Triathlon Race Belt for Sale

Why you need a triathlon race belt


A triathlon race belt is essentially a piece of elastic that has a plastic buckle at the rear and small elastic strings ready to connect to your race day number.


When racing in a triathlon you have to position the race number on your back during the bike leg and then on your front during the run.  You can always use safety pins to attach the number to the back of your t-shirt and then when heading out of T2 spin your shirt around wearing it back to front.  Not ideal but it can work.  


The option we would recommend would be to invest in a race day belt.  We have been looking for low cost options and recommend the following to help save more pennies for race entries.  It includes 6 gel loops and comes in a range of colours to help match to your triathlon race trisuit.


I wouldn’t recommend wearing one under your wetsuit as I have seen many people do but leave it on your handlebars of your bike so you don’t forget and then clip it on when you pick up your bike as the first step.  Only risks with this are if someone knocks it off as they beat you into transition and you are left bumbling about looking for it on the deck.  We’d recommend this as an essential and something we wished someone had told us about!

Buy the triathlon race belt for £4.95