Three of the amazing Trivelo test associates have been working on this detailed Nourished Vitamin Review for the past month. Using the product daily and recording the impacts it has had on their training.

Nourished (“Get Nourished”) is seeking to change the way the world thinks, buys and experiences nutrition. They have created custom stacks of gummy loveliness to help you get the perfect supplement for your specific needs. With so much focus on health and well-being at the moment this is exactly the type of product we think you need to hear more about. All the ingredients are sourced from high-grade vegan whole food sources and lab-tested with each one made to order.

Sophie, Alan and Jason all selected the right blend of ingredients for their custom nutrition stacks. They each conducted a full month of testing with the results below. Sophie will be continuing to test for a full three months and provide an update to the review upon completion.

Get Nourished 1 Month Test by Sophie Johnson

Sophie is a GB age group triathlete balancing training with a full-time job
Sophie Johnson
Trivelo Test Associate - Triathlete

Who Am I? Why did I Get Nourished?

I’m Sophie Johnson, GB Age Group Triathlete. I’ve been participating in high level sport for the last 6 years and all while holding down a full time job.

I train 7 days a week most weeks and this combined with being in the office 9-5 I’m tired and more susceptible to illness and poor eating habits due to the tiredness.

With this said, I took the questionnaire on the Nourished website and with added information about things.  Like how much I drank (New year, was too much) I told them I’d like to concentrate on weight loss (from xmas) and immune health.

I was more than happy with their suggestions.  They covered off things that would suppress my appetite, boost my immunity and recover my liver from the damage of xmas and new year.

Unboxing the product

There was a little confusion over how long it took my Nourished pack to arrive (thanks Mr Postman).  With pack in hand I was ready to leap into the trial.

First of all, I was NOT expecting them to be A) so large and B) so squishy. I think for some reason I’d imagined some fairly large donkey pills that were dry and chalky.

For a forgetful me, I was happy to see they were laid out in 7*4 rows so I could see if I’d taken my dose that day. I was also incredibly impressed at their attention to detail in that my name was printed on the front of their biodegradable packets (double kudos!).

First Impressions of Nourished

The first experience.

I was more than pleasantly surprised that they were incredibly tasty jelly sweets. While munching away (making satisfied noises) I read that they were free from any of the big allergens.  Meaning I could recommend them to any of my vegan, celiac or lactose intolerant friends. 

They have a beautifully (sugar free) sweet and zingy citrus taste.  I knew I’d look forward to my “sweet treat” every day.  But thankfully could have them before bed as I knew I wouldn’t be left with a sugar buzz.

Week One Test Results

Was a tumultuous one.  Unfortunately I had food poisoning so couldn’t speak to feeling particularly great.   I couldn’t work out if my reduced hunger towards the end of the week was that or the effects of Nourished. I needed more time, but was still happy to be gobbling them down daily as they taste so good.

I was still basking in the glow of the fact they were personal to me.

Week Two Test Results

By this point I was happily convinced.  I was now eating like “one normal hungry person” instead of “two abnormally hungry people”.

After the ironman (July last year) I had REALLY struggled to get my eating under control again. To give context, staying under 3000Kcals a day was a challenge.

I was starting to make smarter choices as I wasn’t constantly hungry.  This is a major win and the extra I had put on has now come off.

Week Three Test Results

I was getting a lot better at not drinking, the need to drink had become less. Not sure if this was part of appetite suppression of the nutrients in there to repair my liver. 

One thing I definitely know for sure is that my liver has recovered and my tolerance for alcohol is back to the low it used to be at. I’m happily a cheap date now, for both food and drink.

This can only mean great things for my athletic performance.

End of Month Test Results

I’m definitely slimmer, eating less and drinking less. I’m super happy about this and as a result I’m getting into other great life habits (sleeping well, training well).

As for the immunity part.  It’s hard to say. It’s one of those things where you would only really know if you could run an alternate universe where the other Sophie didn’t take the supplements and see who fared the best.

I’m still too nervous to stop taking my Curranz as I know that is packed with antioxidants and does great things for my recovery.

What am I missing?

I’d love to be able to stop taking all of my other supplements as if I could get them in one pill. I currently also take liquid iron to escape fatigue and get better sleep.  Vitamin D because it’s one of the most effective and important supplements anyone could take (especially during winter) and Curranz for recovery and immunity. 

Only being able to select 2 goals was limiting for me.  I’d like to be less tired/well recovered, maintain high immunity and look after my liver and hunger issues. I think being a triathlete I want it all. HAH.

My Summary of Get Nourished Product Review

I’m a fan. They taste good, they have done what they’ve set out to do and they carry little risk to me as an athlete.

It was only today I found out that we can’t (as a WADA tested athlete) take any vitamin complex by IV or injection.  So knowing I have everything I need, printed just for me into one pill is quite reassuring that I’m giving my body the best, safe chance.

They’re accessible to all, environmentally considerate, well designed and well thought through. The only drawback is that I can’t have all my supplements this way.

Disclaimer and thanks.

