This weeks review comes from TC who has been helping with our massive round up of swim goggles. TC has been using the Zoggs Predator Polarized Ultra Goggles.

Summary of the Zoggs Predator Goggles Review 

Trivelo Score – 4.5 / 5

After 5 times of using Zoggs Goggles; 2 pool swimming and 1 open-water swimming. The lens type I got is perfect for low-visibility conditions such as overcast/cloudy days and ideal for pool swimming with strong artificial light. I still have never tried the goggles on a bright and sunny day, but I do believe that this type of lens would also be a perfect choice when the sun hits directly into your eyes. Another scenario that the Zoggs goggles needs to be tested is in a strong and high wave when the wave hits both on the front and side of the goggles. 

Zoggs predator Ultra Polarized Goggles review

Pros & Cons 

Pros: The goggles seal tightly to the eye socket without any extra pushing.

Cons: It might not be an ideal choice for a jump start triathlon as the goggles may slip off from your eye. Once you push the seal too tight the seal will hurt your eye and affect the eye vision. 

First impressions 

I like the clean look of the goggles and once it come with the pouch that really makes it look like a luxury product. 

Fit in the water – Comfort

I would say this is the strong point of Zoggs Predator Polarized Ultra. With the curve lens, Advanced ultra fit, and quick-adjust features, all you need is just to place the goggles lens at your most comfortable position and just nicely push the goggles into your eye. It would instantly fit and feel super comfortable both when you are in the water or during the turning and sighting part.

Review of Zoggs Predator Polarized Ultra Goggles Zoggs Predator Ultra Polarized Goggles Review

Seal of the goggles

Best goggles seal I have ever used. However, It must be tested during the mass jump start and mass deep start as well because, during those two types of starting formats, triathletes have to sprint and sometimes swim under and/or over other people to break away from the group.

For alternative Zoggs goggles read our review of the Zoggs Fusion Air Titanium goggles. More of a race focused goggle and not for long distances.

Anti-fog durability (how long it lasts in hours)

After more than 3 times of using it (30-50 min/session), I still have no problem with the foggy lens. 

Quality of the materials

The lens, the seal, and the goggle cord are of good quality. Furthermore, I would say that, due to the small and thin cord of the goggles, it is likely that the goggles might slip off from their original position on the swimmer’s head during a mass swim start as the triathlete has to fight for his/her position. I would suggest using the Zoggs goggles if you plan to do the rolling start on a cloudy/foggy day. 

Zoggs Predator Polarized Ultra Goggles Zoggs Predator Polarized Ultra goggles lenses

Would you buy this?

With the retail price under 40 GBP, I would buy it and use it on my race day. Moreover, I will invest in another pair of goggles that come with a dark lens to use it in a very bright day scenario. In summary, Zoggs has shown and presented itself as a specialist when it comes to water sports products. It seems like they know what the problems of swimmers at every level are and always try to create customised products to solve all those problems.

Video Review of Zoggs Predator Ultra Polarized Goggles

Hear directly from TC in his video review on our triathlon YouTube channel.

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