Run Forest Run.  This is my story of becoming a runner for charity and leaving the couch behind.  2014 was the year of “Let it Go” & for me the opportunity to escape from 24/7 Frozen re-runs by taking on a challenge of running a 1,000km in competitive races throughout the year.  I took on the challenge to raise as much money as possible for Cancer Research & Hospice UK taking on 14 half-marathons, 58 10km races & 13 mud runs.

My Running History

I wasn’t a runner before I started this but even the most useless runner gets some muscle memory going putting in that much work.  Running that often meant many Sunday mornings waking up with injuries and illnesses wrestling myself out of bed to make some start line and crawl my way round a course with the only thing keeping me going the thought of not letting the charities down.  People were hugely generous and donated throughout the year which continued to spur me on and complete each race.

Time for a change

2015 was a change of focus with no competitive running and the chance to work on Trivelo Bikes joining the company as a Director convinced by the vision of the firm to change the way people buy and sell bikes while continuing my commitment to charity by supporting Cyclists Fighting Cancer with profile and cash. So a chance to return to my bikes and find more joy in my running although it has kept me extremely busy and my running and cycling kit has spent too much time in the wardrobe as a result of many long days building Trivelo with the rest of the team.

Taking Charity Seriously

Next year though spells the chance to have another crack at a serious charity challenge as a friend who has battled with cancer for many years has asked if I can help once more and raise money for the Macmillan Cancer Support and the Association of Air Ambulances.  Seeing them go through chemotherapy and battle such a cruel disease is motivation enough to take on a new challenge for 2016.  Next year I plan to take on a year of swimming challenges in spite of being a pretty useless swimmer with poor technique and a gasping breathing pattern that often causes lifeguards to clutch their life belts in readiness to dive in at any moment.

Another challenge

I have the support of a swim coach who plans to turn this graceless rubber duck into a smooth dolphin-esque swimmer but am missing everything else.  If you know any firm or organisation who might be able to donate a wetsuit, goggles or entry to any open water swimming events I would be hugely grateful as would the charities I’m planning on doing this for.  Apologies for the open begging request wrapped up in this but I need all the help I get to do this thing properly.  So from becoming a runner for charity to becoming a swimmer for charity.


About the author – James is a Director at Trivelo bikes and the man behind all the visual loveliness that you see in our web pages.  A cyclist and runner but as you have guessed not much of a swimmer…..yet!

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