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Trivelo Score

4.5 / 5

Overall, a great pair of glasses, that can easily be worn for cycling, running or general day-to-day use. For those who wish to spend over £100 on glasses, these should be considered. Offering superb fit and comfort, these were outstanding in every way, the lenses effortlessly transitioned between all varying light conditions to help maintain optimum light levels. I experienced zero bounce while running and there were no indications they would fall off at any time. I soon forgot about how big these looked on my face and these are now my go-to glasses. I dropped 0.5 points simply for my subjective views on the cost, as I do not spend this much on glasses normally.


  • Well made.
  • Excellent fit.
  • Great light transition capability.
  • Lightweight.
  • Zero bounce!
  • Various nose bridges to obtain the best fit.


  • Maybe too large for some.
  • Could be expensive.
Vallon Watchtower Cycling Glasses

First Impressions

These Vallon Watchtower glasses come in a nice presentation box with a soft feel pouch and three nose clips of varying sizes. My first impressions were that they were a big pair of glasses, and I am not usually one to use a pair of this magnitude, usually preferring the smaller wrap-around lens. They seemed to be well made and every aspect solid in construction such as the nose bridge, the arm hinges and the lens seem well attached. Now, initially from a personal point of view, if I can get over the size of these I think they could be a durable set of glasses. A very subjective 3/5.

Fit of the glasses

Upon Initially fitting the glasses, I was very happy with the stock-fitted nose-bridge clip already installed, very comfortable with no pinching, and they seemed to hold well with no bouncing around sensation. The wide-view lens is something to behold, I can barely see the frame’s top, bottom or my peripheral vision, which for me is a winner. I have run and cycled in these and wear them during day-to-day activities such as walking and driving, so far, I have not experienced any movement from either the arms on the side of my head or the bridge area of my nose. They also fit very well with my bike helmet, and I do not notice the arms gripping down the sides like I can with my other pairs. 5/5

Lens Quality and Varying Light

Second to none. I have a few running and cycling glasses and I have to say these are by far the best quality lenses I have, experiencing a quick transition from light to dark and vice versa, I can honestly say I barely notice the transition with no visible signs that my eyes need to adjust, it just happens to provide a consistent perfect light level. Something you would expect from a Carl Zeiss Lens. 5/5

How these compare to others

Comparing them to my other glasses, they are now my go-to glasses. I have many cheap Chinese-made glasses and budget-supermarket offerings, all with removable lenses and a pair of Salomon trail running glasses – my previous go-to pair for running. My previous go-to pair of cycling glasses was a pair of Chinese Zovok branded efforts, these are good, but with no transitional lenses in place, their performance in changing light is quickly exhausted, meaning when undercover with a darker lens, it is like riding/running at night. No such problem with the Vallon’s, any light conditions and doing any activity they perform impeccably. 5/5

Vallon Watchtower Cycling Glasses Review

Durability - How long will they last?

So far so good! I am very clumsy at times but after 6 weeks of using them almost daily, there is no sign of wear, scratches or damage at all. They seem well-made and up to the task for a busy clumsy bloke. 5/5

Video Review of the Vallon WatchTower Glasses

Would you buy these?

In a word…. Yes. Although I wouldn’t pay over £100 for a pair of glasses, that is because I am a tight northerner. I would, however, recommend them to those who would happily pay this kind of money.

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Jason Walkley

Jason has been an Age-Group athlete over the Half and Full Distance triathlon distances. His Ironman PB is 9 hours and 16 Minutes, this included a 4:44 bike split. He has also completed a 100 mile TT PB of 3 hours 49 minutes (26.1mph average).


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