Winter running can take real commitment when outside you are faced with cold temperatures and miserable weather. This weeks blog covers essential gear to wear for winter running with 9 essential winter running kit tips.  For many of us in colder climes through the off-season knowing what you should wear for winter running can make a real difference.

Its not just about being a softy runner when you should be wearing a singlet and shorts but it also is important to consider as the wrong clothing and equipment can significantly increase your chances of injury to further add to your winter training woes.

You may elect to head indoors for your winter training and running purely on a treadmill but if like us you loathe the dreadmill then finding answers to running outdoors is essential.  Below is a list of some of the essential winter running gear for running outdoors through winter.

9 Essential Winter Running Kit Tips

Running Tights

1. Wear tights/leggings so you have compression throughout your legs.  In colder temperatures this makes more sense than not shorts as it helps to keep muscles warm at all times and the reality of a limited warm-up.

Our favourites are the 2XU Reflect Run compressions tights.

Thermal running hat for winter triathlon training

2. Wear a hat to retain body heat through your head, especially relevant if you suffer from a lack of hair like some of us in the Trivelo offices.

Our favourite is the Gore C3 windstopper helmet cap

Wear clothing layers

3. Layer up and choose garments that allow you to vent that will make a huge difference when have created more body heat. 

Running Socks for winter running

4. Choose your socks carefully.  Paying for quality socks in winter is hugely important with the need to retain heat while also being able release heat and reduce on retained sweat.

Our favourites are the Balega Second Skin Ultralight No Show

Running Gloves

5. Wear gloves, particularly if you suffer from poor circulation as blood flow in the hands can suffer while running so can significantly affect your running comfort

Our favourites are the Ron Hill Run Gloves

Staying Visible while running in the dark

6. Stay visible.  Days are short and cars may not always have prepared sufficiently for travel meaning their vision can be impaired.  The result is as a runner super important that you are seen while enjoying your run

Running Shoes for winter running

7.  Consider which running shoes you wear as slippery conditions can spell injury very fast so consider a trail shoe during the worst of the winter and increase your grip

Our favourites are the Solomon Speedcross 5

Neck warmer for winter running

8. Wrap up snug with a neck warmer.  We’re not talking here about a Doctor Who scarf but a genuine running aid to keep the cold wind from creeping into your clothes through your neck.

Our favourite is the Under Armour Storm Elements

Running Head Torch

9. Shine bright like a diamond and get a head torch.  If you are sick of running under low quality LED street lighting you might be venturing offroad in low light.  Extend your running opportunities by lighting up your path with a head torch.

Our Favourite is the Petzl Tikka Headlamp

9 Essential Winter Running Kit Tips

  1. Running Tights
  2. Thermal Running Hat
  3. Wear Clothing Layers
  4. Running Socks
  5. Running Gloves
  6. Stay Visible
  7. Running Shoes
  8. Neck Running Warmer
  9. Running Head Torch
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Billy Ferguson

Founder of Trivelo


Patrick Roberts · 14/01/2020 at 2:16 am

As a long sufferer of poor circulation its all about the hat for me.

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