All views are my own. I’d like to thank Trivelo for giving me this opportunity and @Get_Nourished for choosing me to test their product.

Hear from Sophie and see her video review on how she got on with her Nourished test

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Nourished 1 Month Test by Alan Lightfoot

Alan is a 52 year old vegetarian triathlete competing as a GB age group athlete since 2016
Alan Lightfoot
Trivelo Test Associate - Triathlete

Introduction to me

My name is Alan Lightfoot and I am a 52 year old male. My sporting background is running and have completed 18 full marathons and countless half’s, 10K’s etc over the last 26 years. For the last 11 years Triathlon has been my main focus. I started like everybody else working my way up in distances and completed four Ironman’s before settling on Olympic and Sprint distances.  I have represented GB at Age Group level on multiple occasions.  I also had Hip Resurfacing surgery 4 years ago.  But have still managed to qualify and race for the GB Age Group team three times since then.

In November last year I switched to a Vegetarian diet for the long term health benefits. Whilst not taking any supplements for the change in diet I was already, and continue to, take Vitamin C and Magnesium tablets.  I was curious to see if a personalised supplement built specifically for my needs would be of any benefit.

The Nourished website was clear and conscience to use when gathering my personal information and requirements.  At the end told me the contents of my “stack”.

First Impressions of Nourished

The box then arrived shortly after with my 28 day supply. Each “Stack”, the daily supplement, was individually wrapped.  With plastic free packaging and a detailed description of the contents of the supplement, as described at checkout on the website.

First impression when taking? Tasted very sweet. Which is nicely strange as the product is 100% sugar free. I would liken them to a Fruit Jelly sweet and are actually very pleasant. I took mine after breakfast every day and have to admit actually looked forward to it. It seemed a little like a treat. But this is one area where I thought some guidance might be helpful, when to take. After breakfast was simply an assumption on my part.

When I started the trial I was beginning to ramp up my training for the Triathlon season. Mileage was remaining roughly the same but I was adding in much more intensity.  Especially on the Bike and Run. Within the first week I ran a Half Marathon and whilst I felt it was a little early to be feeling any benefits I did feel good generally.  I managed to run my fastest Half Marathon time since my hip surgery by over a minute.

Training Impacts

As I went in to the second, third and fourth weeks I continued to train at a high mileage and intensity. How did I feel? In terms of general energy levels I certainly felt good. Better than before? I would have to say yes. Which I found surprising. 

With just a few days left of the 28 day supply I took part in another race.  A 2 mile run-10 mile cycle-1 mile run Duathlon.  The first run was my fastest average speed since my hip surgery in Oct 2015.  Whilst not a big field I did win the 50-54 Age Group and all this was despite not resting before the race.   Also was at the end of my biggest, hardest week of training so far. There was other factors in the performance I am sure as I have lost 5kg in weight since being on the vegetarian diet.  Also been seeing a Run Analyst company to improve run form but none the less I felt fresh and very good general energy levels.

I Have now finished the 28 days supplement trial.

Summary of month trial

And this was nearly a week ago. How do I feel since finishing the supply? No different first of all but for the last couple of days I have been starting to feel the impact of my training and feeling more tired. There may be other factors in this, like simply the accumulation of training load after a period of time, stress, sleep etc. But what I will be doing is taking a further look at my supplement needs. Through trial and error and elimination seeing if I do need to take anything else than my original Vit C and Magnesium. If Nourished is a cost effective method of doing this than I may well subscribe.

See Alan’s video with his summary of using the Nourished stack for a month – 

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Nourished 1 Month Test by Jason Walkley

Jason is a long term Ironman triathlon athlete competing at the top end of racing since the early days in 2005.
Jason Walkley
Trivelo Test Associate - Triathlete

Introduction to Jason

I am a multiple Ironman Triathlon Finisher with a current PB of 9:16 and have been training and competing for approximately 15 years. Competing at the front end of Age Group Triathlon requires me to stay on top of my nutritional game.  I have a strong interest in any nutritional supplements that help my well-being and provide a cornerstone to my training and racing.

Ordering my Nourished stack

Here is my review of a new bespoke product (called a stack) from the team at Nourished.  

The website is simple, elegant and easy to navigate, it is also full of all the information you would expect about their product. 

Their product is called, what I will refer to throughout this review, ‘a stack’.  To get started you have a choice of two options: 

  1. Choose a Life Stack – these are stacks that are made up of the vitamins and minerals that are carefully formulated to promote key benefits based on your lifestyle or goals.

  2. Personalise your own Stack – As the option suggests. You can choose your own vitamins and minerals to be stacked if you know exactly what you require, or you can also do an online quiz which will ask you a few questions and then a recommendation is created. This can also be adjusted before checkout.

Called a stack because of the way they ‘stack’ up the vitamins and minerals into a single 3D printed jellied sweet. 

Going through the process of the quiz was straight forward and fast, within a few minutes a I had my own stack ready to put in my basket. Register for an account along the way and my stack had been ordered. 

You can also sign up to a subscription service where you automatically receive a stack each month.

