Our latest review comes from Sophie who has been getting her hands on some amazing cool kit from Engo. Read her Engo 2 Review and find out more about these innovative smart glasses that include a head up display. Amazing. Get live performance data without looking at your watch. See what she made of these very clever glasses in her review.

Summary of Engo 2 Review

Trivelo Score – 4 / 5

Cool, customisable and perfect for those who are at the pointy end of their game running and cycling. This is super cool tech for the data nerds amongst us. If you take the time to fettle and set them up just as you like them, the time investment will pay you back tenfold in a TT, long course tri or running race. Be careful when you deploy them though, you’d need to test if you can keep your wits about you when there are sudden changes ahead and you’re lost in your data.

Engo 2 Eyewear Smart Glasses

Pros And Cons of Engo 2


  • Wicked Cool: They cause a stir, they look good and they are some wickedly cool tech for data nerds like runners, triathletes and TT cyclists.
  • Verbose Set up: They really make sure they fit and don’t bounce about and I was really impressed with that.
  • Aero AF: No need for a Garmin on the bike or to ever move from your aero position to see your data. Pretty damn neat.
  • Customise and Rotate: You can set up your data just how you like it and it’s different for bike and run. Cycling through data screens is super cool with the nose bridge touch.
  • Perfect for measured efforts: On the run track or in a TT this data where you need it will keep you super honest and at your best.


  • Nose bridge: It can obscure a bit of sight you need when you’re taking someone’s wheel or on their feet.
  • Confusing at the start: The tech takes a little bit of effort to figure out at first but great once you’ve played about with it.
  • Transition Brain: I think they might be a bit too much to think about in a sprint or standard triathlon when your HR is super high and you’re fighting to turn them on but perfect over long course and worth the time investment as they really help you metre your effort and not blow up.

First Impressions of the Engo 2 Eyewear

Neat packaging, a robust case, soft cover, wipe and charging cable. I was impressed with the minimalism of what was there, all you need and no more.

They look great on and set up is robust to make sure they fit you correctly and have the information exactly where you need it. Nose area is a little bulky but that’s to be expected with the tech to do the display there.

Engo 2 boxed first impressions

I was super excited to give them a go and I’m training for the London marathon so got ready to take them out on a long easy run.

I followed the instruction booklet, downloaded the ActiveLook app and was, if i’m honest, a touch confused.

I paired my heart rate monitor, my watch and then had no idea where to start my run from for it to track. I had the app and my watch and ended up starting on the app then my watch.

It seemed to record it well so that was good, not sure if I need the app though (I’m assuming I dont and can just start on my watch otherwise you’d always need your phone with you in a triathlon…and yes they have triathlon mode).

Engo 2 out of the box

Second run, I left the phone in one spot and just took the watch as I was on track and was so happy, they worked a treat.

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How do they help on the run?

They were great at track. After the first run I’d learnt how to change the data I saw on screen so I could see my current pace, lap average, heart rate and cadence. Perfect if you want to keep on pace and on form. You can also cycle through screens by tapping the bridge of your nose which is very cool.

I found the tech in the nose area to obstruct my view when I was on another runners feet so worried I’d trip on them, but hadn’t had a problem with this on my longer run and could see potential obstacles ahead of my feet with no issue.

Testing the Engo 2 Glasses Comfort of the Engo 2 Glasses

All the proper runners (our coach on the right has been to the commonwealth games) were super curious, for them, staying on pace is important, not having to look down is a treat.

How do they measure up on the bike?

Out on my bike for training I found the obstruction of sight (from the physical tech not the heads up display) to be a little more nerve inducing. I didn’t want to be on someone’s wheel as I usually would and was just a touch more nervous (this could be my lack of recent cycling though). For this reason I wouldn’t advise them in a bunch race, crit or sportive.

I think they would REALLY come into their own when on a TT or long course Tri where keeping to a power output without losing your aero position is important. I love the fact you’re always aware of where you’re at and how hard you’re pushing. After a while you’re much less conscious of the heads up display data and it just becomes part of focusing your vision to it as and when you want the information.

Engo 2 Cycling Glasses Engo 2 AR cycling glasses

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Engo 2 Review Video

See Sophies Engo 2 Summary video review. More great insight on these smart glasses to help you make decision if they are right for you.

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