For our blog this week we are thrilled to be providing a product review of the Athletics8 compression wear. Athletics8 is a product of the Medasun group of companies. Over the past few weeks we have been using the tank top vest and calf sleeves during running and cycling training sessions through winter into spring.

Compression wear design

The kit we have been testing arrived in flattering black so no issues for colour clashes with other existing clothing.  Having been a user of other compression clothing including 2XU, Under Armour and Nike combat products initial reaction to the Athletics8 products was hugely positive.  The material uses a ComfortWeave fabric that has a almost wetsuit like quality to it rather than conventional clothing and feels really great on the body.  Extremely comfortable.  Fit is very snug given sizing which initially feels like it could be a problem.  Once engaging in exercise becomes a very good fit and spot on.

What is compression clothing?

Athletics8 quality kit

Compression vest

Compression clothing for those yet to use in exercise or in sport competition has been developed over a number of years to provide a number of benefits.  It is therefore used by most first class sports people.  The benefits include improved endurance through a reduction in muscle vibration while exercising.  This in turn results in reduced soreness post exercise.  Injury to muscles and cramps can also be eliminated as a result of muscle oscillation being minimised on landing reducing tissue injury.  With less muscle shaking during exercise the logic flows through to recovery improvements with compression clothing holding the muscle in place.  This then creates less fatigue and allowing faster recovery.  With moisture pulled away from the body it also gives much better temperature control keeping you at a more manageable temperature. 

Science behind Athletics8

A8 clothing

Calf sleeves

The Athletics8 compression range of clothing offers a scientific 27% reduction in impact force.  This is due to the unique fabric along with all the usual benefits of compression clothing.  This precise scientific number gives some measure of the R&D put into this kit and an indication of benefits to expect.  Bizarrely the origins of this particular product are traced back to medical grade equipment.   The fabric was originally conceived to provide surgeons with a clinically proven solution to aid patient recovery following surgery.

Compression wear training performance gains

Thankfully our needs are much more mundane and centred on seeing improvements on our performance over training runs and rides. We certainly felt well supported and experienced no injuries or ailments during the trial.  Did we feel “super charged”?  Possibly not quite that transformed but across 14 separate training sessions we certainly saw improvements in particular around speed of recovery.  Usual recovery time from a half marathon distance run being circa 48 hours pretty much half this during our trial.  The vest in particular is by far the finest of any equivalent product any of us have used.  It has a quality feel offering excellent mobility and stretch with a product that feels hugely durable and that it will last for many seasons of use giving the support that you need that you quickly forget you are wearing.

Product review summary

We would certainly recommend these products and suggest anyone looking for performance improvements and recovery benefits to start here with Athletics8 compression gear. A fabulous product.  Buy some now before your competition does!


About the author – Billy is the founder of Trivelo Bikes and aiming for some PB’s at Olympic distance triathlons this year.

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Billy Ferguson

Having founded Trivelo in 2015 after many years competing in triathlon Billy continues to enjoy training and triathlon. Founder Billy is strongest in the water but continues to try and convince his body that he is an ultra runner.


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