Over the past 8 weeks Trivelo associates across the globe have been reviewing swim goggles. We have over 20 pairs being tested as I write this post now. I decided to take on some of the reviews myself as I am doing a lot of swimming at the moment and can dedicate some time to this. I’m swimming up to 5 times a week as I prepar for a 12 hour night endurance swim so plenty of scope to test the Zone 3 vapour goggles.

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Summary of Zone 3 Vapour goggles review

Trivelo Score – 3 / 5

I am big fan of Zone 3 gear so was happy to test the Vapour goggles. Brilliant clarity of lenses. Super comfy for long swims. I love having a case to help carry my bits. If you are happy with a larger style set of goggles then they are a good match. Biggest drawback is the anti-fog. I’m not sure if pair I was using had an issue but the anti-fog only lasted minutes and quickly became really blurred.

Zone 3 goggles reviewed


  • Very comfortable rubber seal for long distance
  • Clear lenses suitable for low light swimming with supreme clarity
  • USeful carry case to protect the goggles in transit


  • Style of goggles is more like a mask than majority of smaller goggles
  • Anti-fog lenses have short lifespan before fogging up

First Impressions

First impressions feel premium. They Zone 3 Vapour goggles are pretty pricey but as you open them they feel quality. Using a minimal amount of packaging means little waste and all recyclable cardboard. Putting them on they feel quickly comfortable and don’t really need much in the way of adjustment. Chunky rubber seals are pretty forgiving.

Zone 3 vapour goggles rear view

Fit in the water – overall comfort

Swimming in the Zone 3 Vapour goggles they feel comfortable from beginning to end of each set. While I don’t like the style with the chunky seals they mean they are comfy. It also means no matter how much fidgeting you do in any rest sessions you can quickly get a seal without incident. You get good peripheral vision as well due to the style of the lenses. No issue with any of the frame blocking the view to the side of you. I certainly found this handy if in a busy lane.

Seal of the goggles

Top notch. I never had any water leakage from swimming in them over multiple sessions. If this is something you struggle with from sharing with others everyone managed a comfortable seal quickly.

Zone 3 goggles strap adjustment

Anti-fog durability

This I was really disappointed with. All swimming goggles have anti-fog treatment but it reduces in effectiveness with use. I found from first use the Zone 3 Vapour goggles fogged up. Reaching about 30 mins of swimming they fogged up. I used them for 5 further sessions and in each one they fogged up from about 15 mins onwards and needed clearing. This is the biggest factor affecting my review score from using them.

Quality of materials

The goggles themselves are made of some robust materials and feel quality. The case for the goggles feels like it will last but the material used on the shell quickly suffers water damage. I found that chlorine quickly left a white stained mark on the case that is a real shame.

Zone 3 goggles review

Extras with the goggles

You get a hard and soft case for the goggles. This helps protect and clean the goggles.

Would I buy these?

I wouldn’t buy these for 2 reasons. Firstly, the design of them I found too chunky for me. I also found the anti-fog much too short lasting. I expect my goggles to last at least a few weeks before any fogging issues that then degrade gradually over time.

Video Review of Zone 3 Vapour Goggles

See my review of the goggles on YouTube.

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