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This weeks article followed a chance encounter where we were asked to raise the profile of this great competition.  As it focuses on cycling safety which is a topic close to our hearts and also offers the chance to win some cash we thought it was too good an opportunity to miss.

The Allianz Digital Accelerator, in partnership with Allianz UK and CTC (the national cycling charity), is launching a competition to help improve cycling safety in the UK.

The competition invites members of the public to submit their ideas on the topic of safe cycling and how the challenges faced on modern roads can be overcome using technology. From apps to wearable devices, all technology based ideas will be considered by a panel who will then award the winning idea €5000.

Richard Foulerton, Allianz UK CSR Manager said: “Allianz is committed to improving road safety and is currently involved in a variety of initiatives across the globe. The idea behind this competition is that we want to hear from the people who experience issues on the road and have thoughts about how they can be tackled through technology. We want to generate as many ideas as we can as this is a topic that affects all road users.”

He also commented: “This is a great opportunity for the public to get involved and share their thoughts.  Cycling is extremely popular in the UK so it is important that people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities are able to cycle safely and easily.”


About the author.  Jim works for the Allianz Digital Accelerator and is leading the campaign to create ideas to make cycling safer.

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