The Brompton P Line electric folding bike is the class leader in folding eBikes. But it comes at a premium price and is not alone in this market. Working with our network of over 100 writers in the Trivelo squad we have created this list of the 3 best alternatives to the Brompton P line Electric folding bike.

The best alternatives to Brompton P Line electric folding bike

Brompton P Line Electric Folding Bike

Gears4 Speed
Battery300Wh 36v 14Ah
Motor250w 36v motor
Range43 miles
Folding time20 seconds
Folded dimensions65cm x 27cm x 56cm


So, the Brompton P line electric folding bike. At nearly £4000 it is an expensive commuting option. That will pay for a lot of taxis lets be honest. The Brompton P line is the lighter brother of the Brompton C line. Built to make life as easy as possible Weighing only 15.6kg that is less than many non-electric folding bikes.

The Brompton has an external battery pack in a bag sitting up front above the front wheel. For my taste this is a pretty ugly solution for a modern eBike. The design is intentional, however, to ease carrying when folded. Fair enough. But when using the bike in anger the looks suffer.

With 4 gears and different power modes there is unlikely to be terrain on the city streets that defeats you on the Brompton P Line.

Is the Brompton P Line electric worth buying?

Lightweight and first class build. If you can afford one it won’t let you down.

Best Price for the Brompton P Line electric folding bike

Buy the Brompton P Line Electric from Tredz for £3695

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Cheapest Folding Electric Bike

B’Twin 500e Folding Electric Bike

Gears6 Speed Shimano Tourney
Battery187Wh 36v 6.8Ah
Motor250w brushless motor
Range22 miles
Folding time5 seconds
Folded dimensions83cm x 45cm x 67cm


The Decathlon B’Twin 500e folding eBike is a steal. Only £700 for a lightweight folding electric bike is incredible value. Costing nearly £3000 less than the Brompton P line electric bike. 6 speeds through Shimano gearing and 22 miles of range. Good quality and decent range. It won’t be threatening conventional electric bikes but this is a commuter companion.

Folded it is pretty chunky so travelling not as easy as others but at under 20kg it is a sensible weight. The motor pushes 250 watts which is healthy but don’t load the bike up with every laptop you own and monster lunch box. Only real complaint is the fat cabling solution up front to contain various braking, gearing and electrics. Integrated cabling may be unrealistic but stuffing it inside a black fireman’s hose is a bit of a cop out.

Is the B’Twin 500e worth buying?

You can’t buy cheaper so if you are on a budget stop looking and buy the B’Twin 500e folding bike.

Best Price for the B’Twin 500e

Buy the B’Twin 500e Folding Electric Bike from Decathlon for £699

MiRider One

GearsSingle Speed
Battery252Wh 36v 7Ah
Motor250w 36v motor
Range45 miles
Folding time20 seconds
Folded dimensions77cm x 43cm x 68cm


Fancy stepping off the conventional commuter path for something a little different. The MiRider One could be the perfect commuter buddy for you. Maybe a bit mini-moto in style and for those over 6 foot might look a touch micro. That said it will serve you well if you take the plunge with the MiRider One.

MiRider have been developing the eBike to reduce weight and develop the latest version. Weighing 17.3kg it is heavier than the Brompton P line electric but folded it is smaller than some others in the list for commuting ease.

The MiRider One uses a rear hub motor delivering power assistance between 4.5mph and 15.5mph. Conforming to category 1 eBikes suitable for a European market. Delivering 45 miles of range the MiRider One is a top performer in terms of range.

Helping provide a solid ride the MiRider One has flat slick tyres. Giving a good footprint onto the road surface for traction. Somewhat uniquely the MiRider has integrated rear suspension built into the rear frame triangle. More considerations to creating a comfortable commute. This makes for a more comfortable ride rather than any real off-road aspirations.

Is the MiRider One worth buying?

Half the price of the Brompton P line electric folding bike and with comparable range. If that isn’t enough to make it worth looking at then take a look for the innovative design. Read our full review of the MiRider One over a 2 month test where we cover 100 miles of cycling. Well worth looking at to see how the real life range compares to manufacturers claims and experience of using on public transport.

Best price for the MiRider One

Buy the MiRider One Direct from MiRider for £1595

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EoVolt Afternoon 20 Folding Electric Bike

Gears7 Speed
Battery504Wh 36v 14Ah
Motor250w 36v motor
Range62 miles
Folding time25 seconds
Folded dimensions85cm x 46cm x 73cm


Rounding out our list of 3 best alternatives to the Brompton P Line electric folding bikes is the EoVolt. Unlike Brompton that has a deep heritage EoVolt are a newcomer. Made in France they specialise in folding eBikes in a variety of wheel sizes.

If your commute is a big one this could be the bike for you. The EoVolt Afternoon 20 can cover 62 miles of range that is nearly 20 miles more than the Brompton P Line Electric. All that range is delivered by a 504Wh battery that helps bump the weight up to 23kg.

The EoVolt has front suspension with 7 speed gearing so well suited for easy commuting. The weight combined with a larger folded dimension means worth considering how suited it is for your commute.

Is the EoVolt Afternoon 20 Folding Electric Bike worth buying?

The EoVolt has an immense range that may be just what you need if recharging is not straight forwards.

Best price for the EoVolt Afternoon 20

Buy the Eovolt Afternoon 20 Folding eBike for £2099 from Leisure Lake Bikes

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