The promises of the future entice every aspect of our lives from bigger flatter TVs to smart toasters able to re-order bread for us and use facial recognition to personalise the crispness of our bagels.  This promised land of tech will invade our garages and sheds with our bikes benefitting from these innovative breakthroughs transforming the shape of cycling.  Using our crystal ball we bring you the future of bicycle tech this week.

Carbon Fibre future bicycles

With carbon fibre now available on bikes under £1000 its beginning to look a bit last week and the future will surely move us onto newer and more exotic materials…or maybe not?  With hyper cars using increasing numbers of plastic components is the future of bike frames a hybrid of carbon and plastic with weight continuing to be shaved from our frames sculpted into exotic wind tunnel cheating designs?

Digital bike groupsets

Digital Groupsets will continue to drop in price with the future seeing these more common place as cables make way for wireless and Bluetooth solutions.  Current teething problems with battery life will surely be eroded as lighter and smaller batteries can deliver long term performance without the need for charge or the risk of running out of juice part way around your circuit.  Potentially the technology may follow watch batteries with kinetic energy recharging the parts of the Groupset meaning you will never need to worry about charging or changing batteries again.  The future of bicycle tech will continue to push the boundaries.

Intelligent cycling clothing

Technical compression sportswear providing cooling and warming in all the right places will continue to be developed although ultimately a pair of bib shorts will still look hideous irrespective of your torso.  Aerodynamics is likely to see marginal gains with smoother materials able to cheat wind resistance and push you to a PB without the need to avoid that extra slice of cake.  Built in sensors reporting on your body efficiency and work rate levels will remove the need to strap on various devices to your body allowing us to move more freely & get out the door quicker.

Future Bicycle computers tech

Bike computers seem to have followed a recent fashion for getting bigger aligned to the recent trend for ever bigger phones.  Sensors pre-built into frames in the future should allow for universal fittings and the end of after market add-ons for cadence, power and speed.  We should be able to connect to them using whichever device we fit to our bikes and retrieve this data, wirelessly transmitting our overall results after the ride to a computer following the current tech in F1.

The Future of Bicycle Tyre tech

Clinchers versus Tubs.  Deep rims versus discs.  There are many variants in wheels and tyres with most forums filled with people seeking advice in this area for what is best and what delivers the biggest speed benefits.  But is the future hub less and spokeless solutions with crazy magnetic wheels providing your revolutions. Tyres will surely remain rubber and air based but punctures becoming a thing of the past with nano-tech self-repair technology keeping you rolling at perfect Psi.


About the author – Billy is the founder of Trivelo Bikes. An avid triathlete for the past 5 years. A lover of shiny new technology with various early adopter disasters littering his home.

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Billy Ferguson

Founder of Trivelo

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James Tang · 19/12/2019 at 11:00 am

Interesting article and hope some of this comes through on some of the lower end bikes too.

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