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At Trivelo we are firm believers in green health and fitness products. Exercise being good for your mind, body and soul and the planet! As part of this ongoing quest for cool products that fit our TriEco mission we are big fans of folding bikes. Ditch the unpleasant commute and power your way to work quicker and cleaner. Our latest piece of research brings you the 9 best Electric Folding Bikes for 2024. We help you to find the right bike for your commute. Huge thanks to all the contributors on this piece including our partners and our test associates who bring a wealth of knowledge to share.

I’m a regular commuter into London so can fully endorse folding eBikes. The underground is not always the place to be and being happier outside it is great to have the option of a folding eBike. That said I am a fair weather folding eBike user so if you are hardcore all weather my views are not taking this into account.

List of the 9 Best Electric Folding Bikes UK

  1. Tern HSD P9
  2. Raleigh Stow E Way
  3. B’Twin 500e
  4. Dawes Arc II
  5. Eovolt Afternoon 20
  6. Brompton P Line Electric
  7. Brompton C Line Electric
  8. MiRider One
  9. Hummingbird Gen 2.0

Brompton_P_Line_Folding_Electric_Bike Mi_Rider_One_Folding_eBike Dawes_arc_2_folding_eBike_2022


Tern HSD P9 Folding Electric Bike


Trivelo Score – 2/5


The Tern is a real monster of a folding bike in this line up. With a 400Wh battery that would not be out of place on a mountain bike the bike is capable of covering up to 69 miles which is well beyond most mere mortals commute. I don’t love the Tern. It has a lot of weight to give it cargo credentials and you really notice this when trying to carry it. It also looks pretty ugly in my view so not my favourite electric folding bike. With this in mind and the price it only scores 2/5.

Tern have used some real quality products to create the Tern HSD P9 folding bike not least the Bosch Active line. Producing up to 65Nm of torque, the most powerful output in this line up of the best electric folding bikes. The Tern needs it as it weighs in at over 25kg. So adding a modest weight rider and their commuting bag you are likely pushing towards 120kg without much effort of total weight. The Bosch motor can cope well with this.

All the quality compiled into this sturdy package comes at a price with a £3.2k price tag based on current prices but the bikes are showing good availability at the time of writing.

Why you should buy this bike?

Monster range and power make this a folding bike to take on mountains!

Specification of the Tern HSD P9

Gears 9 Speed Shimano Alivio Shadow
Battery400Wh 36v 11Ah
MotorBosch Active Line Plus
Range69 miles
Folding time5 seconds
Folded dimensions163cm x 40.5cm x 86cm

Best Price for the Tern HSD P9

If you are looking for an Ebike but not sure you need a folding eBike I love belt drive eBikes. A belt drive combined with an electric motor is a perfect combo. Read our round up of the 11 Best Electric Belt Drive bikes – Buyers Guide 2024


Raleigh Stow E way Folding eBike


Trivelo Score – 3.5 / 5


The Raleigh Stow E Way electric folding bike has some deep rooted origins. The frame has largely stood unchanged since the original Raleigh Shopper pioneered the concept of a folding bike back in the 1960’s. The latest incarnation from Raleigh with the Stow E Way innovates the concept introducing an electric assisted motor to ease commuter cycling.

Unfolded the bike does not look like a naturally compact folding bike suitable for commuter life. That is a mistake however as the folded dimensions as listed below are small enough for taking on the train and compare well against the other electric folding bikes in this list.

Raleigh have developed the Stow E Way to be suited purely for inner city cycling. Modest torque, range and battery life all suitable for the majority of commuting rides. In the US and Europe the average commute distance is around 3-4 miles. With a range of 30 miles the Raleigh Stow e Way can cover this with ease.

Why you should buy this bike?

The Raleigh Stow E Way is a piece of history dating back to the Shopper and Twenty. Grab a piece of nostalgia in a retro eBike.

Specification of the Raleigh Stow E way

Gears 7 Speed Shimano Altus
Battery250Wh 36v 6.8Ah
MotorNew TranzX F15 36v 250w
Range30 miles
Folding time5 seconds
Folded dimensions88cm x 44cm x 80cm

Best Price for the Raleigh Stow E way

Cheapest Folding Electric Bike


B’Twin 500e Folding Electric Bike


Trivelo Score – 4 / 5


Decathlon who are the brand behind B’Twin have a recipe for building bikes at competitive price points. With the B’Twin 500e folding electric bike they have outdone themselves. This bike is roughly half the price of the next cheapest competitor. If you have access to any form of cycle to work scheme in your territory such as found in the UK this is well within the limits.

