This weeks blog is the first in a series of reviews of swimming wetsuits by the triathletes themselves. Over the coming weeks we will be sharing over a dozen reviews covering a number of wetsuit brands to help triathletes at all levels. This week we bring you the Yonda Spirit Wetsuit review. The review has been expertly penned by one of our newest guest bloggers who was kind enough to share his experience of the Yonda Spirit wetsuit.

Yonda Spirit Wetsuit Review Summary

Trivelo Score – 3.5 / 5

Overall I think the Yonda wetsuits are easily comparable to that of the bigger brands but at a fraction of the cost. They are a challenger brand that I personally love. Not being part of the crowd when stood at the start of a triathlon in the briefing is a feeling I love. The Yonda Spirit is a great fit for me and I can swim as well in it as ever before so why would I need more?

Buy the Spirit wetsuit Direct from Yonda supporting this UK firm – £249

Triathlon wetsuit experience

Having only previously dabbled in triathlon I decided now was the time to ‘up my game’ and invest in a serious wetsuit. I stumbled on Yonda through recommendation from a friend. I contacted the business owner Angus, who was kind enough to let me come down to their office to try a wetsuit on to ensure the perfect fit.

Yonda Spectre Wetsuit Review

Yonda Spirit Flexibility and Feel

The swimming wetsuit I chose was the Yonda Spirit. This was a mid-range triathlon wetsuit priced at just under £340. I was instantly impressed by the fit and the flexibility of the wetsuit. Even more so when I tried it out in open water swimming for the first time. The key features of the Yonda wetsuit include Yamamoto neoprene which gives the wetsuit extremely good flexibility and buoyancy. 

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Key features of the Yonda Spirit wetsuit

The Yonda Spirit includes a reverse zip which avoids your wetsuit being accidently unzipped during. This also helps in a race by promoting quick removal during T1 transition. The wetsuit also has a super soft lining which hasn’t caused any irritation around my body and neck and I’ve not had to use any lubricant. Other nice features of the Yonda Spirit wetsuit include internally printed trim lines should you want to cut the legs down and lycra sleeves to allow you to feel your catch.

About Yonda Wetuits

Yonda are a relatively new brand in the world of triathlon having been founded in 2014. In spite of the name they are a UK brand based in West Yorkshire. They are a focused firm concentrating on trisuit & wetsuit performance and improvements. Using premium materials such as the Yamamoto 39 cell neoprene there are no corners cut in manufacturing. Yonda retain a close relationship with their customers and are huge believers in customer feedback to aid product development. A challenger in the triathlon wetsuit community making huge strides already.

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Best place to buy a Yonda wetsuit

Buy the Spirit wetsuit Direct from Yonda supporting this UK firm – £249

Huge thanks to Andrew for his honest account of the Yonda Spirit Wetsuit review. If you have a wetsuit you love then please contact us and share your experience.

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Andrew Ferguson

Andrew is a triathlete who started out dabbling in triathlon from a curiousity about the sport looking for a new challenge. He has been learning more and developing as a triathlete ever since.


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Looking for a new wetsuit for this season and love the sound of the Yonda. Always looking for something away from the herd of usual triathlon stuff.

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Nice review. Love Yonda wetsuits too.

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Have seen Yonda more recently in various articles. Nice to hear from an owner that they perform well and worth a look.

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Great to see support for one of the small firms. Nice bunch at Yonda. Hope you do more with them.

Murray Frye · 11/11/2019 at 4:47 pm

This is just what I was looking for and a genuine review of the Yonda wetsuit to help me with decision on buying one for next season.

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Never heard of Yonda before but will definitely take a look at them now based on this review.

Rozella Costello · 10/10/2019 at 7:22 pm

Was looking for a decent review of the Yonda wetsuit and this was just what I was after.

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