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Summary of White Water Womens Robe Review

Trivelo Score – 4 / 5

I can tell I’m going to get years of use from this robe and have been merrily recommending it to friends. Well done White Water Robes, you’ve smashed it!

Pros –

  • Those sleeve cuff adjusters – love that the sleeves don’t hang over my hands
  • The big zipper pulls for cold fingers
  • Recycled, super warm lining
  • Adjustable hood
  • Big inside pocket
  • Great size for changing
  • Eye catching design

Cons –

  • Pockets are just a touch too low for us with shorter arms
  • I would choose a darker colour for my muddy lifestyle

Introduction to Cadi

As someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, being asked to try out a new changing robe from White Water Robes was incredibly exciting. Changing robe doesn’t really describe what these beauties do – they are so much more than something just to get changed in! I knew I was going to be able to test my lovely new robe in lots of different situations, not just pre and post swim.

About White Water Changing Robes

Before the robe arrived I was delighted to see on their website how much thought had gone into making the robes as eco-friendly as possible. Using recycled and sustainable materials wherever possible, whilst not compromising on the performance of the robe.

Read the White Water Robes Mens changing robe review for more insight on them. Billy has been using his across a range of tests and lots more positive feedback.

First Impressions of the changing robe

I tested the hard-shell robe in Arctic Camo and my first thoughts were how well its design stood out from other robes on the market. It’s a really eye catching colour and design and, as the manager of an open water swimming lake, I’ve had loads of compliments and comments since I started wearing it. The main comment being ‘I want one of those!’. I would say, if you’re someone who swims in muddy swim spots, or wants to use the robe for other outdoor activities, this lighter colour might not be the one to go for. That said, whenever I’ve smeared mud all everywhere (and that’s pretty regularly!) it comes off easily, probably due to the robes ecological fluorine-free, water-repellent finish.

Testing White Water Robes White Water Womens Robe reviewed White Water Womens Robe Review

Fit of the White Water Changing Robe

Putting on the robe is like stepping into a warm hug. The recycled polyester sherpa fleece lining is soft and cosy. Due to this and how waterproof it is, not only do I use the robe after a wild swim, it’s also my go-to when I’m heading out on a dog walk in the wild winds and rain. This is where the adjustable cuffs come in handy too. Being able to tighten up the cuffs means they don’t flap around over my hands and it stops any of that cold air getting in. 

The pockets are a really generous size and also lined with lovely fleecy snugness. As a shorter person, with shorter arms I’d love the pockets to be a few inches higher up, so I could really squidge my hands into them but that’s a pretty minor want. The large chest pocket is perfect for your mobile phone, poo bags for the dogs or even a great wedge of post-swim flapjack!

Another feature I loved is the adjustable hood. It’s a real bugbear of mine when your hood constantly flies off the back of your head or drops over your eyes in the wind. Being able to adjust the size means a perfect fit!

Changing Experience in the White Water Robe

What about actually changing under the robe, I hear you cry?! Well, I am very happy to report the robe performed beautifully for this. I am 5ft 3 and a size 10 and had the small size robe. I found there was ample space to slide my arms inside and change comfortably underneath the robe. The large, rubber zip puller on the main zip is brilliant when you have cold, numb hands and there is  a useful inner pocket to stash your underwear, wet swimmers or just more flapjack! White Water Robes have got that robe volume spot on as, despite there being lots of space to change, I don’t feel swamped by it when wearing it for walking.

Video Summary of White Water Womens Robe Review

Hear from Cadi as she speaks about using her White Water Changing Robe. If you thought the only benefit you would get is from swimming changing then check her video out. Everyone with a dog really should think about getting a White Water robe!

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