This weeks blog we tap into the force and provide some Star Wars motivation for triathletes and cyclists from every galaxy.

Darth Vader

Darth Vader also needs some down time away from destroying planets & loves nothing more than a ride out on his bike.  Clearly a fan of a gloss black finish frame coupled with a black helmet of course.  Whether you are a member of a local cycling or triathlon club during your training you will have been given some advice from either a coach or a fellow member on how to improve.  These tips often go against the grain of everything you have held true since a nipper and feel completely unnatural.  Instinctively your first reaction is to rebel against this and crack on regardless but Vader knows best and have faith in these new ways and give them a go before discounting them as witchcraft!


Yoda likes to keep it old school and you certainly won’t be seeing disc brakes on his road bike in the near future.  Its called a tri-athlon due to having three events to complete not because you can have a cheeky punt at it and if it gets a bit tricky you can bail on it having had a good try.  You do these things and give it your all or not bother in the first place and stay at home enjoying the sofa.  Yoda’s wise words get you over that finish line and achieve what you might not have believed possible.

Han Solo

For Han it has to be speed first and comfort second so the only option is lots of carbon fibre and razor blade sized saddles.  The chance of winning any race is likely to be slim for most of us but is that the reason why we enter in the first place?  Everybody gets a shiny medal and finishers bag packed with super goodies so who needs prize money and glory when you can collect your t-shirt.  If all you worry about is the odds of winning you’ll miss the enjoyment of competing in the first place.  So fill in your entry form and get out there training looking forward to competing…and maybe winning?

Obi-Wan Kenobi

The master of transition Obi Wan can glide through the most obstructed transition area with effortless ease sailing onto the next discipline while others around him stumble and fall.  The destiny of every triathlete unfortunately has to result in all paths leading to Ironman.  From the most humble of beginnings you cannot escape the lure of the big one once it finds you.  The ultimate 17 hour or less challenge pulls you in ruthlessly.  Accept the wise words of Obi Wan and sign up now.

That’s it for now before we get any more carried away with Star Wars motivation for triathletes and cyclists.  May the force be with you in transition!


About the author – Billy is the founder of Trivelo Bikes. An avid triathlete for the past 5 years, keen & pretty handy in the swim but useless out of the water.

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Billy Ferguson

Founder of Trivelo


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