The £1000 price bracket is a hugely competitive area of the market so what can you expect for your money?  And the question on competitive triathletes lips is will I be able to buy a bike that I can train and compete on.  We’ve listed our favourite affordable road bikes for beginners here all within that 1000 pound budget.  You will recognise many of the best road bike brands within this article with our view on what to look out for.

While bicycles depreciate in the same way that a new car would do it is much harder to project what you can get for your £1000 on the used market.  We love used bikes at Trivelo and our website helps you buy and sell them but in this article we are focused on what you can get for £1000 brand new, we have listed some second hand options from our site where available but these are where we have found a similar model worth checking out.

Most of the frames here are aluminium which makes sense with the material costing less than carbon fibre and a much more established material for bikes giving a light frame that offers a comfortable stiffness to smash your personal best times on.  We’ve hand picked 14 of the best bikes for under 1000 pounds, 10 of the best bikes for a grand would have been too easy!

Groupset is all important to many buyers with Shimano dominating here.  If you shop around a Shimano 105 Groupset might just be in scope but realistically Tiagra is a more likely option at this price point.  We’ve managed to include an SRAM groupset road bike for £1000 in the list to give you some variety but unfortunately this only accounts for 1 entry and Campagnola are completely absent I am afraid.

Scott 2018 speedster 20 – £898.99

  • Aluminum frame with somewhat bland styling
  • Shimano Tiagra Groupset
  • Relaxed frame geometry

Best price – £899

Best website –

This Scott 2018 Speedster 20 Endurance Road Bike continues to improve on an established recipe being lighter than earlier models and plenty of other improvements.  Its a decent looking bike but you aren’t going to be standing out from any crowds riding this.
This road bike has an aluminium frame coupled with a speedster carbon fork that is a common combination for £1000 bikes adding a dash of carbon fibre to reduce some of the weight and improve handling. This model also features a Shimano Tiagra groupset and Syncros components which is a pretty competitive package for this price point. This would make a fine first bike and no reason why you wouldn’t be able to be competitive on this racing in triathlons although an early wheel upgrade might be useful (this can be applied across all the bikes to follow in fairness).

Scott Speedster 20 Road Bike

Scott Speedster 20 Road Bike

Cube Attain Race disc

  • Aluminium frame
  • Shimano Tiagra Groupset
  • Sportive focused frame with disc brakes

Best price £948.99

Best website –

Yet another black and yellow bumble bee inspired paint job from cube who has steered away from some of their more recent matt paint finishes in bright colours, which we actually preferred.  This is a pretty decent bike for the money adding in some disc brakes to the mix that many in this price point can’t match.

The frame is made of lightweight 6061-T6 aluminium but fails to really sparkle on groupset front using the Shimano Tiagra 10 speed set up.  Not a bad choice but we would have preferred to see a 105 groupset really.  The Tektro brakes do a good job and again pretty standard kit in this company but getting a disc brake road bike for under £1000 would have been unthinkable a couple of years ago.

Cube Road bike for £1000

Cube Attain Race Disc Road Bike

Canyon Endurance AL 7.0

  • Available from Canyon direct
  • Full 105 groupset and Mavic Aksium wheels
  • Aluminium frame with some nice aero touches
  • Comfortable fit frame

Best price – £999

Best website –

The direct German manufacturer know a thing or two about fast bikes and if its good enough for Patrick Lange and Jan Frodeno then your in pretty good company and its guaranteed to give you some bike rack kudos come race day.  The Endurance AL is a good looking bike while being reserved enough not to scare off any potential buyers here.
While £1000 for a road bike is still a fair chunk of cash you could consider this a bargain and in our view is the best bike with Shimano 105 for that money.  Canyon haven’t skimped on brakes, wheels or tyres and the Mavic Aksium are one of the stock set of wheels we would probably be tempted not to meddle with and upgrade.

