This weeks blog comes once again from the prolific guest blogger TC Tanakorn. He has been racing once again and putting the rest of us to shame. Check out how we got on with his review of the Berlin 2019 Marathon.

Berlin Marathon

Preparing for the Berlin Marathon

My thoughts for Berlin Marathon 2019 : Try, Fail and Move on. You chose a race, discuss it with your coach to set a realistic goal then prepare physically and mentally for 12-15 weeks. When the race day comes, you know you are ready to perform. But there is no guarantee about your result. It could be one of your best days ever. It could be one of your worst days ever. Or it could be your quite an average day. I had probably the best preparation ever for a marathon in the past 3-4 months. With countless long runs and race pace training sessions. All preparing for the Berlin Marathon which is ranked as the world’s fastest marathon event.

Marathon Performance

I started with a conservative pace and planned to pick it up later after half way mark. It went pretty well as I still felt great after 15km and 20km passed. However during 25-30 km there was quite a heavy storm above the race course and everyone had to slow down from the slippery and wet road. After the rain stopped, I tried to increase my speed. However, it was as though my body was too fatigued to produce my target pace. The tiredness from long distance running combined badly with my nutritional mistakes. Finally I had to slow down from severe cramp in my hamstrings and quadriceps. With only 7 km to go, my personal best was slowly evaporating and I was heart broken.

The Berlin Marathon Spectacle

I have not completed in all 6 of the major global marathon previously. Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York. I had heard so many good things about all these marathons. From my perspective, the Berlin marathon is more than just a running event. It echoes the city’s pride and is everyone’s event. For the kids there is a run (5km), an in-line skate race, a breakfast run (6km) and not forgetting a major event (full marathon). Berlin makes no compromise on your safety and security. They make sure everyone has a good time in every event they offer. It hosts around 46000 runners from 150 nations combining to achieve 11 of the past world records,

In my view the Berlin marathon is probably Europe’s biggest sport event where everyone can witness and feel the spirit of runners from around the world.

Summary of the Berlin Marathon

Apart from my disappointing performance at this race, I was glad that I came to Berlin. I found out things I need to do to improve in the next marathon. Most importantly, I was super glad that I had an opportunity to speak and act in the new universal language and that is “running”. 

Run at Berlin Marathon if you want be inspired, be treated as a VIP guest and feel like the most important runner with the world.  

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To get more great views from TC check out his YouTube channel for further triathlon content.

Review of the Berlin Marathon

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