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This week we have the BlueSeventy Glide Wetsuit review from Sophie. Sophie has been completing expert reviews for Trivelo for a number of years and has an amazing background for a review like this.

Introduction to Sophie

I’m Sophie Johnson, a 36 year old team GB Triathlete. I’ve swam since I was 4, coached swimming on and off since my early teens and represented other wetsuit brands as an ambassador fitting people at various triathlon shows and helping them find the right suit for their shape and swim style.

Summary of the BlueSeventy Glide Wetsuit Review

Trivelo Score – 4.8 / 5

The Glide wetsuit is BlueSeventy’s ‘shorty’ wetsuit. It’s priced at around £139-£150. I couldn’t find a comparable ‘shorty’ swim wetsuit on Zone 3, Huub or Orca’s website with short legs as well as sleeveless. I’m excited as this fills a gap I’ve noticed in the market. It’s not a swim skin, it’s not a sleeveless wetsuit, it’s a shorty swimming wetsuit.

A great suit for the price and unique in the market. Room for improvement on the neckline but I’m sold on it.

Pros & Cons


  • Fun and free feeling
  • Unique in the market
  • Easy fit and removal in races
  • Well priced
  • Great for beginners and pool swimmers


  • Not great for cold water
  • Neckline rubs a little

First Impressions

On first impression the quality of the neoprene is decent enough, not as flexible as their highest end suit, pretty chunky all over, and the seams look well bonded and durable. This is aimed at entry level and markets the ease of getting in and out and the buoyancy. It’s 3mm all over apart from the 4mm over the hips to give better alignment in the water.

BlueSeventy Glide Open Water Wetsuit Review

Fit & Functionality of the wetsuit

In fitting into the suit the first time I was in the water already as I’d had another suit on to try before this one, because of this I found the suit gaped under my arms and down my front. I got onto dry land to fit it properly and got back in and the issue was fixed, the suit fitted like a dream with maximum comfort and no restriction.

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Who is this wetsuit for?

I love this wetsuit. Although it’s aimed at entry level, given the lack of alternatives I’d happily purchase this suit. I felt fast and unrestricted and really impressed by the buoyancy for a short wetsuit. Having been a pool swimmer since I was 4 I’m not a massive fan of being fully wetsuited up (I’m one of the few people who celebrate a non-wetsuit swim), this suit gives all the alignment benefits of a wetsuit but the free feeling of swimming without.

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Swimming Performance in the BlueSeventy Glide

In terms of performance…I’m faster in the suit than without it and roughly the same, maybe a tad slower in this suit compared to the Reaction.

If you are looking for improvements in swim performance read our article on how buoyancy shorts are essential to improve your swim speed. For those who love the buoyancy of open water swimming in a wetsuit buoyancy shorts in the pool could be a revelation.

Summary of the BlueSeventy Glide wetsuit review

I’d recommend this to beginners and pros alike because of that. The only drawbacks I could say is that the neckline is still a touch high and I found it to rub at the back without bodyglide to protect my neck, but it’s a small price to pay for such a fun open water experience. The other drawback is that it’s obviously only good for warmer open water swims, unless you’re a cold water swimmer and then this is positively a luxury compared to skin.

BlueSeventy Glide Wetsuit

Would you buy this?

Absolutely. It’s a bargain and is perfect for warm weather open water swims at speed.

Best Price for the BlueSeventy Glide wetsuit

Buy the BlueSeventy Glide wetsuit from UK BlueSeventy for £139

Buy the BlueSeventy Glide wetsuit direct from US BlueSeventy for $175

Video review of the BlueSeventy Glide Wetsuit

Hear from Sophie in her video review where she talks about testing the BlueSeventy wetsuits

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Sophie Johnson

Sophie Johnson is a GB Age Group Triathlete. She has been participating in high level sport for the last 8 years and all while holding down a full time job. She trains 7 days a week most weeks and combines with being in the office 9-5.


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