Trivelo Professional Triathlon Business Services

Product Reviews

Using our squad of test associates we can conduct in-depth reviews that we then publish across our platform reaching thousands of triathletes every day.  We match the right athletes to your products and provide an end to end service to structure and produce all content.  And we do all this for free.  Our reviews are independent and as such we never charge for producing them.

Product Development

We help to bring products to market delivering real usability feedback into the product development lifecycle.  We only focus on triathlon and multi-sport products able to supplement in-house teams with real expertise. Our team span multiple demographics allowing you to ensure when you go to market the product is meeting the real needs of your customer base.  

Digital Marketing

Our platform performs in a number of high value triathlon specific key words.  This means the visitors to our sites, social following and subscriber audience are high value potential customers to a range of product types.   We offer display advertising, sponsorship and click through advertising opportunities for potential partners.   


Over the past 5 years Trivelo has been able to connect with a range of suppliers and we are always open to expanding this network for future opportunities. Our doors are open to consideration on new ventures with partners in the sphere of triathlon and multi-sport with a shared purpose to help triathletes to go faster.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have something in mind.  

For any of the above services please contact us at the following email for an initial conversation to explore next steps – [email protected]