Cheap yes but worth it? At nearly £700 this is still not a cheap bike if you are spending your own hard earned cash. Decathlon have kept the solution simple. Modest range. Small power solution with the 250w motor. Lightweight to maximise the potential of the electrics. Its a simple approach but works well.

While the bike is no looker it is far from the most ugly in this line up of electric folding bikes. I like the design that allows the battery to be integrated rather than many others here with all their electric credentials very much on display.

Why you should buy this bike?

Brilliant priced folding eBike from a reliable manufacturer with good after sales service from physical stores.

Specification of the B’Twin 500e Folding Electric Bike

Gears 6 Speed Shimano Tourney
Battery187Wh 36v 6.8Ah
Motor250w brushless motor
Range22 miles
Folding time5 seconds
Folded dimensions83cm x 45cm x 67cm

Best Price for the B’Twin 500e Folding Electric Bike

If you are interested in learning more about eBikes and how their sales are skyrocketing read our post on the Ebike explosion. Includes which is the highest selling eBike in the world. Essential reading if thinking of buying an electric bike.


Dawes Arc II Folding Electric bike


Trivelo Score – 3 / 5


The second cheapest folding electric bike in our line up is the Dawes Arc II. Dawes are one of the oldest manufacturers of bikes dating back to 1906 with the founding of Humphries and Dawes. The Dawes Arc 2 folding eBike packs a quality motor with 54Nm torque capable of easing you up the most challenging of hills.

With limited range only offering up to 22 miles the Dawes Arc 2 is really intended to help you with that last mile instead of the metro. Folded dimensions are comparable with others but the longest axis of 90cm could make it a handful to pop into the luggage racks on any train.

Why you should buy this bike?

At only £1069 the Dawes is relatively good value for a lightweight folding commuter.

Specification of the Dawes Arc II Folding 2022 Electric bike

Gears 6 Speed Shimano RD-TZ500
Battery238Wh 36v 6.6Ah
Motor250w Bafang 36v motor
Range22 miles
Folding time20 seconds
Folded dimensions90cm x 42cm x 66cm

Best Price for the Dawes Arc II Folding 2022 Electric bike


Eovolt Afternoon 20 Folding Electric Bike


Trivelo Score – 3.5 / 5


EoVolt are a new European bike manufacturer only producing a select range of folding eBikes in a range of wheel sizes. We have picked the middle bike in their range that we think is the pick of the crop for any commuter.

With 20 inch wheels the EoVolt Afternoon has a serious range of 62 miles which means charging would only be needed periodically. The bikes is also one of the lightest in this list of folding eBikes at only 19kg. Folded size is relatively compact and suitable for a commuter train journey albeit not class leading.

Pitching in at around £2k this folding ebike sits in the middle of bikes on offer with a quality power source coupled to a 7 speed system. Making your commute a doddle.

Why you should buy this bike?

Only worry about charging at the weekend as the EoVolt has a range of 62 miles enough to handle your commute Monday to Friday.

Specification of the Eovolt Afternoon 20 Folding Electric Bike

Gears 7 Speed
Battery504Wh 36v 14Ah
Motor250w 36v motor
Range62 miles
Folding time25 seconds
Folded dimensions85cm x 46cm x 73cm

Best Price for the Eovolt Afternoon 20 Folding Electric Bike


Brompton P Line Electric


Trivelo Score – 2.5 / 5


Brompton are the de facto standard when it comes to folding bikes. The P Line is the latest Brompton folding ebike launched November 2021. It was launched following the earlier C Line (see below for more on this bike) to be lighter positioned as Bromptons lightest eBike.

The Brompton P Line bucks the trend with others in this list of the best folding eBikes having an external battery pack. This sits up front over the wheel in a “satchel” looking like a work bag in transit. The battery pushes out 3 different power assist modes controlled via the battery control panel. You can also control via the Brompton mobile app. Assuming you have mounted on the handlebars to make accessible.

The battery pack is detachable. This is a conscious design decision by Brompton. To make the bike as light as possible while folded and ease commute you can remove the battery and carry with a shoulder strap bag.

Brompton have developed a roller frame that allows you to push the folded bike around akin to a suitcase. This is an optional extra but makes the bike more flexible and a unique feature of the bike. The folding mechanism is the tried and tested Brompton design that results in an incredibly compact folded size.

Why you should buy this bike?