The ride is comfortable, and relaxed geometry is perfect for new riders so anyone thinking of what to buy if trying the Prudential Ride London this year could do a lot worse that start here.

Canyon road bike for £1000

Canyon Endurance AL 7.0 Road Bike

Rose Pro SL 2000

  • German direct-sales
  • Full Shimano 105 groupset with Mavic Aksium wheels
  • Alumium frame
  • Wonderful feeling frame

Best price – £953

Best website –

One of the best bikes you can buy for under £1000 with full Shimano 105 Groupset.  This bike represents real value.  Rose gives you Mavic Aksium wheels as well as that groupset, together with a sweet alloy frame that’s easily mistaken for carbon.  It’s not the most comfy ride out there, but the PRO SL 2000 is a genuinely sweet ride and no sign of any “cheap” import carbon here.  If your budget is flexible and you’d rather have discs, there’s also a Pro SL Disc-2000 but that breaks our budget here.  Rose bikes are yet to be really discovered by the masses so you could stand out from the crowd on this bike.

Rose road bike for £1000

Rose Pro SL 2000 Road bike

Cannondale synapse alloy disc Tiagra

  • Alloy frame
  • Shimano Tiagra Groupset
  • Race inspired frame design with disc brakes

Best price – £999

Best website –

We do love Cannondale at Trivelo so no surprises to find an example of their bikes in our line up of the best bikes for £1000.  We could have chosen from their CAAD range of aluminium frames but with some price tweaks in the line-up we decided to pick this Synapse model which has some serious heritage.  Alongside the range-topping iteration, which you will see taking on the bone-shaking cobbles of Paris-Roubaix under the EF-Drapac riders this year, Cannondale also produces an entry-level, alloy version of their Synapse endurance road bike.

The range was updated in 2018, and the Tiagra-equipped (with Promax brakes and FSA Omega crankset) model here sneaks in under the £1,000 range. Cannondale supply the bulk of the componentry, alongside their new Synapse Disc frame.
Crafted from SmartForm C2 Alloy, the frame boasts an asymmetric construction to account for the mismatched disc-brake forces; it’s paired with a carbon Synapse Disc Asymmetric fork. Cannondale market the Synapse as suitable for anything ‘from fast group rides to daily commutes’ and at less than £1,000 for a pro-tested geometry its a quality entry in our line up.

Cannondale road bike for £1000

Cannondale Synapse road bike

Ribble R872 Black 105 Fulcrum SE

  • Full Shimano 105 groupset
  • A quality carbon frame and fork
  • Simple but gorgeous styling including integrated cabling for some aero

Best price: £929

Best Website –

Very much on the cusp of £1000 this creeps just under our budget here and is in our view the best carbon road bike for £1000 but you will need to be careful with your spec or watch for their clearance specials to afford this.
Ribble has managed to spec a quality carbon frame and fork, full Shimano 105 and Fulcrum’s entry-level Racing Sport wheels in a package that delivers value through its direct distribution model.  You won’t find their bikes for sale anywhere else other than direct with them which means they maintain real control over pricing and stock.  One of the Trivelo team has been racing on a Ribble Gran Fondo for over 5 years now and it is still one of his favourites for any conditions with some real capability worked into these bikes for flat speed and uphill climbing.

The bike builder system on their website can seem a bit daunting and then having to do some construction when your bike is delivered but if that all seems like too much effort we can help you connect with a local bike mechanic who would be happy to help.

Ribble road bike for £1000

Ribble R872 Road bike

Trek Émonda ALR 4

  • Aluminium lightweight frame
  • Shimano Tiagra groupset, Bontrager finishing kit and wheels
  • Smooth sportive friendly ride

Best price – £849

Best website –

The Émonda ALR is the budget aluminium version of Trek’s incredible carbon Émonda SLR, this offers many of the same capabilities of its bigger brother the SLR.
The ALR is no slouch.  The finish is pretty classic but we like the styling with its pearlescent paint and we have picked the black paint scheme that is our preference but if you like a more statement bike you can always opt for the ref version.

