Bikes continue to get more complex and costly to maintain.  If you love them then you look after them.  Bicycle servicing – better start sending the kids out to work if they share your love of bikes.  

Cars maintenance on a budget 

My early days of car ownership were a delicate balancing act to manage enough cash to keep my poor excuse for a car on the road with thoughts of how to buy enough petrol next week at the forefront of my thinking. As a result car servicing and repairs was generally conducted with a lowest cost wins evaluation. Anything I could do myself was done and any garage that undercut the rest irrespective of quality was the winner. As a result car expenditure was minimal although even with this Scrooge like approach on more than one occasion I had to concede and give up my motorised transport.

Bikes now more than cars to maintain? 

Bikes of all shapes & sizes need regular servicing

Nowadays I seem to be repeating the same process with my bikes, the pedal variety! My road bike is used for training through the winter and then cast aside in the summer for my TT bike ready for triathlon races through the summer where I curse my lack of prowess on it and wish for ever lighter and faster kit. My bikes now need looking after which means increasingly complex tools that results in regular trips for a service by the professionals which is becoming an expensive encounter. General service = check. Cable replacement = fair enough. Group set replacement = really???! What I had in my mind as a £50 check up quickly spirals into something approaching £500. When did my bike start costing more than my car.

Bike servicing the victim of technology 

With bikes now easily costing over £1,000 some running disc brakes and digital groupsets the realities are that enjoying such glorious technology needs servicing. Annual running costs need factoring into any bike purchase done with open eyes & flexible wallets!  So bicycle servicing – better start sending the kids out to work and help fund your hobby!


About the author – Billy is the founder of Trivelo Bikes. An avid triathlete for the past 5 years, keen & pretty handy in the swim but useless out of the water.

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