Bespoke nutrition selection

My stack consisted of:

Tart Cherry – Rich anti-oxidant, improves endurance and athletic performance, improves cognitive brain function

Maca Powder – Boosts energy levels, Enhance memory and brain functionality

K2-Vital Delta – Prevents blood clotting and heart disease, supports bone health

Beta Glucan – Stimulates the immune system, maintains a healthy gut microbiome, helps reduce cholesterol levels

Silica – Strengthens bones, joints and teeth, aids with stomach and digestive disorders

Lactospore Probiotic – Fortifies immune system function, improves gut health & digestion, enhances absorption of minerals

Cordyceps – Improves stamina and athletic performance, supports liver health, aids inflammation reduction.

First Impressions

My stack arrived around 5 days of ordering. Which I think is reasonable considering they are bespoke. The box is quite nice and upon opening it all the stacks are in individual packets all lined up in their own slot, rather just thrown in which is a nice touch.

Each individual packet also has a nice touch of having your name printed on it for an extra sense of individualisation. Plus, an ‘Enjoy by’ date.

At this point I would like to also mention that everything that goes into the packaging here is plastic free and biodegradable. All ingredients are sustainable and primarily sourced within the UK. This is great to see and a line that others can follow. 

The ‘Stack’ itself can only be described as a very large fruit pastille. To maintain the Nourished ‘no sugar’ stance they coat their stacks in a natural sweetener called Erythritol. It looks like sugar, has the crunch of sugar but none of the negatives of sugar. This will certainly help ‘trick’ the mind into thinking you are having a sugar hit. Something that will no-dauntedly help diabetes sufferers! 

Sizing it next to a £2 coin was the closest everyday object I could find. Similar in diameter and each coloured disc layer is approximately the thickness of a £2 coin too. I can only imagine that each ‘layer’ is one of the vitamins/minerals of my stack. 

What do they taste like?

What we are waiting for! If anyone has ever tried Cliff Bar Shot blocks before, the texture of these stacks is very similar to those, soft yet chewy. They taste amazing too, have the right amount of sweetness and a real quality taste to them. There was no bad after taste or requirement to swallow it whole or with minimal chewing to keep the taste away. On first impressions, I could quite happily eat the entire box in a single sitting. 

Weekly review of the stack

I decided to stop taking all my regular vitamins whilst on these. Trying to ensure that if anything did change in my mood/body/mind etc it would rule out any conflicts with other vitamins/minerals. Not very scientific but it will do. 

After a week of having a Stack each morning before breakfast, which is when I take all my vitamins, I noticed a slight change in concentration levels at work. My day to day work can be very boring, mundane and repetitive. I research, design and implement Educational Syllabus’s for a Defence College. So reading through extensive documents and literature day in-day out. Whether or not I can attribute an increased sense of ‘enthusiasm or concentration’ to these stacks is anyone’s guess really. However, being more productive can only be a good thing regardless of where it comes from. 

Week 2 yielded similar results, and the taste was still as good as it was with the first one. No notice in an increase in performance whilst training, but then I am not really training as much as I normally do now as I am awaiting an operation. 

Weeks 3 & 4 pass by in a similar fashion and by day 30 I was left feeling disappointed that it was the last stack. These have been one of the nicest tasting vitamin products I have ever tasted. 

Summary of Nourished Product Review

II think this is a great concept and something that I haven’t really seen before, stacking all the supplements you may need into one easy to chew ‘sweet’ would appeal to a lot of people in my opinion. I enjoyed eating the stack every day due to its insanely nice taste. The packaging is great with it being decomposable and sustainable, also the packets are easy to open, and the all-round presentation is spot on, which all adds up to a fantastic package. 

The online ordering experience and user interface of the website is smooth, quick and does exactly what it needs to do, recommending what you may need or letting you choose what you like are the only two options that you really need. No cluttering or trying to get you add other things to your basket, which is always a big positive. 

No sugar is paramount in todays society where diabetes and obesity are rife and Nourished have cracked this with their use of a natural sweetener. 

I would highly recommend these stacks to anyone. Priced at £40 for a month’s supply might seem expensive, but you can easily spend that on other products, certainly in the sports nutrition world, that won’t help you like the ingredients in these stacks can. Its great to see ingredients such as Cordyceps, Co-enzyme Q10, Maca Powder amongst the others in there, these are great supplements to add to your sports nutrition stable. 

I am not sure if obtaining the informed-sport batch tested certificate would be something the team at Nourished might want to investigate in the future if they go down the sports supplement route. Might be worth considering.

Look below for more information on Nourished and how to order your own stacks. 

Thanks again to the team at Trivelo for giving me the opportunity to test a month’s supply of Nourished. 

Buy your supply of the Nourished personalised nutrition stack.  Select the perfect blend of nutrients that works for you. 

50% off personalised blends (RRP £39.99) – Use code TRIVELO50

20% off life stacks (RRP £29.99) – Use code TRIVELO20

For more reviews from Jason check out his review of the Aftershokz Aeropex Bone Conduction Headphones.  More innovative products to help you move faster. 

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