Trek road bike for £1000

Trek Emonda ALR 4 road bike

Boardman Road Team Carbon

  • Full carbon frame and fork at a great price
  • Shimano Tiagra and Mavic CXP22 rims
  • Ugly looking bit of machinery

Best price – £1,000

Best website –

While we have a couple of Boardman bikes in the Trivelo offices none of us have taken the leap with their road bikes with both of the bikes in the bike racks Boardman mountain bikes.  Boardman have an increasingly strong reputation and you shouldn’t be put off by the distribution arm being Halfords alongside lesser bike options.  That said this latest incarnation of their £1000 carbon fibre road bike may offer some value but we reckon it is a pretty ugly looking specimen and struggle to get away from the 90’s Carrera inspired paint job.  Maybe why the Brownlee brothers have made a switch to Pinarello?  Didn’t match their new tri-suits?

Budget carbon isn’t always the best choice with some low quality Chinese imports flooding the UK market, but the Boardman Team Carbon is no cheap knock off.  Boardman have put coupled both a quality carbon frame and full carbon fork that is worth a look while checking out some of these machines.  Boardman have made a few compromises on the specification with some low rent brakes that aren’t great and the cranks may not last the distance, but it’s still packing the  Shimano’s 10-speed Tiagra that is very nearly the equal of 11-speed 105.

Boardman road bike for £1000

Boardman Road bike

Giant Contend 1

  • Stiff aluminium frame
  • Shimano Sora Groupset that is a bit disappointing at this price point
  • Some lower spec parts making up the total package

Best price – £749

Best website –

While we would love to include the Giant Propel it seems that an aero road bike for £1000 is too much to ask meaning that we need to drop down to the Contend range here.  The contend replaces the ever popular Defy range with a decent alloy frame with some fairly staid styling that doesn’t make this a looker against the other bikes on offer here.
Shimano’s Sora drivetrain and groupset is poor company here and no surprises lacks the close ratio shifts of Shimano’s higher-end groups but delivers a relatively versatile 11-32t cassette.   Giant’s own brakes disappoint but they can easily be replaced if this was the bikes for you.

Giant road bike for £1000

Giant Contend Road bike

Specialized Allez Elite

  • Lively performing entry-level alloy racer
  • Shimano Tiagra shifting, Praxis cranks and own-brand everything else
  • Stiff, exciting ride makes up for average spec

Best price – £999

Best website –

It wouldn’t be a complete line without something from the Specialized stable.  You can’t move far in any sportive line up without stumbling upon a Specialized Allez.  For many it is the pathway into serious bike expenditure and the perfect place to start with a bike many know and trust so future resale is never an issue to contend with.  The Allez offers solid performance in an attractive package, if not exceptional value for money.  The spec is a bit low rent using some own brand and third-party components mixed in with the Shimano bits.
The Allez retains the likeable qualities for which it is renowned, and it’s a good basis for upgrades down the line if you were to stick with this for the years to come.  The Allez has a new frame design with some odd colour combinations and are subject to some recalls which means you might be best to check with any supplier before you buy.

£1000 road bike from Specialized

Specialized Allez for £1000

Bianchi Via Nirone 7

  • Aluminium hydroformed triple butted frame
  • Shimano Sora Groupset
  • Lots of heritage from a classic manufacturer

Best price– £850

Best website –

Any Bianchi bike can rarely be described as “entry level” or “budget” with a brand as strong as Bianchi.  The frame offers a very forgiving ride with the curved top tube a lovely design cue.  We’re not sure about the colour scheme and are pretty traditional at Trivelo meaning we would prefer to see bikes in their classic Bianchi blue.