Arguably one of the most stylish and original folding electric bikes that is best in class for creating a pain free commute with incredible folded size and transit capabilities. I personally think they are over-priced and I hate that satchel battery design. I don’t love the way they ride or look so I wouldn’t be spending my money on a Brompton P Line electric.

Specification of the Brompton P Line Electric

Gears 4 Speed
Battery300Wh 36v 14Ah
Motor250w 36v motor
Range43 miles
Folding time20 seconds
Folded dimensions65cm x 27cm x 56cm

Best Price for the Brompton P Line Electric


Brompton Electric C Line


Trivelo Score – 2 / 5


The Brompton C Line Electric folding bike replaces the previous Brompton H6L. It has built on the same frame and power source but Brompton has focsed on weight to improve commuting capabilities. In our list of the 9 best electric folding bikes 2022 we have 2 Bromptons in the line up. This second Brompton has 6 speeds and slightly more weight than the P LIne.

Brilliant Brompton folding mechanism and class leading folded size and capability. The battery is removable in the same fashion as the Brompton P Line intended to make carrying it folded lighter. Some may like this design decision others may find it cumbersome but Brompton are looking to give riders the choice.

With 6 speeds the Brompton C Line is flexible for a range of city environments but the small wheels will ultimately limit the road surfaces it is suited for. With 43 miles of range it should be plenty for most daily commutes that in reality if further more likely to be on a non-folding bike.

Why you should buy this bike?

Bulletproof Brompton, the standard in folding bike technology.

Specification of the Brompton Electric C Line

Gears 6 Speed
Battery300Wh 36v 14Ah
Motor250w 36v motor
Range43 miles
Folding time20 seconds
Folded dimensions65cm x 27cm x 56cm

Best Price for the Brompton Electric C Line

If you are in the market for a commuter friendly folding bike but not interested in electric check our round-up of 11 of the best folding non-electric bikes 2024 Something for every budget. Check it out and escape the underground!


MiRider One


Trivelo Score 4.5 / 5


The MiRider One has been with us for a couple of years but in that time they haven’t diluted the craziness of this folding bike. With a rear hub motor and micro dimensions this truly is a commuter companion bike. That is not to say MiRider have not been applying improvements over this time. The latest version has managed to shave 1.5kg off the weight, significant in this market for a bike that may also be carried.

With fat slick style tyres the bike is well suited to inner city rides giving stability without the hindrance of excessive grip on the tyres. Incredibly MiRider have integrated suspension into the rear frame triangle pulling from full suspension mountain bike design. This is subtle and provides increased comfort rather than suggesting you should consider using the bike for some off-roading.

Power kicks in from the rear hub motor between 4.5mph and 15.5mph. Limited for European Class electric bikes. This lower threshold is something to get used to finding a bite point for the electric motor that will provide up to 45 miles range. Very competitive in this line up.

Why you should buy this bike?

Stand out from the crowd with the MiRider One delivering one of the most super compact folded bike sizes when collapsed. Read our long term review of the MiRider One with real life range, best prices and tips on how to use on public transport.

Specification of the MiRider One

Gears Single Speed
Battery252Wh 36v 7Ah
Motor250w 36v motor
Range45 miles
Folding time20 seconds
Folded dimensions77cm x 43cm x 68cm

Best Price for the MiRider One


Worlds Lightest Folding Electric Bike

Hummingbird Gen 2.0


Trivelo Score – 4 /5


An electric folding bike that weighs less than 11kg? The boffins at Hummingbird have been on a mission with the second generation of their folding ebike. With a laser focus on weight they have achieved an incredibly lightweight bike here. Many non-electric road bikes possibly tipping the scales above 11kg!

Folded the bike is no micro machine with a limited folding mechanism. Hummingbird have focused on ease for the rider by keeping the weight down. You might need to consider this folded size for any travel you have in mind. Namely train limitations as an example.

That said with 40Nm of torque is plenty for a lightweight folding electric bike that should aid you over 31 miles of range while travelling.

Why you should buy this bike?

You won’t find a lighter folding electric bike for your commute than the Hummingbird Gen 2.0.

Specification of the Hummingbird Gen 2.0

Gears Single Speed
Battery158Wh 36v 7Ah
Motor250w 36v motor
Range31 miles
Folding time20 seconds
Folded dimensions117cm x 27cm x 56cm

Best Price for the Hummingbird Gen 2.0

Buy the Hummingbird direct for £4495

9 Best Electric Folding Bikes Infographic

A handy chart to help you compare all 9 electric folding bikes specifications on one page to help you find the best folding eBike for you.


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