training efforts in the saddle.  Swim Run events are significantly less popular than triathlon that has seen a huge explosion in popularity over the past few decades.  Swim Run re-writes the rules and sees you carry all your kit throughout, no transitions to master but a whole new host of skills to consider.  It has the capacity to drain your bank balance as well with specific wetsuits and trainers already targeting this unique sport.  Training for a Swim Run is a sure fire break from your established routine as you have to consider mixing it up with river and coastline sea swims.  If you suck on this bike this could be the sport you have been waiting for!

4. Attend a triathlon training camp

Struggling to figure out how you will use up all that holiday you have from work?  Why not forget about how to fudge some training into that family break to Dorset and sign up for a dedicated triathlon training camp where from dusk to dawn you can be beasted by a set of professional coaches who will watch your every move to ensure you have no chinks in your armour.  No need to max out on the duty free as this is definitely not a break where you will be hungover on a daily basis.

5. Sea Swim O’Clock

Swimming in lakes, rivers and (cough) pools is all well and good but a triathlon with a sea swim start is another level.  Coping with swell & tidal movements of a sea swim is a real step up and with weather such a huge factor it can make it hard to prepare.  While you may commit time to a number of sea swim training sessions if you rock up on race day in September with high winds and higher seas having only ever swum in calm waters you are in for a long day.  Battling sea sickness is a reality that you may need to seek some pharmaceutical support with!

6. Charity begins at the start line

At Trivelo we have been behind the charity Cyclists Fighting Cancer since we were formed and still have baked into our principles and business plan a commitment to dedicate 10% of all profit to them.  Adding a charity you are passionate about into your reasoning for a race can help and be a real incentive in those dark and wet wintry evenings.  It can also help give you that extra push come race day to break a PB or give your best as you have something extra to strive for.  Please don’t be a serial charity drain on your family and friends though but save it for something really special.

7. hire a dream bike

Few of us can afford a £10k bike, left to merely drool over a Cervelo in the pages of our favourite magazines.  But for a much more moderate purse you could hire your dream machine for a race weekend and rock up like a pro.  Obviously some drawbacks here not wishing to appear as the dude with all the gear but no idea.  The chance though to cruise through the 2nd leg on something built for speed is something worth considering.  For the price of a cheeky upgrade you could be enjoying something truly special instead.

8. Tey All Terrain

Although you may keep a picture of your TT bike in your wallet there is a whole series of triathlons that mean you might need to leave it in the garage.

Off road racing

Race off road

Going off-road and embracing your mountain bike and cross country skills is something unique and really helps mix up your season.  It might even give you the perfect excuse for that next n+1 bike purchase with a nice new hard tail to race with.

9. Race challenge roth

One of the biggest and best ironman-distance triathlons in the world with no qualification or lottery system to enter, just first come, first served.  With a crowd of over 200,000 you would be hard pressed to find an event for amateurs with a bigger number of passionate supporters.  The beer mile within Challenge Roth seeing tables and chairs lining the street with the crowd on good form and cheering with increasing volume as the day advances.  You’ll be in good company racing alongside 3,500 individuals with an event that is slickly run.  Combine all this with a race that is the fastest ironman distance course in the world will see you over the finish line in as quick a time as you are ever likely to achieve.

10. ironman kona

The big one in nearly every triathletes language.  Ironman Hawaii is the most famous triathlon worldwide and arguably the place where it all began.  Raced late in the season for all participating this is the ultimate A race for all lucky enough to have a place.  With qualification and a limited number of lottery places it is the height of exclusivity with only 2,000 permitted entry at the start.  The World Championships is a beast of race that has broken many professional and amateur  athletes.  The wind is your principal enemy with the heat a close cousin breaking many a big man unable to sweat it out.

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Billy Ferguson

Having founded Trivelo in 2015 after many years competing in triathlon Billy continues to enjoy training and triathlon. Founder Billy is strongest in the water but continues to try and convince his body that he is an ultra runner.

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