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Summary of White Water Mens Robe Review

Trivelo Score – 4 / 5

I used the White Water Mens Robe for 4 weeks in winter to test it in various conditions. You may be looking for a changing robe and find it hard to avoid the Dryrobe in this space. Now synonymous with the product itself. The White Water robe is the challenger in this space and offers a cheaper alternative. From my review of the White Water robe this lower price does not mean lower quality. The design features are all perfect for an all-weather changing robe. I like the low key branding from White Water across the changing robes and in all tests it performed brilliantly.

The only thing keeping it from a 5/5 score is the weight of the robe. It is a challenge for all of these types of products that they have a bulk to them that is hard to avoid. White Water robe do have a softshell alternative that is lighter but for anyone who is looking for a lighter solution.

Comparing it to others from the likes of Red, Passenger, Animal and Regatta that I have used it is the best alternative to a Dry Robe I have tested. Good quality materials, great subtle branding and competitively priced.

white water changing robe zip details

Pros & Cons


  • Excellent quality throughout with all features well designed
  • Good absorbtion of moisture and quick drying
  • I love the low key design and style of the robe


  • It is a heavy and bulky garment to store

Buy the White Robe changing robe for £140 direct from White Water Robes

About White Water Robes

I had not previously heard of White Water Robes until I spotted them through our network. They are a UK firm based out of the Channel Islands and entering their 4th year. As the name would suggest they just do changing robes and have a range of colours and 2 styles for men, women and children.

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First Impressions

The White Water robe arrived on my doorstep in branded packaging. There was a plastic bag surrounding the robe which needed putting in the bin but allows it to be packaged up small. Taking the changing robe out it feels fantastic. Materials are first class and no corners seem to be cut. All seams finished well and the logos and details all looking perfect. Putting it on it felt soft as you would hope and fit me well. I used the Large robe and am 6′ 3″ tall for my test.

White Water Robes Packaging White Water Robe plastic bag

Testing White Water Robe for Indoor Pool Swimming

To give the White Water robe a good test I took it with me for a swim at my local pool. My usual lunchtime swim is often a quick affair rushing to make it their and back. As a test I decided to drive to the pool in my swim shorts with just the White Water Robe on top. I would not bother changing or using a towel and see how it coped.

white water changing robe hard shell

Heading to the Pool in January temperatures were around 6 degrees centigrade. I wasn’t too cold wearing just the changing robe as it is full length sitting below my knees. At the pool changing was quick. Robe in my locker and in for my swim.

30 mins later and a mile of swimming logged I left the pool for my locker. No towel as planned and straight into the changing robe in my wet swimming shorts. The soft inner lining absorbed the water from my body quickly and I headed out to the car. The water was still close to my body but I did not feel wet. Outside I felt cool but with my body temperature still higher from swimming was not cold. The inner lining of the White Water Changing Robe felt damp but not uncomfortable.

testing white water changing robe white water mens changing robe reviewed

Drying time after swimming

I returned home for a shower and change hanging up the robe and quickly back onto work. Hanging it up the robe to see how long the lining would take to dry. I left it in a cupboard so not over a radiator or drying rack. Approximately 6 hours later it felt ok to wear with normal clothing and had dried from my swim.

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Testing for outdoor water sports and swimming

Any changing robe of this type was originally designed for outdoor swimming. As well as open water swimming I am a keen surfer. Although in spite of over 20 years am no professional. The size of the White Water mens changing robe mean it can easily be worn over a wetsuit. I put it on easily on top of my winter 5mm wetsuit.

With the fleece lined pockets where your hands can get really cold out of the water the pockets work really well. The other good feature I found was the larger zip hooks that were easy to use when your hands are cold. My hands pretty much stop working when they get cold so gripping a small zip would be a problem. With the White Water Robe all zips have larger zip hooks that I found easy to grasp and use while cold. A god send when your body temperature is dropping and you need to get warm.

White Water Robes review white water mens change robe review

Testing the changing robe as a utlitity coat alternative

Many people use a changing robe as a coat alternative. It is a common sight now on the school run or in the supermarket. Being honest it is something that has put me off the White Water robe and others. While doing this White Water Mens robe review though I wanted to see how practical it was as a coat. Using it over a 4 week window I used it where I would a coat and tried to embrace the “robe”!

Reviewing the mens white water changing robe white water changing robe zip pockets

Waterproof qualities in rain

Using it in rain with the hard shell it kept me fully dry without any issues. Zipping the coat up fully with the hood up and you are well protected from the elements. The coat dried well in under an hour after returning from the rain. Only real issue is the size of the robe. It is calf length on me and I am 6′ 3″ and wore the extra large size. That is a lot of coat to store for drying.

Thermal qualities in cold temperatures

I used the White Water mens robe in temperatures down to minus 1 centigrade. Heading out wearing the robe for an hour outdoors I wore usual layers under it that I would with a winter coat. First thing to note is the fleece lined pockets. They are a different material to the inner lining and I was grateful for this having forgotten gloves. With the full length of the robe and hard shell it protects you from wind and kept me warm enough. The full size hood is also good with the zip fully closed leaving little of your face exposed.

white water changing robe sleeves

I would note here that it is not a genuine winter coat with thermal properties. I would not want to rely on it in sub zero temperatures in the same way I would a ski coat. I’m putting that out there clearly in case anyone plans on buying one for their next trip to the alps!

White Water Robe Vs DryRobe

The white water robe is a clear competitor with the DryRobe. I have used a DryRobe a number of times from open water swimming and surfing. White Water robes feel as good as any of these with the inner and outer layers directly comparable. Zips, pockets, velcro sleeves are all great and feel like they are built to last. Comparing the 2 products the only real difference is the cost with White Water Robes priced under the DryRobe by around £25 at time of writing.

Best Price for White Water Robe

Buy the White Water Robe direct from White Water for £140. See their full collection for this and their softshell lightweight alternative.

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