The aluminum frame is hydroformed and triple butted, and comes with a carbon fork that features kevlar inserts at the chainstays and seatstays, which we love.  The groupset is Shimano Sora which is where the love affair with this bike stutter somewhat although the wheels are Alex Rims with Vittoria Zaffiro Slicks which look great. It all hangs together pretty well but you have to accept most of your money is going on the frame which in fairness is where you would want the money spent.

Bianchi road bike for £1000

Bianchi Via Nirone 7

Planet X RT-58 Alloy road bike

  • Aluminium frame
  • SRAM Rival groupset & Vision wheels
  • Ugly paintjob

Best price – £849.99

Best website –

While we admire the value that Planet X represents and what they have done to bring real affordability to real cyclists we can’t get on board with their latest paint schemes.  Previous plain black and white models seem a much more pleasant on the eye option to their latest 80’s tracksuit inspired styling.  Definitely an acquired taste.

Planet X is however able to spec this bike with some incredible components for this price point, including a SRAM Rival groups and Vision 35mm rims the only £1000 road bike with SRAM in this line up.  The aluminium frame uses an endurance geometry, with a fairly short reach and tall stack which can make it look a bit ungainly it bigger frame sizes. Planet X love to do some crazy deals so if you want this bike with a quality Shimano groupset or set of Mavic rims you might well make that work for the £1000 budget.

Planet X road bike for £1000

Planet X RT-58 road bike

Cube Axial WLS Race ladies road bike

  • Quality aluminium from another pedigree brand
  • Shimano 105 Groupset that is leading the pack at this price point
  • Great looking bike

Best price- £999

Best website –

A super light aluminium frame with Shimano 105 components, we were impressed with the value and had to include a womens road bike for £1000 in this list.  Cube has used oversized tubing to create stiffness on the double-butted frame allowing them to keep the weight down.
The fork is carbon, and coupled with skinny seatstay, you get a Sportive friendly ride that lends itself to long endurance rides whilst still keeping things sporty.  A wide ratio cassette (11-32) and compact chainset provides lots of options on the hills, and the bike even comes fitted with colour matched Mavic Aksium Elite that give you a pretty sweet looking ride.

Cube womens road bike for £1000

Cube Axial WLS

Merida Scultura 300

  • Aluminium frame
  • Shimano Tiagra Groupset
  • Some extra sprinklings of carbon with seat post and forks

Best price – £950

Best website –

The Scultura Lite frame is crafted from triple-butted 6066-aluminium that Merida make bold claims of quality stiffness-to-weight ratios.  This alloy set up is matched with a carbon seat post and full carbon fork helping keep the weight down, it is about as high-spec as you’re going to find on a sub-£1,000 bike. Included in the price you get some nice aero touches which means you have a quality frame if you want to head down the upgrade path in future years.  A Shimano Tiagra groupset (with KMC chain), Merida finishing kit and Maxxis Dolemites tyres are the rest of the line up.

Merida road bike for £1000

Merida Scultura Road bike

If we were able to tip above the £1000 there are a wealth of additional bikes we could list including some exciting new entrants from companies who we are growing to love such as North Road Cycles.  Very close to our list but unfortunately still £50 above our target budget.  We might have missed some other bikes that you would have loved to have seen with others from firms such as Pinnacle and cheaper models but we have tried to focus on road bikes between £750 and £1000 that we would ride and avoided cheating by hunting out last years models that we could squeeze into this budget.

List of the Best Road Bikes for under £1000

  1. Scott 2018 Speedster 20
  2. Cube Attain Race Disc
  3. Canyon Endurance AL 7.0
  4. Rose Pro SL 2000
  5. Cannondale Synapse Alloy Disc Tiagra
  6. Ribble R872 Black 105 Fulcrum SE
  7. Trek Emonda ALR 4
  8. Boardman Road Team Carbon
  9. Giant Contend 1
  10. Specialized Allez Elite
  11. Bianchi Via Nirone 7
  12. Planet X RT-58 Alloy Road bike
  13. Cube Axial WLS Race Ladies road bike
  14. Merida Scultura 300

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